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About Ultra Electronics, TCS Scalable Electronic Warfare ... · TCS TCS Scalable Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence capabilities ISR Solutions Ultra Electronics TCS, a division

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Text of About Ultra Electronics, TCS Scalable Electronic Warfare ... · TCS TCS Scalable Electronic Warfare...


    Scalable Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence capabilities

    ISR Solutions

    Ultra Electronics TCS, a division of Ultra Electronics,

    is a global leader in tactical communication systems,

    including high-capacity radio communication and

    Electronics Warfare (EW) systems. Ultra Electronics,

    TCS is proud to work with leading system integrators

    to provide the best communication systems

    and services to be integrated with any military

    architecture and fielded as part of any deployment

    scenario in the world.

    Unless otherwise noted, all images

    are property of Ultra Electronics,

    TCS or courtesy of the Canadian

    Department of National Defense.

    Ultra Electronics TCS Ltd 2012

    Printed in Canada


    Focusing on EW and SIGINT, the ISR solutions group

    is based in Ottawa. Ultras pedigree is underlined by

    constant collaboration with government customers,

    government laboratories, scientific establishments

    and prime integrators. The UltraEAGLE, UltraHAWK

    and UltraFALCON product lines have detailed

    technical specifications and system architecture

    information that is available to government and

    prime integrators upon request.

    5990 chemin Cte-de-Liesse Montral, QubecH4T 1V7 CanadaTel: +1 514 855-6397Fax: +1 514 855-6357

    About Ultra Electronics, TCS

    Ultra Electronics, TCS ISR Solutions

    Ultra ElectronicsTCS88 Hines Road Ottawa, ON K2K 2T8 CanadaTel: +1 613 592 2288Fax: +1 613 592 8855Email: [email protected]

  • Ultras operational experience spans the spectrum of modern

    conflict and national security challenges as they relate to

    communications and electronic intelligence. The staff at Ultra

    have real and current operational experience across these

    disciplines and in recent operational scenarios across linear,

    asymmetric and hybrid warfare. As such, Ultra maintains

    currency in all facets of modern SIGINT/EW, such as the

    requirement to exploit commercial communications targets,

    non-standard signals and military command and control


    Ultra Electronics, TCS employs a world-class

    program management team which ensures

    low-risk, effective and successful projects,

    from cradle to grave. The philosophy of

    the program management team is based

    on responsiveness and a can-do customer

    facing attitude.

    Program managementSystems engineeringProduct developmentAt the core of Ultras dynamic and world-

    class product development team, is a deep

    and current understanding of the complex

    and evolving EW/SIGINT Threat Environment.

    This results in operationally meaningful

    products that are at the leading edge of


    Systems engineering is a core-value for

    Ultra. The team recognizes the importance

    of attention to detail and specific threat or

    geography driven customer requirements

    and ensures that those tenets are central to

    system solutions.

    The Threat Evaluation Team utilizes a discrete combination of

    operational experience and open-source intelligence that ensures that

    Ultra stays current on geographical trends in the military, the insurgent

    and the criminal use of the spectrum. This threat knowledge is used

    to tailor technical solutions specifically for geographical and unique

    customer threat exploitation requirements. By applying operational

    knowledge at every stage of the design and systems engineering

    process, Ultra provides customers with a uniquely responsive,

    operationally meaningful and scalable capability to address current and

    evolving threat requirements.

    COMINT, ELINT & Active systems Operational expertize

    Delivering operationally-focused SIGINT and EW systems

    Ultra Electronics, TCS is a world-class provider of ground, sea and airborne Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems. Ultras technical capabilities are underpinned by real and current expert domain-knowledge of the implementation of SIGINT and EW in tactical and strategic operational scenarios.

    Ultra Electronics, TCS takes the security of its customers capabilities seriously. Detailed systems specifications and technical systems architecture information is available to accredited government and prime customers upon request. Ultra Electronics, TCS government accredited and cleared premises facilitate Classified government programs.

    1985 2015+

    1 Gs/s multibit DRFM/digitizer

    Wideband digitalELINT Rx

    Net-centric SIGINTsensor system

    2D interferometerdirection finding

    Intrapulse ELINT receiver

    Coherent ECM Software-based pulse analyzer

    Neural networkpulse processing

    Integrated SIGINT

    Ultra Electronics, TCS Capabilities


    UltraHAWK ACTIVE SOLUTIONSRange simulators

    EW training systems

    Test and evaluation systems

    COMINT systems

    C-ESM systems

    Specialist signal intercept


    R-ESM systems

    Hardware and software pulse anaylzers