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  • Klte-DrucklufttrocknerBOREAS Variopulse ASV 4 PA - ASV 15 PAASV 4 PW - ASV 15 PW

    O081850E00F DE 01.2010


    Compressed Air-Dryer

    Operating Instruction


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    01.2010 2 O081850E00F

    Model Type no. Material no.

    Type Code


    Type Code




    Translation of the original instructions!


  • O081850000E GB 3 01.2010

    Type CodePart 1 Important user infor- mation

    Part 2 Installation

    Part 3 Description

    Part 4 Operation

    Part 5 Maintenance


    Device specific supplementary sheets

    Page 21.1 General Notes 41.2 Legal requirements for the user ..51.2 Safety regulations 61.3 Handling with refrigerant 7

    1.4 First aid First aid at refrigerant accident 81.5 Disposal 8

    2.1 Transportation 92.2 Requirements on the place of installation 92.3 Installation (Mounting) 92.4 Compressed air connection 112.5 Electric Connection 112.6 Connection condensate drain 112.7 Connection cooling water 12

    3.1 Designation 133.2 Purpose 133.3 Unit layout 133.4 Nominal power of CA-dryer 143.5 Symbols 153.6 Principle of operation 163.7 Mode of operation 163.8 Electronic regulator 163.9 Condensate draining 18

    4.1 Commissioning 194.2 Starting 194.3 Operation 194.4 Stopping 194.5 Electronic regulator 204.6 Change of factory setting 21

    5.1 Maintenance 225.2 Trouble shooting 24

    Table of constancy 30Technical dataCode overview electronic regulatorSpare parts listsDeclaration EC-conformityWiring diagramP&I diagramAnnex declaration EC-conformityShort Operating Instruction

    Table of contents

    All safety notes in this operating instruction which may cause harm to personnel or equipment, when ignored, are marked by the following symbols:

    General danger symbol Electrical danger symbol

  • 01.2010 4 O081850000E GB

    Part 1 Important User Information

    1.1 General notes Thisrefrigeratingcompressedair-dryer(referredtobelowas CA-dryer) is a machine in the sense of EC-machine directives.

    TheCompanydoesnotaccept responsibility if safetyregulations are not met during handling, operation, main-tenance and repair, even though these are not strictly stated in these operating instructions.

    Werecommendthenoticeoftheseoperatinginstructionsverified by the operating personnel in writing (personnel file).

    Werecommendtranslationoftheseoperatinginstructioninto native language of foreign workers.

    Theusabilityandthelifecycleofthecompressedair-dryeras well as the avoidance of premature repairs depends on proper operation, maintenance, care and competent repair under consideration of these operating instruc-tions.

    HintstoFiguresandlocationsareinbrackets,e.g. (Fig. 5/2).

    Duetoourpositionassuppliersofcomponentswedonotalways know the final usage and total range of products applications.

    Our products are consequently customized to the stand-ards, and after an analysis of our risk evaluation, our products are accurate in the sense of product liability.

    Therefore, we request the user of our components / units, to ensure in his own interest, to inform us about the ap-plication of our products in order to initiate additional safety measures, if necessary.

  • O081850000E GB 5 01.2010

    Duetoclassificationintocategory2acc.toEC-PressureEquipment directive, the CA-Dryer are systems to be monitored.

    BeforestartingtheCA-Dryer,theuserhastochecktheworking materials and record this accordingly.

    TheuseroftheCA-Dryerhastofindoutthetestperiodsof the complete unit and the unit parts on base of a safety related technical evaluation.

    Theuserhastoprovidetheinstructionsfortheoperatorsas well as their information of the used working media. A yearly instruction is mandatory.

    A formShortOperating Instruction is included intheOperating Instruction and must only be completed by the user and positioned next to the machine

    Theuseriscommittedtocreateaunitrecordofthere-frigerating plant when using more than 3 Kg refrigerant


    1.2 Legal requirements for the user

    1.2.1 Classification PED 97/23 EC

    1.2.2 Check of working ma- terials

    1.2.3 Periodical checks

    1.2.4 Instruction EN 378-1

    1.2.5 Short Operating In - struction EN 378-2

    1.2.6 Documentation EN 378-4.3.1

    1.2.7 Maintenance EN 13 313

    Part 1 Important User Information

  • 01.2010 6 O081850000E GB

    Attention! The operator has to observe the national working-, operat-ing- and safety regulations. Also existing internal factory regulations must be met.Maintenance and repair work must only be carried out by specially trained personnel and, if necessary, under supervi-sion of a person qualified for this work.

    Protectiveorsafetydevicesmustnotberemoved,modi-fied or readjusted.

    DuringoperationoftheCA-dryernoneoftheprotectiveof safety devices must be removed, modified or read-justed temporarily or permanently.

    Usepropertoolsformaintenanceandrepairworkonly. Useoriginalsparepartsonly. Allmaintenanceandrepairworksmustonlybeexecuted

    at stopped machine, disconnected power supply and pulled mains plug. Ensure that the CA-dryer cannot be switched on by mistake.

    Priortodismountingapartunderpressuredisconnectthe CA-dryer from all pressure sources and depressurize the CA-dryer.

    Donotuseinflammablesolventsforcleaning. Keeptheenvironmentabsolutelycleanduringmainte-

    nance and repair works. Keep free of dirt by covering the parts and free openings with clean cloth, paper or adhesive tape.

    Neverweldat thepressurevesselormodify it inanyway.


    TheCA-Dryermustnotbeusedasdepositstation. ThecasingoftheCA-Dryermustnotbesteppedon.

    Attention! The formShortOperating Instruction includedwith theCA-Dryer must be completed by the user by means of the name plate or technical data sheet and positioned next to the machine for general information purposes.

    1.3 Safety regulations

    Part 1 Important User Information

  • O081850000E GB 7 01.2010

    Personalprotectiveequipment At refrigerant escapes or at works with possible refrig-

    erant escapes, protective glasses and gloves must be used.



    Toavoidhigherconcentrations,allworkroomsmustbeventilated very well. The opening of windows and doors may not be sufficient, so an exhausting system must be useddirectlyatthesupplypointornearthefloor.

    Donotsmoke,becausefiremightdecomposetherefrig-erant. The resulting substances are toxic and must not be inhaled.

    Donothaverefrigerantsescapedduringfillingorrepairwork. Cover with tape.

    Leavetheroomimmediatelyandonlyenterafterthe room has been sufficiently ventilated when refrigerant

    concentrations (e.g. pipe line leakages) appear sud-denly.

    Executeweldingandsolderingworkson refrigeratingsystems in well ventilated rooms only. Refrigerants will bedecomposedinflamesaswellasinelectricalarcs.


    Beforeweldingandsolderingat refrigeratingsystems,the refrigerant must be removed.

    Astinkingsmellpointstodecompositionofrefrigerantdue to overheating:

    - leave room immediately - ventilate room very well.

    Ifnotavailablethesafetydatasheetwithfurtherinfor-mation of the refrigerant used in this CA-Dryer can be requested from the manufacturer.

    1.4 Handling with refrigerant

    Part 1 Important User Information

  • 01.2010 8 O081850000E GB

    Immediatelybringcasualtyintothefreshairorintoawellventilated room.

    Assistantsmustpayattentiontoself-protection! Takeoffcontaminatedclothes. Neverleavethecasualtyunattended! CALL THE DOCTOR and inform him that accident has

    been caused by refrigerants, as to be read on the name plate!

    Bringcasualtyintothefreshair,keephimwarm,andlethim relax.

    At breathlessness: Oxygene therapie At apnoea: Resuscitation Mouth-to-nose resuscitation, mouth-to-mouth resuscita-

    tion or with equipment. Medical treatment necessary

    Atskincontact,cleanwithwaterandsoapimmediately. Aftercontactwiththefluid,undercooledskinareasmust

    be cooled with warm (not hot) water.


    Contact doctor.

    Informdoctorabouttheusedrefrigerant. After inhalation, deep breathing of a corticoid emulsive

    dosing aerosol (e.g. Ventolair) as soon as possible. Prohobition of using adrenergic drugs. Prophylactic pulmonary edema after inhalation of de-

    composition products / fire gases

    Whendisposingofuseddevices,payattention tooiland refrigerant in the hermetically sealed refrigerating circuit of the CA-d