7 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Image

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Text of 7 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Image

  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Companys Image

  • The image is everything moniker is never more true than when youre talking about a company. Once a companys image sours in the public eye for any reason, the fortunes of that company are usually soon to follow.

    Luckily, there are many ways to improve your companys image and stay in the good books of your current and future customers. Here are 7 proven techniques.

  • 1) Professional Answering ServiceFirst impressions mean a lot, and a professional answering service is a great way to make a great first impression. Statistics say that up to 8 out of 10 callers wont end up leaving a voicemail when they call, and that automated voice is no way to nurture customer relations.

    With a professional answering service, a real person will always answer the phone which gives the impression of an accessible and caring company.

  • 2) Brand ConsistencyAlong with a top-notch answering service, its important to keep your brand consistent through all the different areas of customer contact. They should all be identifiable as coming from the same company. This includes:

    Website Letterhead Company vehicles Storefront Promotional materials Business cards

  • 3) One-on-One ContactWith so much of todays business being automated, real, one-on-one contact is an important part of fostering the company image. Just like with an answering service, it shows youre real and that you care. This may include things like:

    Charitable events Giving away free samples Personal contact with clients rather than just email Trade shows

  • 4) Utilize the PressThe media often gets a bad rap, but they can also be helpful when it comes to building your companys image. Utilize media outlets to relay the stories and facts you want your target market to know about the business.

    Create a media relations campaign with the outlets your target market reads, listens to and watches and then have them do stories about relevant aspects of the company.

  • 5) High Quality WebsiteIts certainly no secret that most people are going to check you out online and maybe even buy from you online if they like what they see. So much of business is online, so it makes sense from a sales perspective and image perspective to build a high quality website.

    And keep in mind, in most cases this is not a DIY project. It needs to look professional contain content your customers are searching for and be easy to navigate. Consider it a necessary business expense and allow professionals to get it done.

  • 6) Get Out In the CommunityIf your business shows an interest in the community, the community will often show an interest in you. Get out and participate or even create community events several times per year.

    This will keep your visibility at a high level and will also create trust in your brand and your business.

  • 7) Pretend Youre the CustomerIf you really want to know where you should make changes to boost your image, pretend youre the customer. Visit your website, call the office or make purchases the way customers do.

    If you go through each process and notice it isnt functioning quite how youd like, make the necessary changes to enhance the customer experience.

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