All types of folk dances

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<ul><li> Punjab folk dancePunjabi dances are a collection of folk and religiousdances of the Punjabi people like Jaggo dance Bhangra dance Sammi dance Kikli Dance </li> <li> Gidha Dance Jhumar Dance Dhamal Dance Luddi Dance </li> <li> Goa folk danceThe traditional dance of Goa gives a picture of the mindset and lifestyle ofGoans. They reflect the rich historical and cultural legacy that Goaabounds... Dashavatara Dance Kumbi Dance Ghode Modni Lamp Dance </li> <li> Haryana folk danceHaryana is a state that lives a life of vibrant and joy. They are very hardworking people and have an influence of Punjab and Rajasthan. The zestfor... Ras Lela Phag Dance Dhamal Dance Loor Dance </li> <li> Khoria DanceChatti DanceHoli Dance Gugga Dance Jhumar Dance Saang Dance </li> <li> Rajasthan folk danceThe traditional dances of Rajasthan are absolutely colorful and lively and have theirown significance and importance. In Rajasthan, folk dances are the... Ghoomar Dance Sapera Dance Drum Dance Gair Dance </li> <li> Kathputli Dance Terah Talli DanceKachhi Ghodi Dance Bhavai Dance Kathak Dance Fire Dance Chari Dance </li> <li> THANK YOU </li> </ul>