A Complete Overview About Abstract Paintings

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Unquestionably, you have seen a lot of paintings and art styles, but among these you love only few of them. There are different painting styles and techniques and abstract art is one of them.

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A Complete Overview about Abstract Paintings

IntroductionUnquestionably, you have seen a lot of paintings and art styles, but among these you love only few of them. There are different painting styles and techniques and abstract art is one of them. When you say abstract art work, most of the people does not like this because of its different style and odd appearance.

In actual, it is a cluster of meaningful shapes and colors which are painted on a canvas.

What is Abstract Painting? Abstract painting is also recognized as Non- Representational Art, Non-Figurative Art, Non-Objective Art and Concrete Art. In abstract painting, a painter uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a painting, art sculpture without involving any identical visual reference point.

Understanding Abstract ArtAbstract Painting is reinforced by the logic of perspective and it is an attempt to reproduce illusion of visible reality. Unlike ordinary art form, abstract art does not include a person, animal, material, or place in the world.

Due to its oddness and intricacies, people cannot judge it at first sight. In spite of that, you should try to understand what the image depicts and why it was painted. Abstract art is a kind of art in which artist tries to hide reality from the image.

History of Abstract ArtA movement arose named Impressionism in the year 1870 in Europe, which introduced the term abstraction in paintings. It was the first art form in paintings world, where images are not completely recognizable.

Next, in 1890s a new movement began known as Post- Impressionist movement. Therefore, in 19th century, many unique paintings were evolved, artist get unique subject to work upon and steadily representational art moved to the Abstract Art concept.

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In 20th century, abstract artwork has been appreciated widely and become popular among the artists. Many variations are held in abstract painting which get recognized by different names at different places. For ex- Cubism in Paris, De Stijl in Netherlands, Rayonism in Moscow, the Bauhaus in Munich, etc.

Nowadays, abstract painting has become famous and an important type of painting platform where every painter wants to work upon.

Here is a list of some famous abstract paintings appreciated widely.

Based on Leaf Forms and Spaces (Arthur Dove, 1911-12) Improvisation 27 (Garden of Love II) (Wassily Kandinsky, 1912)French Window at Collioure (Henri Matisse, 1914)Head Tete (Pablo Picasso, 1913-14) Black Square (Kazimir Malevich, 1915)

The Railway Crossing (Fernand Legar, 1919) Deux Figures (Joseph Csaky, 1920) Fire in the Evening (Paul Klee, 1929) Number I (Jackson Pollock, 1950) Woman I (Willem De Kooning)

Benefits of Abstract Painting

A unique formation is built in the abstract painting Multiple colors are used in a single painting to render more professional lookDifferent styles and designs are used in this form to make art more sensible Looking real; but in actual it is a Non-Objective art form

ConclusionAbstract art form is quite different and challenging type of art, however, it is the most creative painting style. If anybody exhibits creativity in paintings then try abstract paintings to feel like a real artist. Look around famous abstract art and understand the reality behind the image. If you are interested in abstract art form, take help from professional and learn step by step.

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