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All About You Lyrics


All About You lyrics

Album: Emotional Rescue

Well, if you call this a lifeWhy must I spend mine with you?So sick and tiredOf hanging around with jerks like youna na na naWho'll tell me those liesLet me think they're true, yeah?What am I to do?You want itI got it too...

The laughs may be cheapThat's just 'cause the joke's about youI'm so sick and tiredhanging around with dogs like youYou're the first to get laidAlways the last bitch to get paid

Who'll tell me no lies?Let me think they're true, yeah?I heard one or two, and thenWhat about me, what about herAll about you

I may miss youBut missing me just isn't youI'm so sick and tiredOf hanging around dogs

Who'll tell those lies?Let me think they're trueI heard one or twoand they weren't about meweren't about her

They're all about you, all about youSo sick and tired, my, my

What should I do?You wantYou getSo how come I'm still in love with you?