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  • 8/10/2019 All Things Current -- Jan. 14, 2015


    All Things Current: What you'll find in your Jan. 7, 2015, edition


    The Ingleside retirement communitys bid to expand and modernie !acilities on Military "oad got a#arm reception at the D$%$ &oard o! 'oning (d)ustment Tuesday$ *North#est %urrent+ Dupont


    %ity proposals that #ould control the con-ersion o! D$%$ ro# houses into .pop/up0 apartment

    buildings ha-e #on support !rom se-eral ad-isory neighborhood commissions but generated

    concerns !rom some area de-elopers+ in ad-ance o! Thursday1s 'oning %ommission hearing on the

    issue$ *all editions,


    3eorgeto#ns 4yde/(ddison Elementary 5chool #ill o!!er an expanded pre6indergarten #hen it

    opens its doors !or a ne# school year next !all+ adding a program !or 7/year/olds$ *all editions,

    ( 5eaton Elementary 5chool teacher #as surprised last Thursday #ith a 89:+;;; Mil6en Educator

    (#ard < one o! the prestigious pries !rom the Mil6en =amily =oundation that Teacher Magainehas dubbed the .Oscars o! Teaching$0 *all editions,

    4I5TO"I% P"E5E"V(TION

    (t President Lincolns %ottage on the grounds o! the Old 5oldiers 4ome+ a research team is using

    7/D scanning technology to better understand the national historic sites past and help preser-e the

    building !or the !uture$ *all editions,

    ( ne# interior landmar6 nomination could complicate already tangled landlord/tenant negotiations

    at 5edg#ic6 3ardens+ a la-ishly ornamented but aging %onnecticut (-enue apartment building#here #ater pipes+ electric lines and other building systems need repair$ *North#est %urrent+

    3eorgeto#n %urrent+ Dupont %urrent,

    IN="(5T"2%T2"E O!!icials !rom Pepco and the D$%$ go-ernment #ill attend tonight1s Dupont %ircle ad-isory

    neighborhood commission meeting !or a public discussion o! last #ee61s all/day po#er outage+

    #here they1ll !ace criticisms about ho# they handled communication during the incident$ *Dupont%urrent+ =oggy &ottom %urrent,

    LI>2O" LI%EN5IN3

    The District has shuttered t#o Pennsyl-ania (-enue nightclubs+ saying they #ould pose an .an

    imminent danger0 to public sa!ety+ a!ter separate incidents on Dec$ 9? and @an$ 7 in #hich a total o!

    six people #ere stabbed$ *Dupont %urrent+ =oggy &ottom %urrent,

    Mason Inn+ a sports bar at 9A;B Cisconsin (-e$+ might be mo-ing next door into the !ormer home

    o! @Ps Lounge strip club$ *3eorgeto#n %urrent,


    &randon Todd is bene!iting !rom the &o#ser campaign machinery in the Card A D$%$ %ouncil race+

    but some opponents paint his association #ith the ne# mayor as a liability$ *all editions,


    The D$%$ Department o! Transportation #ill 6ic6 o!! a t#o/year pro)ect to rehabilitate the ey &ridge

    this spring+ but it is promising relati-ely limited tra!!ic disruptions$ *all editions,

    OT4E" NEC5

    ( prolonged dispute o-er a narro# .paper alley0 in the Palisades landed at the National %apital

    Planning %ommission last Thursday+ #ith commissioners appro-ing the contested alley closing !i-e

    years a!ter an abutting homeo#ner !enced o!! the property #ithout permission$ *North#est %urrent+3eorgeto#n %urrent,

  • 8/10/2019 All Things Current -- Jan. 14, 2015


    ON T4E M("ET *all editions,

    ( one/bedroom condo unit in an elaborate F9? =orest 4ills apartment house is on the mar6et !or


    OPINION *all editions,

    EditorialG Monday1s Metro tragedy spea6s to a need to prioritie !unding !or the system$

    EditorialG The D$%$ %ouncil needs a procedure to !ill #ard -acancies on an interim basis$

    5her#oodG (n estimated 8:B billion in unmet regional in!rastructure needs isn1t the only thing in the

    D$%$ area that needs !ixing$

    5PO"T5 *North#est %urrent+ 3eorgeto#n %urrent, Their coach brie!ly !ell unconscious during a timeout+ but the health scare turned out to be Maret

    boys bas6etball1s inspiration to turn the game around and beat 5t$ (ndre#1s A?/A:$

    National %athedral hoops star Marta 5niee6 has scored her 9+;;;thcareer point$

    =or the second straight year+ a 5id#ell runner has earned the D$%$ 3atorade Player o! the Hear

    a#ard !or girls cross/country this year+ )unior Taylor nibb$

    5%4OOL DI5P(T%4E5 *all editions,

    The &ritish 5chool o! Cashington1s !ield trip to the 2d-ar/4ay %enter+ La!ayette !i!th/graders1 -ie#s

    on graduating to Deal+ and other reports !rom area schools$

    (L5O IN T4E %2""ENT

    %rime report (d-isory neighborhood commission reports and agendas

    "eports !rom local citiens associations

    %alendar o! the #ee61s e-ents

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