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All about me . My name is Hineira Paerau. Content. About me My family My Pets My role models Favourite Place. About me. My name is Hineira Paerau. I am 12 years old. My birthdate is 2/06/99. I have a twin brother We were born in Whangarei hospital. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


All about me

About me My name is Hineira Paerau.I am 12 years old.My birthdate is 2/06/99.I have a twin brother We were born in Whangarei hospital.We live at 6336 Mangakahia Rd Tautoro. Back to contents pageMy Family My Father is Matthew PaerauMy Mother is Janet PaerauMy Twin brothers name is Iraia PaerauI have like one Million cousinsBack to Contents PageMy PetsIn my house We have 4 cats & 1 DogAround my house we have a couple of hundred cows around us.

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My Role ModelsBenji MarshallIsrael Dagg

Favourite PlaceMy Favourite PlaceIs Tautoro Falls.

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ConclusionThank you for viewing my all about me. Hope you have a happy year

Message to myselfHello there Today the date is Tuesday 27th March 2012Dear me I know your dumb by the time you see this but your still cleverer then Iraia. & Rahiri is probably a great rugby or rugby league star .Dont forget to keep in contact with Freedom Anderson, Kopani Mc Ilroy, Bo saffil, Harmony Te Rangi, Frankie-Lee Stockman,Manawanui Beckham, Te Kaha Phillips, Tylah Matene,Donna-Jo and the rest