A Community-Delivered, Affordable, Accessible Hearing Care ... Sara Mamo Janet Choi Baltimore HEARS

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Text of A Community-Delivered, Affordable, Accessible Hearing Care ... Sara Mamo Janet Choi Baltimore HEARS

  • HEARS Hearing Equality through

    Accessible Research & Solutions

    A Community-Delivered, Affordable, Accessible Hearing Care Intervention for Older Adults

    Carrie L. Nieman MD MPH

    Sara Mamo AuD PhD CCC-A, Nicole Marrone PhD CCC-A, Sarah Szanton PhD CRNP, Elizabeth Tanner PhD MS RN,

    Roland Thorpe PhD MS, Frank R. Lin MD PhD

  • Cognitive Vitality & Avoiding Dementia

    Avoiding Injury

    Hearing Loss & Healthy Aging Recent Epidemiologic Studies

    Healthy Aging

    Maintaining Physical Mobility & Activity

    Health Economic Outcomes/Mortality

    Keeping Socially Engaged & Active

  • Hearing Loss & Hearing Aid Use Prevalence in the U.S. , 1999-2006

    Arch Int Med, 2012

  • Goals



    Community Delivered

    The Intervention


    Aural Rehabilitation

    Amplification Device

    Social Cognitive Theory

    Human Factors Approach

    User-Centered Design

  • The HEARS Intervention

    1 32 Hearing


    Device Fitting &

    Orientation Education &


  • Hearing

    How are you?How are


    Hearing Loss

    of Hearing Loss

    How are you?

    How are you?

    Listen by Mister Pixel from The Noun Project Brain by Marek Polakovic from The Noun Project

    © 2014 Johns Hopkins University


  • 14

    Place the Battery, Turn on CS-50

    Battery Earpiece

    ON Ready to use


    Connect battery to earpiece

    Indicate when CS-50 is ON

    © 2014 Johns Hopkins University

  • Community Partners

    Sites: Weinberg Place, Manor East, Manhattan Park

  • Baltimore HEARS Pilot Demographics

    Our 15 participants were...

    71.2 years old (median)

    60% Minority

    80% Live Alone

    53.3% HS Education or less

    66.7% Less than $25,000 Income/Year

    93.3% Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

  • Baltimore HEARS Pilot Change in Hearing Handicap

    None Mild Moderate Significant

    Mean change = - 9.5 Effect Size = -0.96

    Hearing aids = -8 to -16

    HHIE - Baseline

  • Baltimore HEARS Pilot Change in Depression

    Minimal Mild Moderate Moderate-

    Severe Severe

    Mean change = - 1.93 Effect Size = -0.43

    PHQ9 - Baseline

  • Baltimore HEARS Pilot 3-Month Program Evaluation

    Our participants...

    86.7% Would not be able to use his/her device as well without the program

    93.3% Benefited from the program

    80% Felt more connected with others

    100% Would recommend the program

    66.7% Interested in helping train others

  • HEARS Adaptations

    Sara Mamo Janet Choi

    Baltimore HEARS

    Memory Clinic HEARS


    Weinberg Senior Living

  • Memory Clinic HEARS Pilot Feedback – Son-in-law of a 91 y/o woman with MMSE of 17

  • HEARS Initial Experience

    Preliminary efficacy, acceptability, and feasibility

    One-time visit delivered in the community

    Low-cost, over-the-counter technology

    Next Steps Train-the-trainer materials

    Partnership with the MICA Center for Social Design

    Larger RCT

  • Communication

    Social Engagement

    Healthy Aging

    Hearing Care for All

  • Mentor: Dr. Frank Lin

    Co-Mentors: Dr. Sarah Szanton PhD CRNP, School of Nursing

    Dr. Laura Gitlin, PhD, School of Nursing

    Dr. Ibby Tanner PhD MS RN, School of Nursing

    Dr. Roland Thorpe PhD MS, School of Public Health

    Dr. Nicole Marrone PhD, CCC-A, University of AZ

    Community Collaborator: Ms. Cindy Zonies, Weinberg Senior Living

    Acknowledgments: SM

  • Mentors:

    Dr. Eric Rice PhD MEd, School of Engineering

    Kunal Parikh, Schools of Medicine & Engineering

    Amanda Allen, emocha