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With the increased usage of smartphones and tables in business, mobility has become an enterprise requirement. More and more business applications are now getting extended to smartphones and tablets for increasing the responsiveness and productivity of employees. ECM vendors have also realized the benefit of giving secure access of corporate content to knowledge workers right from their smartphones and tablets. This space is evolving as customers have started using mobile applications and many ECM vendors have already launched their native mobile ECM applications over iOS, Android, BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems.


<ul><li> 1. Improve workforce collaboration, response and productivity by givingaccess to ECM system over their smartphones and tablets Author : K.V. Rajesh, ECM Consultant</li></ul> <p> 2. IntroductionSmartphones and tablets combined make up 70%of all devices sold in 2012. The total is expected toA large portion of corporate information lies inreach 821 million by the end of the year paper, images, emails, photographs etc., whichGartner.are highly unstructured. Organizations carry therisk of their managers missing key information, Smartphones and tablets wont entirely replacelying in unstructured content, while taking PCs for most businesses, "but the ubiquity ofbusiness decisions. To bring this unstructuredsmartphones and the increasing popularity ofcontent into their main stream business processes tablets are changing the way businesses look atand maximize its value, Enterprise Contenttheir device strategies," said Carolina Milanesi,Management (ECM) technologies have evolved. one of Gartners smart device analysts.With the increased usage of smartphones and Going mobile, helps business significantly improvetablets in business, mobility has become an their employees productivity and efficiency.enterprise requirement. More and more businessAccording to Ipsos Reid BlackBerry ROI Study, aapplications are now getting extended toBlackberry business user gains 6 weeks ofsmartphones and tablets for increasing theproductivity in a year.responsiveness and productivity of employees.ECM vendors have also realized the benefit of Email has been the successful application forgiving secure access of corporate content toenterprise mobility, but new generation of mobileknowledge workers right from their smartphonesapplications are emerging to allow mobileand tablets. This space is evolving as customersworkers to do so much more. Mobile applicationshave started using mobile applications and many are broadening their scope to address the needsECM vendors have already launched their nativeof line-of-business workers in several areas.mobile ECM applications over iOS, Android,BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems.Business going mobileTodays workers are increasingly mobile and amajority of organizations are working towardssupporting their growing number of employeeswho are using their smartphones and tablets todo their work at office, home and while travelling.Gartner predicted that 66% of mobile workers willown a smartphone in 2016. Tablet purchases bybusinesses will reach 13 million in 2012 and tripleMany companies areexpanding theirto 53 million in 2016 - Gartner.implementation of a wide variety of mobility andcollaboration applications. In a surveycommissioned by Cisco Systems, line-of-businessdecision-makers (e.g., from operations, sales,finance, and corporate management) identifiedthe organizations current and planned mobilityand collaboration applications deployment forsmartphones and tablets.Viewing documents and accessing employeeportals, email, or calendars are widely deployedapplications. Video and photo applications aregaining momentum.Note : This article contains charts, graphics and text from several websites which is available in public domain. 2 3. Mobile ECM vehicle from an iPad and instantly upload the photo into the ECM system to initiate theOne of the key benefits of Enterprise Contentclaim processManagement systems is its ability to give secureAllow a senior manager in a workflow step toaccess of content to users across the enterprise review the documents, approve / reject theto enable them to make their decision based on request, while he is travelling on a businessthe best available information and facilitate thetrip right from his smartphonebusiness process. Extending the secure accessof enterprise content from smartphones andAs the usage of mobile ECM is expanding, thetablets will enable knowledge workers to actECM vendors are launching their native mobilefaster than ever before.applications with support for leading mobileoperating systems from Apple, Google, BlackberryAll leading ECM vendors have realized thisand Microsoft. Below table provides a quickopportunity and extending the access to their comparison of mobile operating system supportECM system from smartphones and tablets byfor the current mobile applications launched bya) mobile optimized browser page, b) vendors some of the leading ECM Vendors.native mobile application and c) third partymobile applications. (Source: Websites)(Mobile Operating System Support)With this space evolving, the ECM vendors areextending more and more functionalities intotheir mobile applications. The features andfunctionalities currently provided by leading ECMvendors in their mobile applications are listedSource: AIIM Study on - Primary ECM/DM accessibilitybelow.Native Mobile ECM applications are intuitive, EMC Documentum Mobilesimple and secure. They help knowledgeworkers to :Advanced search and filteringSearch, consume and contribute content Navigate Repository, Collections, Watched Items, from their smartphones or tablets Recently Viewed, andEfficiently discover and collaborate on latestFavorites contentImport contentSeamlessly connect with colleagues and View documents protected with Documentum share content updates Information Rights Management (IRM)Mobilize business tasks to smartphones Configurable display properties and tablets to further optimize day to day Share via email business processes Download content for offline useSubstantially improve their productivity and Initiate and participate in threaded discussions efficiency Review and approve workflowsAccess CenterStage Spaces including collaboration wikis, blogs, and discussionsSome of the best use cases of Mobile ECM are :Push notificationsAbility for a site administrator to globally enable orEmpowering an insurance claim inspector disable features on field to take photograph of accidentNote : This article contains charts, graphics and text from several websites which is available in public domain. 3 4. IBM Content Navigator Shareplus, 3rd PartySharePoint Mobile ClientSecured login through corporate VPN Support for all SharePointAdvanced search andContent Types navigation Read email files (.MSG andAccess to saved searches .EML) stored on libraries in the ECM Add, edit and delete SharePoint Items and FilesBrowse folders Annotate PDF Files without leaving the appNavigate document lists; view document &amp; Check-In/Check-Out &amp; Approve/Reject metadata, and edit the metadata Download documents for offline accessAdd document by taking a photo and apply Capture Pictures, Video and Audio right into metadata SharePointCollaborate on team spaces Browse, delete and restore past documentParticipate in workflowversionsWith its Content Management Interoperability Send documents by mail, linked or fully attached Services (CMIS), IBM Content Navigator can be HTTPS (SSL) Support and compatible with VPNs used as a single interface atop virtually all SharePlus ENTERPRISE features include: repositories of content in an organization In-House Deployment BrandingOpenText Everywhere Centralized Configuration Enhanced SecurityBrowse, search, view, Enterprise Search manage, and email documents and otherBenefits of Mobile ECM forms of content OpenText repository Mobile ECM brings faster accessibility to content &amp;Includes content viewers capable of renderingbusiness processes and deliver several business over 200 file formats, such as Microsoftbenefits : PowerPoint, on the screens of mobile devicesInitiate business workflows, attach and view Faster employee responsiveness and decision- documents related to a business processmakingApprove or reject workflowsContent-centric collaboration and micro Improved knowledge worker productivity blogging across communities and workgroups Reduced turn around time in businessprocessesAlfresco Mobile Greater collaboration Faster internal and customer issue resolutionSecurely access corporate Enhanced customer satisfaction content Reduced mobility costView documents, Competitive advantage presentations and media Improved profitability filesDownload for offline accessConclusionTake photos on your iPhone and upload them directly to Alfresco Mobile ECM is opening up new opportunities forEdit documents on your iPad and upload themECM deployments, by extending the usability of using WebDAV ECM right from users smartphones and tablets.Start Alfresco business processes right from Realizing its compelling business benefits, more your tablet using Alfresco folder rulesand more ECM customers are adopting it toAdd comments and tags to content increase their workforce responsiveness andSearch by file name or full text productivity.Enforce corporate security rulesNote : This article contains charts, graphics and text from several websites which is available in public domain.4 </p>