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Frequent Miler presentation at 2012 LA FTU.


  • 1. Ormore!

2. Big ScoresCredit card churning Megashoppingdeals Category bonuses 3. First, a moment of silence 4. The Original 5X EverywhereOne Card to Rule them All 5. Then came Bluebird 5X everywhere + Bill Pay! 6. Another moment of silence 7. 5XEverywhere Lives On 8. Vanilla Visa & Merchant Gift cards 9. Vanilla Visa + Target 10. Vanilla Visa + Vanilla Reload 11. Hilton Amex + Vanilla Reload 6X 12. Forward 5X 13. 5X Options ComparedOption Cost to load Fee % ATM? Bill Pay? $500Vanilla Visa $4.95.99 No NoVanilla Visa + $6.451.29YesNoTargetVanilla Visa + $8.901.78YesYesVanilla ReloadHilton Amex + $3.95 .79 YesYesVanilla ReloadForward 5X $3.95.79 YesNo 14. How big isthis? 15. Living 1XConsider these example annual expenses: $20K credit card spend $25K checks and bank transfers $5K ATM withdrawalsPoints per year earned from typical credit card: $20K spend X 1 = 20,000 points 16. Category Bonuses 6X5X groceries,telecom, gas, drugcable, stores internet,office supply 2X 5X Travel, restaurants,(restaurants)bookstores, movies Average ~3X Points per year earned:$20K spend X 3 = 60,000 points 17. 5X : Vanilla Visa & merchant gift cardsAverage ~5XAnnual cost depends on gift cards used: ~$120Points per year earned:$20K spend X 5 = 100,000 points(or 88,000 for free) 18. 5X: Vanilla Visa + TargetAverage 5X across all credit and cash expensesAnnual cost: ~$325Points per year earned:$25K spend X 5 = 125,000 points(or 92,500 for free) 19. 5X: ForwardAverage 5X across all credit and cash expensesAnnual cost: ~$200Points per year earned:$25K spend X 5 = 125,000 points*(or 105,000 for free)* $1K limit may be a deal breaker 20. 5X: Vanilla Visa + Vanilla ReloadAverage 5X across all expensesAnnual cost: $890Points per year earned:$50K spend X 5 = 250,000 points(or 161,000 for free) 21. 6X: Hilton Amex + Vanilla ReloadAverage 6X across all expensesAnnual cost: $395Points per year earned:$50K spend X 6 = 300,000 points(but, points are not as valuable) 22. Beyond 5X 23. Beyond 5X Everywhere Pay all credit charges with best credit card $20K X 3 = 60K points Pay all bills (including credit card bills) & ATM with Bluebird $50K X 5 = 250K pointsAnnual cost: $890Points per year earned: 310,000 (or 221,000 for free) 24. Life Beyond 5XOnce a week: [Go to Office Depot, buy two $500 Vanilla Visa cards] Go to drug store, buy two Vanilla Reload cards Go home, load Vanilla Reload cards to Bluebird Use Bluebird to pay bills & transfer money to checkingAs needed: Use best credit card for purchases Use Bluebird for ATM 25. Comparing TechniquesTechniquePointsCost Cost per PainEarnedPoint1X 20K $0$0NoneCategory Bonuses ~3X 60K $0$0LowVanilla Visa + Gift Cards 100K~$120 $0.0012HighForward B&N 125K~$200 $0.0016 MediumVanilla Visa + Target 125K~$320 $0.0026HighVanilla Visa + Vanilla250K $890 $0.0036HighReloadHilton + Vanilla Reload 300K $395 $0.0013 MediumBeyond 5X 310K $890 $0.0029High 26. A moving target CVS Office DepotWal-greens 27. Use Caution 28. Questions? 29. Reload Cards 30. Paying Federal Taxes 31. Federal Taxes, Two Good OptionsFor example, assume $20K in taxes Pay with mile earning debit card (e.g. SunTrust Deltacard): Earn 1 mile per dollar Cost = $3.49 Miles earned = 20,000 Pay with gift cards: Buy 40 $500 Visa cards at 5X Call Official Payments and use cards as debit cards Cost = $356 Miles earned = 100,000 (or 64,400 free)