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  • 1. College of Liberal Arts (COLA)
    Constructing Pillars for Student Success
    Dr. Nuria M. Cuevas, Interim DeanDr. Charles H. Ford, Interim Associate Dean

2. Mission of the College of Liberal Arts
Offer academic programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences that produce critical, creative, and independent thinkers who are intellectually ambitious, adaptable to change, and adept in applying knowledge and technology in a variety of settings as socially and civically responsive members of a globalsociety.
3. What are the Liberal Arts?Why study them?
*Definition Liberating or opening the mind
*Develop: (1) Disciplined habits of the mind
(2) Broad knowledge of the wider
world and in-depth study in the
(3) Marketable people skills
(4) Sense of social &civic responsibility
4. What are the Liberal Arts? (Continued)
* Prepare students to manage complexity, ambiguity, diversity, and change that is, life in the twenty-first century.
* Majors employed in any profession that requires writing, analyzing, speaking, and thinking.
5. Departments with no. of majors in Fall 2009
English and Foreign Languages (72)
Fine Arts (131)
General Studies (248)
History (91)
Interdisciplinary Studies (392)
Mass Communications and Journalism (552)
Military Science (252)
Music (256)
Political Science (181)
Psychology (450)
Sociology (418)
6. Non-Traditional StudentsFlexibility & Convenience =Online Programs and Courses
INT offers mini-term and evening classes, and an online degree option, especially for those non-traditional students who cannot take conventional courses on campus.
All general education courses in COLA are offered in an online format.Many courses in selected majors are offered online as well.
7. What makes the College of Liberal Artsat Norfolk State University so special?
(1) Rigorous curricula
(2) Personal attention
(3) Teacher-scholars
8. Rigorous Curricula = Active Learning
How often are topics from class discussed outside of the classroom?

  • 62% (59%) of COLA FY students frequently discuss readings or ideas from coursework outside of class.

Do students work together on projects inside and outside of class?

  • 57% (45%) of COLA FY students frequently work with other students on projects in class, 49% (45%) work with peers on assignments outside of class.

How often do students make class presentations?

  • 39% (34%) of COLA FY students report that they make frequent presentations in class.