A master teacher uses technology to engage students and make learning fun

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A master teacher uses technology to captivate students and make learning content fun

A master teacher uses technology to engage students and make learning fun

Embrace TechnologyMaster the technology available in the classroom. Students will notice the ease in which you navigate programs and will be encouraged! Using programs like Kidpix and Photostory enhance curriculum and help students make connections to the lesson.221st Century Learning

Kids want to interact, kids love gadgets, kids want to have fun while learning. So help them by using the ActivInspire software. Not only do the activotes engage students but the software allows teachers to export the test results into programs like Excel which make it easier to analyze data.

If you have a smartboard in your room USE IT! If not, it just serves as a distraction. On the bottom left is a picture of an inspired classroom. Notice how the seats are arranged in pods and there is one computer per station. Technology is the focal point of the classroom. In this environment, students are encouraged to learn as a community and take advantage of the computer being nearby as opposed to in a corner or designated area of a room.3The Future is Now

Attend workshops and trainings to ensure your mastery of great software you can use in the classroom.4

A master teacher creates an effective reward system that encourages good behavior

Way to Go!

The kind of rewards you present to students depends on their age level. Stickers are probably appropriate for pre-k through 3rd grade and most special needs students. Upper elementary students prefer items they can take home like hot wheel cars or mini plush toys. 6Write a PlanThe key to managing classroom behavior is consistency. If you are clear about what you expect from day one you can reduce the amount of disruptions and disturbances. Build a rapport with parents as well so they know what you expect from their child(ren). 7


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