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  1. 1. Bright Grey Fashion Agency
  2. 2. Contents
    About Bright Grey Fashion Agency
    Our Services
    The Bright Grey Team
    Why Choose Bright Grey Fashion Agency
    Contact Details
  3. 3. About us
    Bright Grey Fashion Agency is an industry leading solutions provider, delivering tailored services that allow businesses to increase their brands awareness, retail and wholesale sales, more efficiently and effectively.
    Our unique business model, consultative approach and emphasis on collaboration will ensure that your business goals are met.
    We are a results driven organisation and pride ourselves on being able to modify our solutions to meet the requirements of each individual client.
    Our approach is one of collaboration and partnership. We view our clients successes as our own.
  4. 4. Our Services
  5. 5. Our Team
  6. 6. Why choose Bright Grey Fashion Agency
    Part of our unique fees structure is based on our performance. This means you only paywhen we deliverprofits for you.
    Bright Grey Fashion Agency has an extensive network of associates, therefore no matter what size and scale of project we need to deliver we will always have the man power to do so.
    We are contactable 24hrs a day and available for meetings within 24 hrs.
    Our services can be tailored to each clients specific needs at no extra cost
    We monitor our performance constantly and welcome feedback throughout our dealings to ensure that we meet our clients exact requirements
    On average you can expect to see an increase in sales of around 24% and an increase of Facebook followers/fan of around 300%
  7. 7. Contact details
    0161 223 1265
    Email: jwhitley@brightgreyfashion.com
    Linked In:
    Registered Office
    BrightGrey Fashion Agency
    145-157 St John Street
    EC1V 4PW
    Regional Office
    BrightGrey Fashion Agency
    Manchester, City Centre