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The names; Like us, Six of One,Insomnia Cafe and Across the Hall were also considered for the show Friends

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At First, Monica and Joey are supposed to fall in love.

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At First. it was only four main and two side chatacters but later on Chandler and Pheobe became main characters too.

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When the actor Matt leBlanc went to the auditions for the role Joey, he only had 11$

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Courtney Cox, the acress of Monica Geller, actually was chosen to be Rachel.

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Joey’s line ‘How you doin?’ was the fourth most loved line in the television history.

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Bruce wills didn’t make money from friends becouse he lost a bet to Matthew Perry.

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The white dog statue in Joey’s house was a gift to Jennifer Aniston from her friend as a good luck.

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They all got the same salary until the last episode, which they made a million dollar.

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