Achieving the Dream: Completing Educational Goals for the Workforce

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Achieving the Dream: Completing Educational Goals for the Workforce. Annual Conference of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education December 2008. AtD. Dr. Virginia M. Carter, Provost Delaware County Community College, Media, PA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Achieving the Dream: Completing Educational Goals for the Workforce

    Annual Conference of the Middle States Commission on Higher EducationDecember 2008

  • AtDDr. Virginia M. Carter, ProvostDelaware County Community College, Media,

    Dr. Judith Gay, Vice President for Academic AffairsCommunity College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia,

    Dr. John C. Flynn, Jr. Vice President of Academic Affairs and provostMontgomery County Community College, Blue Bell,

  • Goals for today

    To provide information about the achievement gaps in education and how AtD initiatives are attempting to close the gapsTo explore the systematic changes in institutions at three different levels to address the gapsTo provide examples of how three different institutions met the challenge of improving student success

  • Workforce Issues

    Workforce IssuesIn the next 10 years nearly 25% of the workforce must be replacedThe level of education needed to earn a middle class living has increased significantlyPhiladelphia is 92nd of the 100 largest cities in number of residents with a college education

  • National Data1,157 Community Colleges6.66 million credit students in CCs ( 12.7% African American, 6.2 %Asian, 14.2 %Hispanic and 58.6% white)5 million non-credit students in CCsAverage age is 2937.8 % receive some aid and of the Federal aid, 35% are receiving Pell grantsAccording to NCES 2004 data

  • AtD DataAccording to DATA Notes July November 2008Females referred to developmental education were more likely to persist and outperform their male counterpartsNearly 25% of all students leave during their first year for reasons other than transfer or credential attainment

  • AtD Data cont.

    The profile of the highest dropout occurs for: males, black, 20-24, needing developmental education, and starting part time.

  • AtD ObjectivesIncrease the percentage of students who accomplish the following:successfully complete the course they take;advance from remedial to credit-bearing courses;enroll in and successfully complete gatekeeper courses;enroll from one semester to the next;earn degrees or certificates.

  • AtD at the Macro levelChanging an InstitutionCentral to missionNot a projectData drivenA realignment of culture

  • AtD at the Macro level

    Broad Based PlanningLRP, MS self study, internal/division planningData driven CSSE, Benchmark data, internal information Alignment of questionsChanging the landscape

  • Institutional Impact of AtDIncreased faculty, community and Board involvement (K-16, collaboration, dual enrollment, summer youth)Focus on planningOrganizational changes Director of First Year ExperiencesStudent Success SquadRegistration and system changes

  • Institutional Impact cont.Successful StartsExpansion of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and LearningDevelopmental Studies consortiumDevelopmental SummitSharing across institutionsSharing faculty to faculty

  • AtD

    Professional Development

    Goal: Improve student outcomes by increasing the use of effective educational practices.

    Focus: Theme-based professional development programs; new online journal, Praktikos, targeted professional development workshops

  • AtD-CCPFaculty are most interested in increasing use of Group/Hands on projects

  • AtD CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - 1Goal: Decrease the amount of time some students spend in developmental Math. Focus is on students who score in the higher tier of the Accuplacer test.

  • Interventions & Innovations MAT 010B* is a two-week arithmetic refresher course offered prior to the fall and spring semesters. MAT 011B* is a 4 credit beginning algebra class that incorporates a review of arithmetic.Both new options enable a qualified student to complete two semesters of dev math in less time and save money.* students with appropriate placement scores may register for these alternative options.

  • Findings

    Fall 07Spring 08MAT 010/011Control group50%40%MAT 010B/MAT01143%n = 2158%n = 12MAT011B47%n = 1755%n = 11

  • AtD CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES - 2GOAL: Increase student success in Math 010 focus is on students who score in the lower tier of the Accuplacer test.

    Supplemental Instruction (peer tutors) in arithmetic classes Learning Communities

    MAT 010 (Arithmetic) faculty orientation

    MAT 010 Blackboard site for faculty

    Math Course Information Guide for advisors/faculty

    Alternative approaches in the arithmetic curriculum

  • AtDCollege Websites

    Delaware County Community College

    Community College of Philadelphia

    Montgomery County Community College

    Achieving the Dream -

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