ACS High School Chemistry Day High School Teachers Program Green Chemistry

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ACS High School Chemistry Day High School Teachers Program Green Chemistry. Sunday, March 27, 2011 9AM-5PM Disney Grand Californian Hotel Anaheim, CA. Sequoia Ballroom E. Background Info. Tinh Tran, Science Teacher University HS, Irvine, CA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of ACS High School Chemistry Day High School Teachers Program Green Chemistry

  • ACS High School Chemistry Day High School Teachers Program Green ChemistrySunday, March 27, 2011 9AM-5PMDisney Grand Californian HotelAnaheim, CA

  • Sequoia Ballroom E

  • Background InfoTinh Tran, Science Teacher University HS, Irvine, CAExternship: American Chemical Society High School Teachers Program focusing on Green Chemistry & SustainabilityLocation: Disney Grand Californian Hotel March 27, 2011 9am-5pmIndustry Professionals: John C. Warner (Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry), Amy S. Cannon and Rachel Pokrandt (Beyond Benign Foundation), Jennifer Schuttlefield (Univ. of Wisconsin Dept. of Chemistry), Clemens Heske (UNLV Dept. of Chemistry), Michael G. Walter and Qixi Mi (Caltech Div. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

  • ObjectivesLearn about the green chemistry industry including principles, technologies, and careersIncorporate green chemistry activities into the high school chemistry curriculum Introduce green and sustainability concepts to high school studentsExpose students to careers and jobs in the green industryIncrease work productivity while reducing waste, i.e. become naturally resourceful

  • 12 Principles of Green ChemistryPrevent WasteMaximize Atom EconomyLess Hazardous Chemical SynthesesDesign Safer ChemicalsUse Safer Solvents/ Reaction ConditionsMaximize Energy Efficiency

    Use Renewable MaterialsAvoid DerivativesUse CatalystsDesign for DegradationAnalyze in Real-time for Pollution PreventionMinimize Potential for Accidents

    * Anastas, P. T.; Warner, J. C.; Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press: New York, 1998, p.30. By permission of Oxford University Press.

  • John C. Warner Keynote SpeakerHow we train chemist must changeNo university requires demonstration of knowledge on toxicity and environmental impact of a moleculeEnvironmental considerations should be inherent in chemical synthesisScience Fair Project idea -- Sustainability

  • Screenshot of Green Chemistry Educational Resources from American Chemical Society website are ready-to-use, green chemistry activities sorted by grade levelEducational/Teaching Resources

  • Green Chemistry K-12 CurriculumBeyondBenign.orgHigh school lesson plans18 Replacement labsMake labs more greenAdd toxicity and impact on environment to labs

  • SHArK Energy ProjectSolar Hydrogen Activity research Kit ProjectDiscover metal oxide semiconductors that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen using sunlight (carbon neutral method)Students participate in actual research to help solve global energy problem

  • More ResourcesScreenshot of Greener Education Materials (GEMs) database database contains education materials including laboratory exercises, lecture materials, and multimedia content that illustrate chemical concepts important for green chemistry. It is searchable by various parameters, including chemistry concepts, laboratory techniques, green chemistry principles, and target audience.

  • Green Jobs/Careers SitesGreenJobs.comRenewableEnergyJobs.comSolarJobs.comSustainJobs.comGreenJobSearch.orgClean Edge JobsCareers in Wind