Advocacy Project Advocacy in Specialist Services

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  • Advocacy Project Advocacy in Specialist Services

  • The Advocacy Project?Winterbourne taught us lessons about the need for good advocacy for people living in specialist services everyone at Winterbourne had an advocateWhat are the advocacy arrangements for people living in specialist services across the North East?What needs to happen to ensure all people living in specialist services have good advocacy support?

  • Involved in the work Inclusion North were commissioned to lead and deliver the work.

    The Advocacy Project Steering Group includes:Judith ThompsonNeil Harrison Hartlepool Commissioner Stan Cooke - Family member Kellie Woodley Inclusion North Barry Ingham Psychologist NTW Dave norman Skills for People TEWVPam Lawrence - NEAC

  • What we started with..Scoping with all PCT Commissioners across the North East

    Initial Scoping with LA Commissioners

    Advocacy Providers

  • Feedback Commissioners Expectation of it being commissioned Monitoring and quality unsure Little strategic influence Statutory advocacy is available for those who qualify Confusion of advocacy provision by service providers No measure of quality

  • Feedback Advocacy Providers Statutory IMHA / IMCA (many people fall outside of this remit) General case advocacy - being cut and patchyComing into the area - no supportAccess to advocacy reliant upon staff, little real presence in services Delivery of advocacy lots of organisations, little cohesion, little strategic influence and no money for itStrategic development working togetherMonitoring not good enough, past good examples, drop ins, asked to monitor the wrong thingsCurrent approach consistently increases demand


  • SHA Project - do it and prove it! Develop and define what good self advocacy looks like in specialist services (people must be heard) Develop and define what a good family empowerment program would look like (families need to be empowered) Share the Tees Commissioning Advocacy Framework is in a written report (an approach for good commissioning)

  • Funding is focused Little investment

  • Focus our Attention Funding continues

  • Developing Self Advocacy Some of what people told us Its a tough place to live should be a relaxing place Need to be better supported to have a sayPeople should be involved in choosing and training staffPeople should be given better information

  • Family Empowerment Some of what people told usWant help to be more involved Feel they are not always listened to More information about how to be involved would helpBasic advocacy skills trainingBetter facilities for families a room/flat, able to stay over

  • Tees Commissioning A Tees wide approach to commissioning advocacy - hub and spoke

    Offering a range of Advocacy including having a presence in services

    This is still being produced with the local commissioners

  • Some Big Messages Advocacy is everyones job day to day, looking out for Paid advocacy is important but not enough on its ownPeople want on going support to gain confidence - its hard!!Families want to have the chance to be involved in ALL areas of care

  • Profession arrogance who knows best?Treating people as equals?Medical model?Who is responsible?Is it too difficult?Does everyone get the same service?

  • Stronger advocacy project department of health project Share our work nationally - working in partnership with -

    National ForumNational families ForumHousing and Support Alliance