About me and my personal weblog all about architectural photography

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  • About me and my personal weblog all about architecturalphotography

    Introducing my personal blog about architectural photography. This has taken ages to start like ineveryday life almost always there is something else you need to do continuously some thing to get inthe way. I made a decision that 2015 is the year to begin writing things I fully understand fully.

    My business is based in the United Kingdom just outside the city of Truro the place I have enjoyedfor the majority of my entire life. Right when I eventually left college in 2004 I actually movedstraight to a job looking once more within my line of work now It really has directed me up to justwhere I'm now working in architectural photographer.

    I have consistently really liked photography all the same never honestly assumed I could make somemoney in what started as to be a activity of which gradually turned out to be a full time occupation.

    My own work takes me personally all around the United Kingdom as well as making it possible forme to meet lots of interesting individuals and work with lots of exciting and energetic organisationsmost of them being well-known big names.

    I'd personally love to receive advice on the articles or reviews I produce on this blog page. If I can beof any kind of help to anybody attracted to the world of architectural photography please feel free toget in contact.

    Yvonne Fisher