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  • 5F Food. Feed. Fodder. Fuel. Fertilizer Ayurvet Research Foundation
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  • Agriculture & livestock 2 Livestock wealthFarm land Grains and cash crops Major means of sustenance Crop residues Milk, Meat, Eggs, fuel, and Draught power Supplements income and nutritional needs manure Agriculture and Animal Husbandry contributes significantly towards our GDP. The livestock sector contributes more than 30% to Agriculture GDP
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  • The Great Revolution in the History of Agriculture: Systematic Integration of Domestic Animals in Crop Rearing System Draught Animal Power Manure Draught Animal Power Manure Food and Nutrition Agriculture by- products Food and Nutrition Agriculture by- products This being a closed system, everything was recycled within. Cash income was low, hence it was considered as non- productive.
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  • Unintentional Disjoint in Livestock and Agriculture And its package of practices Chemical Fertilizer could not address soil humus Seed and Breed got attention ; soil fertility depleted Water and land resources- optimal utilization Feed & fodder became scarce Advent of ?
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  • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry are treated as different components today. While fertilizers and pesticides are used for increasing the productivity and fertility of the crop but the fertility of soil is getting depleted. The organic waste of livestock is creating pollution, which otherwise can be effectively used as a source of fuel energy. The water consumption in Agri production is not accounted for and is leading to water wastage.
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  • Water conservation Improving humus Improve quality of animals Sustainable livelihood Generate Employment Objectives Demonstration of a sustainable livelihood model through integration of animal husbandry. Extension of technology to grass root level. Training of the villagers to generate employment. To train the farmers in the technique of Artificial Insemination for good quality breeds. To improve soil humus and fertility Technology
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  • Traditional wisdom: integration of 5F Food Feed Fodder Fuel Fertilizer Approved by DBT, Govt. of India
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  • Food, Feed, Fodder, Fuel & Fertilizer Security
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  • Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponics Machine 9 Building Health and Food Security Solution Feed & Fodder Solution Feed & Fodder Production equivalent to 1 hectare on an area of 265 sq ft
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  • Hydroponics green feed enhances Health, Productivity & Reproductive Efficiency of livestock Better Digestibility: more milk (22% more milk production) Better Reproductive Health: more calf more milk Better Health: Saves on treatment cost Livestock Health Benefits GoatsCowCalfBuffaloesHorses
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  • Food from Agriculture and Animal Sources Animal products provide the richest protein sources in diet Additional food crops can be grown on the land dispensed by hydroponics fodder cultivation Solutions Food
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  • Solution Fertilizer Improvement in soil fertility Reduced dependence on synthetic fertilizers Less cost of production
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  • Solution Fuel & Fertilizer 1 cu m biogas replaces 400 g of LPG. 25 kg of cow dung => 1cu m biogas plant By- product: Slurry (Valuable natural manure ) Biogas slurry can fulfill upto 50% of NPK requirement Improves soil Humus It is Pollution free & reduces dependence on wood and fossil fuels.
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  • Results We undertook the mass campaign amongst the dairy and agriculture farmers and undertook the demonstration of the model. The Department of Biotechnology under societal project approve an amount of Rs. 1.54 Crores towards the project. The Technology Demonstration Centre (TDC) have been established. Each TDC consists of Ayurvet ProGreen Hydroponic fodder production machine, Biogas, silage and Vermicompost unit. Farmers have started inclination towards converting the cowdung into compost for organic farming. Converting the cowdung into biogas. This initiative have shown improvement in the soil humus and has also led to better socio-economic status through entrepreneurial training, which led to self employment. The revenue earned by the rural youth is ranging from Rs.3000 5000/- monthly
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  • Awareness cum mobilization meeting Date: 17/11/12 Attendance: 150 people Objective: To inform people about the project and our objectives and how we propose to work with them
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  • Committed for Developing Sustainable Solutions Integration of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture for Sustainable Livelihood
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