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THE BIRTH Hi my name is Aaron . I was born on November 10,1994 at St.Elizabeth Hospital of Beaumont Tx . To Teneise Everett and Shawn Collins . My father wasnt their when I was born he was in Mississippi were he stayed but he later came to see his new born son. I was my mothers first child she was only 18 when I came into this world. But she stepped up to be a mother in didnt care what others thought of her.

I am now the oldest of my mothers 4 children. Im 15 going on 16 then there is my lil sister who just made 11 , then after her it was my lil brothers who are twin in just made 9 , I was so happy to become a big brother it was one of the proudest moments in my life when I got to hold my lil sister for the first time..Family Background

A few things I like to do is try to teach my lil brothers how to throw in catch a football , and how to play basketball.. I also enjoy teaching my lil sister how to stay away from nasty lil boys.. A few things I dislike is when people I love fight or have a disagreement . Or when my family members fight amongst themselves . Likes and dislikesA few of my favorite activities or playing basketball , playing football , chilling with friends, going out to parties , stay over night at hotel parties, and having family get together..Favorite ActivitiesUmm the funniest thing Ive ever done was when I was about 5 or 6 years old in I lived in madia. My cousin ,my friend, and myself was out outside playing with old rusty poles that we found on the side of a dumpster . We were play sword fight in my friend made a mistake and hit me in the eye with the old pole in I almost lost my eye.. It wasnt that funny then but now when I look back on it.. Its kinda funny because we were young in have fun in laughing at each other in who plays sword fight anymoreFunny things I've done beforeOne short term goal of mine is to finish my last 2 years of high school in not drop out like a lot of my family members did.. Now my major long term goal of mine is become the first actor in my family in move to L.A after I finish high school in bring more money into my family..Long term & short term goalsUmm. I havent really put much thought into what college I would like to go to.. No one in my family really made it that far but my to cousins who are in college now in they go to L.I.T at Lamar . But I do know what ever college I choose it will be away from Beaumont because I want to see what else is out there What colleges I would like to attend