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  • Accessory Dwelling Units & Junior Accessory Dwelling Units Zoning Ordinance Amendment


    DECEMBER 11, 2018

    ZOA 2018-00368 & ZOA 2018-00369

  • OUTLINE Recommended Motion

    ADU Background Information

    Proposed Amendments - ADUs

    JADU Background Information

    Proposed Amendments - JADUs

    Further Information

    Staff Recommendation



    The proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments will:

    Add regulations for Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs)

    Bring the City’s Municipal Code into compliance with recent changes to State law with regard to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

    Establish an amnesty period for existing unpermitted JADUs and ADUs

  • RECOMMENDED MOTION Introduce and read by title only a Zoning Ordinance Amendment to Sausalito Municipal Code Section 10.44.080 (Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations), Section 10.88.040 (Specialized terms and land use definitions) and Table 10.22-1 (Site Development Standards – Residential Zoning Districts) (Attachment 1)

    Introduce and read by title only a Zoning Ordinance Amendment to add new Sausalito Municipal Code (SMC) Section 10.44.085 (Junior accessory dwelling unit regulations) and amend Section 10.88.040 (Specialized terms and land use definitions), and Table 10.22-1 (Site Development Standards – Residential Zoning Districts) (Attachment 2)

    Direct staff to return on January 8, 2018 for second reading

    Authorize a summary of the Ordinance to be published five days in advance of the second reading and 15 days after its adoption

  • PROPOSED AMENDMENT HISTORY October 30, 2018 City Council Meeting: City Council directed staff to proceed with the Zoning Ordinance Amendments

    November 7, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting: The Planning Commission conducted public hearings on ADUs and JADUs and continued the public hearings to the December 5, 2018 Planning Commission meeting for further information

    December 5, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting: The Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on ADUs and JADUs and adopted Resolutions recommending City Council adoption of the proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments.


  • WHAT IS AN ADU? In-law unit, mother-in-law units, secondary dwelling units, granny flats or carriage houses

    Small units accessory to a primary unit

    Either included in or attached to a main residence, or located in a detached structure

    Have exterior access, a kitchen and bathroom facilities

  • TYPES OF ADUS Detached

    Constructed as a separate structure from the primary dwelling unit on the lot


    Shares a common wall with the primary dwelling unit on the lot.

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  • TYPES OF ADUS Interior Conversion

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    Constructed in existing legal space

  • BENEFITS OF ADUS Provides needed housing units

    Affordable construction costs

    Source of income for homeowners

    Provides space for extended family to live together while providing privacy

    Affordable rental costs

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  • ADU STATE LAW Current State law requires the non-discretionary, staff-level approval of an ADU if certain requirements are satisfied

    ADU State law has been revised over the years to improve its effectiveness

    New State laws became effective on January 1, 2017 and January 1, 2018

  • ADU STATE LAW The new January 1, 2018 State Laws: Clarify that an ADU can be created through

    the conversion of a garage, carport, or covered parking structure

    Allow replacement parking for a converted parking structure to be located in any configuration

    Allow ADUs to be built concurrently with a single-family home

    Open areas where ADUs can be built to include all zoning districts that allow single- family uses

    Modify fees from utilities

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  • SAUSALITO’S ADU REGULATIONS Initially adopted in 2012

    Updated in 2017 to comply with new State laws

    Now staff is recommending an amendment to comply with the 2018 state law updates and to provide a limited number of clarifications

    Sausalito ADU (lower level)


  • PROPOSED AMENDMENTS – ADUs Updates to comply with state law

    Updates to comply with fair housing requirements

    Staff recommended clarification updates

    City Council directed updates

  • UPDATES TO COMPLY WITH STATE LAW Amend the applicability section to allow ADUs in all other zones (i.e., PR, Houseboat and Ark) where single family homes are allowed (§10.44.080.B)

    Streamline the process for interior conversions of single-family homes or garages/accessory structures associated with single-family homes (§10.44.080.C)

    Limit review process period to 120 days of receiving an application (§10.44.080.D)

    Modify standards to allow ADUs even if there is only a proposed dwelling on the site (§10.44.080.E.1, §10.44.080.F.1)

    Change minimum ADU size to allow an efficiency unit (currently 150 sq. ft. under state law) (§10.44.080.E.7a, §10.44.080.E.7b, §10.44.080.E.7c)

    Modify language regarding parking in the setbacks (§10.44.080.E.13.b)

    Exempting interior ADUs in single family homes from parking requirements (§10.44.080.E.13.d)

  • UPDATES TO COMPLY WITH FAIR HOUSING REQUIREMENTS Remove references to bedroom limits due to fair housing considerations. This is challenging from a fair housing standpoint because it could have the effect of not allowing families with children in ADUs. The State statute allows cities to limit square footage but doesn't address limiting the number of bedrooms. (§10.44.080.E.7, §10.44.080.E.7a, §10.44.080.E.7b, §10.44.080.E.13, §10.44.080.H.1.k)

  • STAFF RECOMMENDED CLARIFICATION UPDATES Modify ADU floor area regulations so that ADUs are not counted as part of the primary unit’s FAR and coverage when calculating the development standards for dwelling units in two-family and multiple family residential zoning districts (§10.44.080.E.6.b)

    Limit the size of detached units to no greater than 50 percent of the existing living area of the primary dwelling unit up to an 800-square-foot maximum, in order to match the size limits on attached units (§10.44.080.E.7.b)

    Add a size restriction for interior ADUs on parcels that do not contain single-family dwellings (§10.44.080.E.7.c.)

    Add deed-restriction language to ensure that owner-occupancy provision is enforceable (§10.44.080.E.15, §10.44.080.F.4)

    Combined two sections related to building coverage and impervious surfaces for the 12/5/18 Planning Commission Meeting to simplify regulations (10.44.080.E.6.a)

    Clarify the definition of “Accessory dwelling unit required off-street parking areas” to specify that street widths are determined by data in the City’s Pavement Management System (§10.44.080.C.2)

  • CITY COUNCIL DIRECTED UPDATES Added a section to allow amnesty for existing unpermitted accessory dwelling units through a permitting process available between March 31, 2019 through March 31, 2020 at the direction of the City Council (§10.44.080.G)


  • BACKGROUND In 2016 the State passed a law that explicitly allowed local governments to adopt an ordinance for Junior Accessory Dwelling Units

    The City Council heard a presentation on the possibility of creating JADU regulations on October 30, 2018 and directed staff to initiate a Zoning Ordinance Amendment

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  • WHAT IS A JADU? Half way between renting a room to a roommate and having a full second unit

    Limited to 500 square feet in size

    Created from existing living space in an existing dwelling

    Have an entrance into the main dwelling and a separate entrance to the outside

    Required to have separate cooking facilities (such as a kitchenette)

    Allowed to have shared bathroom facilities with the main house

    Shares a central system with the main unit and requires no fire separation, which reduces costs

  • BENEFITS OF JADUS Affordable housing options

    Repurpose existing underutilized space

    Homeowners can generate extra income

    Can allow people to stay in their homes longer

    Provides housing for parents, children or caregivers

    Minimal construction and impact to a neighborhood

    Can be credited towards Sausalito’s regional housing need allocation (RHNA)

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  • RECOMMENDED REGULATIONS The draft Junior Accessory Dwelling Units regulations were created by referencing the California Government Code, San Rafael’s JADU regulations, and Sausalito’s ADU regulations.

    Proposed draft regulations:

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