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CITY OF CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA Planning Commission Report May 11, 2016


<ul><li><p>CITY OF CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA </p><p>Planning Commission </p><p>May 11, 2016 </p><p> To: Chair Goodhue and Commissioners From: Marc Wiener, Interim Community Planning and Building Director Subject: Consideration of a Sign Permit (SI 16-027) application for the installation </p><p>of an awning/sign on a historic building located in the Central Commercial (CC) Zoning District </p><p> Recommendation: Approve the Sign Permit (SI 16-027) application as submitted. Applications: SI 16-027 APN: 010-146-011 Block: 76 Lot: 12 Location: Dolores St., 4 Parcels SE of Ocean Ave. Applicant: Dennis Joshi Property Owner: Carmel Properties, LLC. Background The project site is a commercial building located on the east side of Dolores Street 4 southeast of Ocean Avenue that includes three commercial spaces. The subject building is listed on the Citys Historic Inventory. A business named All About the Chocolate was recently approved to occupy the middle space. A business named Silver From the Himalayas was also recently approved to occupy the southerly space. Both businesses are owned by Mr. Dennis Joshi. There is an existing jewelry store named B &amp; G jewelers that occupies the northerly space. All About the Chocolate required a Conditional Use Permit, which was initially denied by the Planning Commission, but approved by the City Council on appeal. In its final motion, the Council required that the Planning Commission approve the future signage for All About the Chocolate. The applicant has submitted an application to install an awning/sign on the storefront. Staff notes that the applicant submitted a separate sign application (SI 16-028) to install a new awning/sign for Silver of the Himalayas, which was approved by staff following review by the Historic Resources Board. Staff notes that the current awning used by B &amp; G </p><p>70</p></li><li><p>SI 16-027 (All About the Chocolate) May 11, 2016 Staff Report Page 2 Jewelers will also be replaced and all three awnings on the storefront will be a matching burgundy color with white lettering as depicted in Attachment A. On March 21, 2016, the Historic Resources Board (HRB) reviewed the proposed awnings and required a redesign the awning for All About the Chocolate. The original design was a half-dome shaped awning that matched the awnings on the north and south bays. The project was continued and the applicant revised awning be a traditional-style design. The HRB issued a Determination of Consistency with the Secretarys Standards at its April 2016 meeting. Staff Analysis Awning Design: The applicant is proposing a traditional-style awning with a valence. The awning would be burgundy colored with white lettering. The proposed awning would be 119 long with a depth of 39. All three awnings would project 14.5 from the front face of the wall. The applicant has indicated that there is a need for awning because it would help shield the space from sun exposure and protect food product, which could be damaged by heat. Staff supports the proposal for an awning/sign. Alternatives: The staff recommendation is to approve the proposed awning/sign. However, if the Commission does not support the design, then the it could continue the application with specific direction given to the applicant. Environmental Review: The application qualifies for a Class 11 Categorical Exemption from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to Section 15311 of the State CEQA Guidelines. Class 11 exemptions include placement of minor structures accessory to existing commercial, industrial, or institutional facilities, including on-premise signs. ATTACHMENTS: </p><p> Attachment A Storefront/Awning Design Attachment B Awning Dimensions </p><p>71</p></li><li><p>Attachment A Awning Design </p><p> 72</p></li><li><p>73</p><p>" </p><p>7.J </p><p>')t</p><p>' (r</p><p> -</p><p>""' </p><p>....0 </p><p>c ";, </p><p>-:-</p><p>=~ if</p><p>) ---. </p><p>r (. </p><p>\-) </p><p>'p</p><p> s. </p><p>~ 17</p><p>, ~\</p><p>-) ~~</p><p> t~..</p><p>...':&gt;) </p><p>r ~c</p><p> =</p><p>-</p><p>/\ </p><p>ll \ </p><p>- \...\-</p><p>- .A</p><p> ,.. </p><p>-</p><p>&gt; </p><p>77</p><p> t~</p><p>-7 . </p><p>""'"</p><p>' ' </p><p>. </p><p>mwienerTypewritten TextAttachment B</p></li></ul>