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Related CatalogSINUMERIK & SIMODRIVE Automation Systems for Machine Tools Order No.: E86060-K4460-A101-A8-7600 Automation & Drives The Entire Product Range on CD ROM Order No.: E86060-D4001-A110-B5-7600 CA 01 NC 60

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sSINUMERIK 802S & STEPDRIVE SINUMERIK 802C & SIMODRIVE 611Automation Systems for Machine ToolsCatalog September 2001Supersedes: SINUMERIK 802S/802C Catalog Sept. 2000 Function Overview SINUMERIK 802S/802C CNC Control SINUMERIK 802S/802C OP 020, OP 021, MCP, PLC module Converter and Motor STEPDRIVE C/C+ Stepper Motors FM STEPDRIVE 1FL3 Stepper Motors Ordering Data SINUMERIK 802S/802C STEPDRIVE Motors, Cables Connection Overview SINUMERIK 802S SINUMERIK 802C Dimensions SINUMERIK 802S/802C STEPDRIVE C/C+ Appendix Repair Service Contract Conditions of sale and delivery Indexes Page 13 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 15 Page 11 Page 12 Page 6 Page 7 Page Page Page Page 8 8 9 9 Page 4

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The products and systems described in this catalog are sold under application of a management system certified by DQS. The DQS Certificate is recognized in all IQ Net countries. Management system DQS-certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 Reg.-No. 1258-05 DIN EN ISO 14001 Reg.-No. 81342-01

Siemens AG 2001

SINUMERIK 802S/SINUMERIK 802CFunction Overview

Function Overview

Control assembly/application7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Operating modes7 7 7 7

CNC memory (non-volatile) for programs and data, 256 KB Part program memory, up to 50 programs Max. 3 axes + 1 spindle Spindle positioning Incremental encoder RS 422 Additional spindle encoder RS 422 Resolution 1 m/0.00001 inches

c7 7 7

CNC functionality7

7 7 7 7

Look ahead, 1 block

Automatic DNC mode MDA mode JOG mode Teach in Reference point approach manual/via CNC program Increment weighting with handwheel Manual mode interrupt JOG and handwheel simultaneous mode Incremental axis approach Dry run Single block

CNC programming7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Programming language, DIN 66025 and SINUMERIK high-level language Inch/metric dimensions Contour programming Absolute/incremental programming X axis diameter/radius programming Arithmetic and trigonometric function Menu programming Subroutine call Skip function Chamfer/radius transition Plane selection Workpiece coordinate system

EditingBlock number search 7 Program number search 7 Background editing7

Displays7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Interpolation typesLinear interpolation, max. 3 axes 7 Circular interpolation 7 Helical interpolation7

7 7 7 7 7

Graphical display Status display Current position display Program display Program error display Parameter display Operator error display Alarm display Servo setting display Spindle display Self-diagnostics function Status signal output (NC ready, servo ready, automatic operation, etc.)

Data transmission7 7

RS 232 C serial interface Data transmission from ECU to ECU

Tool offsets7 7

Operation7 7

7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

c7 7 7 7

Slimline operator panel, monochrome, 5.7 Full CNC keyboard 2 electronic handwheels can be connected Graphical cycle support 2 languages available in the system/switchable online, English/customer-specific (German/Chinese etc.) 8 access protection levels Program execution via external DNC

Length/radius compensation Tool management 15 tools 30 tool offsets Tool radius offset in the plane Collision monitoring, machining area Tool tip radius compensation Tool position compensation Geometry/wear compensation Tool length measurement


Standard features at no additional costs

c Option or accessory


Siemens Catalog SINUMERIK 802S/802C September 2001


Function Overview

Zero offsets translational/rotaryZero offsets, adjustable, max. 4 7 Zero offsets, programmable7

Cycles7 7

Cycles for turning Cycles for drilling/milling

Axis monitoring7 7 7 7 7

PLC area7 7 7 7

Limit switch monitoring 2 software limit switches Contour monitoring Position monitoring Clamping monitoring

c7 7 7 7

CompensationStored leadscrew error compensation 7 Backlash compensation 7 Measuring system error compensation 7 Drift compensation for analog set points7

SIMATIC S7-200 software CPU User memory, 4000 instructions Ladder programming Digital inputs/outputs, 16/16 Digital inputs/outputs, 64/64 in 16/16 steps 1024 flags 16 timers 32 counters Typical processing time for bit commands 1.8 s

Diagnostics functions7 7

Axis functions7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Diagnostics basic functions PLC status

Velocity (max. default 100,000 mm/min / 40,000 inch/min) Feedrate override, 0% to 120% Feedrate per min Feedrate per revolution Tangential velocity constant control Jerk limitation JOG override

Alarms and messagesAlarms selectable in the part program 7 Alarms and messages from PLC7

Start-up7 7

Start-up tools, running on external PC Series start-up via serial interface

Auxiliary functions7 7

Miscellaneous function M (2 digit) Max. 3 auxiliary functions per block

Manual machine with OP 021The manual machine version contains in addition the following functions: 7 Constant oriented spindle stop for material change 7 Threading with constant cut profile at working spindle 7 Cutting of multiple threads 7 Cutting of conic threads 7 Cutting of transversal thread 7 Limit stop turning in X and Z axis 7 Conic turning over the complete working area 7 Repair thread cutting

Spindle functions7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Spindle speed, programmable (max. 999,999.9 rpm) Spindle override 0% to 120% 5 gear stages Automatic gear stage selection Oriented spindle stop Constant cutting speed Thread cutting Tapping/rigid tapping


Standard features at no additional costs

c Option or accessorySiemens Catalog SINUMERIK 802S/802C September 2001



CNC Control

Description The SINUMERIK 802S and SINUMERIK 802C are economical CNC controls which have been esentially developed for use in the low end CNC machine tool market. Their features include: 7 Separate operator panel (OP 020) and NC section (ECU) 7 Compact size 7 Small amount of configuring data necessary for start up which enables them to be quickly and easily adapted to compact machine tools. 7 Easy and user friendly programming guarantee a quick production start resulting in optimum machine use. The SINUMERIK 802S/802C comprises of the following components: 7 Operator panel (OP 020) 7 Machine control panel (MCP) 7 NC unit (ECU) 7 PLC module (D I/O) (one is supplied with the basic package) 7 Toolbox (software tool for start up) The NC unit and PLC module can be installed on a common S7 mounting rail. ECUSINUMERIK 802S (ECU)

Feed Axes The SINUMERIK 802S/802C are designed for three feed axes. The SINUMERIK 802S uses the interface for stepper drives with an impulse and directional signal, while the SINUMERIK 802C contains the traditional 10 V interface. Spindle In both controls one main spindle drive can be connected to the 10 V interface in addition to three feed axes.In addition the ECU has the following connections: 7 RS 232 C interface for connection with the PC 7 Terminal strip to connect the reference point transmitter 7 Terminal strip to connect the 24 V DC electricity supply 7 Terminal strip to connect max. two handwheels 7 Bus plug to connect max. four PLC modules SW-Toolbox The software for the control is already stored in the NC section (ECU) on a Flash-EPROM and is included in the standard scope of supply. These controls require no battery and are maintenance free. A capacitor prevents loss of data caused by a voltage drop. Changes and new programs can be saved using a softkey. The software is delivered for turning and milling applications and can be installed individually. The size can be determined by the user. A PLC program example for turning and milling is included in every toolbox making faster start-ups possible. PLC The PLC can control up to a max. of 64 inputs and 64 outputs. The internal PLC can be freely programmed with up to 4000 instructions via ladder instructions using the software package PLC tool.


PLC tool The PLC tool, based on Windows (Micro-Step), is a programming tool which is necessary for free programming of the internal PLC of SINUMERIK 802S/802C. It is possible to change the sample program available in the toolbox with this tool. The PLC tool is not necessary if the sample program will be used. This is a tool for commissioning the control by the OEM.The PLC tool has a user-friendly ladder diagram programming (ladder S7-200). Integrated help and start-up function enable a high degree of user-friendliness. The PLC tool can function on every commercial PC or laptop. Ambient conditions for CNC controlDegree of protection acc. to IEC 536 Permissible air humidity acc. to IEC 1131-2 IP 20 for ECU, D I/O IP 64 for OP 020, MCP IP 65 for OP 021 intake air without aggressive gases; 5% to 95% without condensation

Permissible ambient temperature Storage and transport -40 C to +70 C Operation (horizontal installation) 0 C to max. +55 C

Technical specifications for NC section (ECU)Input voltage Power loss