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Text of ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY By: Kristen Pietraszewski

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  • ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY By: Kristen Pietraszewski
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  • The Basics Advertising photographers take photos, edit them, and send the final result to the company they are working for Photos would appear in magazines, newspapers, catalogs, web sites, etc. Work at an advertising agency, photo studio, or work as a freelance photographer Typically specialize in certain objects/areas. Began in the 20th century There is keen competition for job openings because the work is attractive to many people.
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  • Education Requirements Photographic training and/or education is essential because the advertising industry is highly competitive Bachelor of Advertising/BFA in Photography Colleges to attend: The Art Institute and Brooks Institute of Photography Portfolio of previous advertising work
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  • Availability Majority of advertising photographers are in big cities, such as NYC, L.A., Boston, and Chicago Different aspects of advertising photography: Fashion Other products Specific companies ad work
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  • Statistics Employment is expected to grow 12 percent over the 2008- 2018 period Many start out by working for an experienced photographer this is valuable experience and can help make connections, even if the pay is low Newspapers, magazines, television broadcasters, and advertising firms employ most of them
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  • Ads can be realistic, or highly creative using photo image manipulation Need to keep up with technology and editing software. Digital camera, tripod, and a variety of lenses are required Typical 40-hour, 5-day workweek when working for an agency; freelancing is your own schedule Logistics
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  • Abilities needed: Create ideas based on what is being advertising, the client, and target market Work well with people, places, and products is required Photography to capture the best image and composition for the ad using models, landscapes, buildings, and merchandise Logistics contd
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  • Michael Muller Annie Leibovitz Famous Advertising Photographers
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  • Michael Muller Has done ad work for Speedo, Nike, Airwalk, Dodge, Four Seasons, and Cingular Album work for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jerry Lewis Done work on Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, and Wolverine
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  • Annie Leibovitz Got Milk? advertisements
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  • Examples of Advertising Photography
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  • More examples
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  • Personal Reaction I chose to research advertising photography because I am going for my BFA in graphic design and a minor in photography in the fall and this could be a career I could do with that degree.
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