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  • Agile Condor: Scalable High Performance Embedded Computing Architecture

    Objectives Enable scalable real-time processing for

    intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions

    Fast technical refresh rate

    Design to support Group 3-5 DoD unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

    Weigh less than 60 pounds

    Consume less than 500 Watts of power

    Deliver over 15 GFLOPS/Watt (enabled by GPUs)

    Develop a rugged pod-based external payload

    Operations Concept Overview

    Vision Increase warfighter effectiveness by enhancing remotely piloted systems capabilities and expanding their capacity to create effects in the battlespace.

    Base on open industry standards

    Pod and Chassis Details

    ISR missions face elevated demands in order to effectively operate in contested and challenged environments

    Agile Condor will support a rapid response to unexpected challenges

    Future: Secure Bio-Inspired Computing Flight Tests Agile Condor predecessor (6U VPX HPEC)

    flight tested in July 2015

    Greater system resilience, adaptability, autonomy and intelligence

    Oct. 2016 planned flight test for Agile Condor

    12.8 GFLOPS/Watt (90% from GPUs)

    Embedded real-time experiments performed

    Mark Barnell, Courtney Raymond Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, NY,

    DJ Isereau, Chris Capraro SRC, Inc., North Syracuse, NY,

    14 slot 3U VPX conduction cooled chassis

    Existing pod baseline flight certified MIL-STD-8591 design for aircraft interface and

    aerodynamics Ambient air cooling thermal management

    Agile Condor brings distributed high-performance computing closer to the sensor

    DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release; distribution unlimited (88ABW-2016-0194)

    Patent applied for

    Latest generation Intel Core i7 SBC 2 - NVIDIA Maxwell GM107 GPUs CUDA Compute Capability v5.0 1096 GFLOPS each Delivers 88% of total processing

    COTS upgradable

    Presented at IEEE HPEC 2015

    contact name

    Mark Barnell:


    category: aerosPace & Defense - aD01