Advanced Training Transcript Requests. Topics 1. Transcript Basics 2. Transcript Pickup 3. Official Request: Online, In-Person/Mailed, Issues, Status

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  • Advanced TrainingTranscript Requests

  • TopicsTranscript BasicsTranscript PickupOfficial Request: Online, In-Person/Mailed, Issues, StatusUnofficial Request:Entry, Pick Up, OfflineCommon IssuesRev. 200911*

  • Transcript BasicsOfficial transcripts:Cost: $5/transcriptLimit/request: noneTime: 3-5 daysUnofficial/Advisement transcriptsCost: freeLimit/request: 3Time: immediate unless pre-Summer 1983 dataNo request form needed

    Requests may come inOnline (includes option for FedEx delivery)Via Mail to SSSCIn-person to either SSC or SSSCMay need special handling:Pre-database workAttachmentsRev. 200911*

  • Transcript PickupOnly the student is allowed to request/pickup their transcript unless specific authorization is provided.Most institutions request the transcript be sent directly from UNM rather than being handled by the student.Remind the student that breaking the seal will make the transcript unofficial.Rev. 200911*

  • Official Request - OnlineFastest processing!Automatic status emailsSearchable school addressesIf accessed via LoboWeb: Student information will pre-populate,No additional authorization will be required.Rev. 200911*

  • Official Request: In-Person/MailVerify photo ID, or other authorization, and legibility.Check for holds.Verify (receipt) or accept payment (check) and note.Ask for email address if not already on form.Note any Special Handling:Pre-Summer 1983 attendanceAttachment requiredHold for Grades/DegreeUniversity of AlbuquerqueRev. 200911*

  • Official Request - IssuesHolds that prevent: Bursar: return and inform,Admissions: return and explain.Missing information:No/invalid payment confirmation,No signature,No authorization.

    To check status of submitted requests:Via Credentials once keyed,On SHARQTC in Banner once complete.

    Rev. 200911*

  • Official Request - StatusCheck here anytime after request is keyed.Student and request info at top, destination at bottom.Current request status.Automatic and problem email history.Rev. 200911*

  • Official Request - StatusCheck here anytime after request is completed.Transcript typesRequest vs Print dateHold for grades/degreeIssue InformationDestination addressPick up authorization

    Rev. 200911*

  • Unofficial Request - EntryKey blockInsert, do not duplicateTranscript RequestLevel = ALTranscript Type = MVH (Mesa Vista) or ADV (SSSC)Number of Copies(Up to 3)

    Rev. 200911*

  • Unofficial Request Pick UpIssued to: Pick up at MVH or SSSCStreet Line 1: Last name, First nameStreet Line 2: UNM ID #Street Line 3: Pick up by authorized personRev. 200911*

  • Unofficial Request OfflineError message: *WARNING* Student has Pre-Banner stats. Send Pre-Banner paper transcript.Print offline work using Starrs:RecordsPermanent Record CardSearch by Name or SSNPrint all pagesRev. 200911*

  • Common Issues GPA RecalcRev. 200911*Get students Last Term from the Current Student Status tabGo to Options - SHAINSTEnter last term attended (usually current or just completed)Next block to Stored GPA by Term CalculationClick on the Sigma buttonReturn to SHARQTC and save transcript request

  • Common Issues Resend RequestsRev. 200911*Only considered if over 2 weeks and less than 3 months since print date, not request date.Only to the same destination (no charge): minor corrections (zip, street spelling, etc) allowed with a new signed request from the student. Larger corrections require a new request and charge.Only once/request.Print a copy of the address screen, stamp, note as a resend, and send for processing if a new request isnt required (same address).

  • Common IssuesHow to read a transcript:Courses are split up by level and students may have courses at multiple levels in the same term.No cross-level, program, major, or degree GPAs appear on the transcript.Incomplete or illegible informationInformation may be in the system under an alternate name for the student.Confidential indicator and where is my transcript?

    Rev. 200911*

  • Things to RememberFastInfo #1895: How do I request my transcript?Transcripts take 3-5 days to process and cost $5.Normally much faster but DO NOT guarantee, or offer, anything faster than this.All request forms should be sent to SSSC for matching/mailing.Security Roles you will need to process transcript requests: Academic History Support 2Rev. 200911*

    *Introductions if necessaryOne-Stop staff will be dealing with two transcript related issues Students picking up a transcript that was previously requestedStudents requesting a transcript, official or unofficial

    The expectation will be that One-Stop staff key unofficial transcripts whenever possible, official requests should be annotated and sent to SSSC for processing.*Official transcripts may be faxed, _HOWEVER_ we cannot guarantee that the receiving institution will accept it, most do not so do not encourage/offer this service unless specifically requested.

    Unofficial/advisement transcripts:These should be printed immediately (2-3min usually), no request form is needed - If there is pre-database work, print through Starrs and attach to online work no partial transcripts should be produced. - If work is pre-1950, the student will need to fill out an unofficial request and it will take 3-5 days to process (send to SSSC). Holds do not prevent issuing an unofficial transcript, just let the student know what the hold is. If it is a Verification or Do not recalculate GPA hold, let the student know their record may change after it is reviewed. - Changes normally involve courses changing level. Pre-Banner there were only two levels, undergrad and grad, and now there are several, associate, undergrad, grad, cont ed, professional. The conversion program for Banner dealt with these in different ways that need to be reviewed for accuracy.

    When students request that a transcript, official or unofficial, be faxed, only 1 copy will be faxed per destination.*Authorization could be Person noted on SPACMNT as having access to the student record (Registrar or transcript information)Signed/dated note from student indicating that person at the counter is allowed to request and/or pickup the transcriptAn email from the students UNM email can be accepted in lieu of a signed formPhone call is not sufficient

    If it is not the student picking up their transcript and the person is not noted on the transcript, check the original request form (use GWIM) with the reps at SSSC

    *Have everyone open the page from

    Brief overview of process Student completes request form Authorization; auto vs faxed Queued pending auth or resolution of holds Production schedule: 1-2/day typically special handling can take longer Ability to send via FedEx

    This is the fastest processing option. Unless special handling is required, these are sent the following business day.

    One-Stop staff shouldnt deal with these often since the student receives status emails throughout the process and problems are generally handled by Credentials directly.

    *Have everyone open the page from

    Brief overview of process Student completes request form and submits it and payment, or receipt for payment Ensure that student signature is present and that their UNM ID # is on the form (even if you add it based on the SSN they provided) Request is keyed by SSSC staff Production schedule: 3-5 days Cannot send via FedEx (online requests only) If any issues found after student leaves the counter, a letter is sent

    When accepting one of these forms, Verify that there are no Bursar or Admission holds (if so, return request to student and refer for assistance), Ensure that all fields are legible, If 2wks prior to end of term and student enrolled must include label authorizing immediate processing, otherwise will be held until after end of term grade processing (~2wks after the end of the term). Note any needed special handling required (if any) and UNM ID# (if it isnt already there) on form, Note student email address (if available) on form so they may receive updates on the order, Send the original form to SSSC for processing.

    If there is hold, Bursar: return the form to the student for resubmission once the hold has been cleared. Admissions: return the form to the student for resubmission once the hold has been cleared. Attempt to help with resolution of the hold. These are typically related to missing final documents to complete their provisional admission. Records, Verification, and Do not recalculate GPA, attendance and transfer work prior to Fall 2006: treat as Special Handling, but accept the form. These are typically older records that need verification rather than an issue the student needs to handle.

    One-Stop staff will typically be checking the status of orders through Credentials or on SHARQTC. Submitted forms should be sent to SSSC for processing/entry.*Do Not Recalc GPA and Verification holds do not prevent transcript production but they do delay it. The delays vary based on the complexity of the transcript but are still normally processed within 3-5 days.

    If issues are found after the student leaves the counter, they are sent a letter explaining the situation, delaying production significantly.

    Have everyone open the page from Student can check status online with order # and either their SSN or UNM ID You can check order status through Credentials using name or order #

    *Have everyone open the page from

    Access the order status through Credentials (as seen above). If you dont have access to this, you can access the student view via the Registrar home page Transcript Request Check StatusYoull need the Order # (emailed to stud