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  • APCCO air compressor fluids have been formulated to withstand the high temperatures and pressures inherent tomodem air compressors. Formulated to meet or exceed all OEM specifications, our air compressor fluids provideunsurpassed levels of performance, cost savings, protection and fluid life. APCCO air compressor fluids offer you:

    Performance, Protection, LongevityAir Compressor Lubricants

    APCCO is your complete,comprehensive lubricant solution.

    Experience our reduceddowntime, cost savings on

    the best lubricants on the market,industry-leading customer service

    and excellent value.

    Freedom from flushing Enhanced protectionHigh-temperaturedurability and long lifeAll of these fluids are top-off

    compatible with their correspondingOEM and aftermarket equivalents.

    APCCO air compressor fluids offersuperior resistance against watercontamination. They also offerexcellent resistance against friction,wear, rust, corrosion and theformation of carbon and varnish.

    These fluids are designed tooperate and provide enhancedprotection in the toughest operatingconditions, including dischargetemperatures of 200F (93C).

    Customized FormulasAPCCO offers you: Formulations customized to yourspecific needs, without compromise - APCCO utilizesa revolutionary production process to custom-blendlubricant formulations to meet your specific demands,operating conditions and technical requirements. WithAPCCO, you never have to settle for less than exactlywhat you need.Performance you can count on - At APCCO, wework closely with our customers to field-test ourformulations in challenging, real-world conditions -not just in a laboratory. Our lubricants are proven toprovide unsurpassed performance, protection andfluid life under the conditions you experience andwith the equipment you use.

    Unparalleled services - Take advantage ofAPCCO's full suite of distributor-focused services,including: Complimentary oil analysis to maximize the performance and longevity of your fluids in use. Your choice of packaging sizes from small bottles to large totes. Industry-leading technical support for expert assistance when you need it.

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    Formulated to meet your needsand expectations

    Part# ProductDescriptionRecommended

    Compressor TypesTypical Fluid

    Life (hr)

    Series A015 SyntheticCompressor Lubricant

    Series A321 OEM PAG ReplacementLubricant

    Series A019 DiesterCompressor Lubricant

    Series A088 Silicone CompressorLubricant

    Series A061 Food GradeCompressor Lubricant

    Series A064 Advanced Food Grade

    Series A043 Synthetic Blend PlusCompressor Lubricant

    Series A045 Synthetic BlendCompressor Lubricant

    Series A886 Universal Rotary-ScrewAir Compressor Fluid








    4,000 - 6,000


    Rotary ScrewCompressor


    Rotary VaneCompressor

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    Air Compressor LubricantsCross-Reference

    The APCCO products provided are approximate equivalents to competitive fluids. The information provided herein should only be used as a general guide, and not serve as a sole resourcefor determinning the correct lubricant for a particular application. Lubricant specifications are subject to change. Please consult an APCCO representative to ensure that the replacement fluidis the correct choice for the application. Competitive products are registered and trademarked by their respective owners.

    Designated APCCO equivalent fluids are top-off compatible and do not require change-outs or time-consuming flushing procedures. If an OEM or aftermarket air compressor lubricant is not shown on this list, please consult an APCCO representative. Our Universal Lubricant (A886) can be used as a direct replacement for all non-food-grade screw compressor lubricants listed in this document other than silicones.

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    Air Compressor LubricantsCross-Reference (continued)

    The APCCO products provided are approximate equivalents to competitive ftulds. The Information provided herein should onlybe used as a general guide, and not serve as a sole resource for determining the correct lubricant for a particular application.Lubricant specificaticns are subject to change. Please consult an APCCO representative to ensure that the replacement fluid isthe correct choice for the application. Competitive products are registered and trademarked by their respective owners.

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    A886Universal Rotary-Screw Air Compressor Fluid

    Top-off Compatible withMost Rotary Screw Compressor Fluids

    PAG-based compressor fluids

    POE-based compressor fluids

    Diester-based compressor fluids

    PAO-based compressor fluids

    Partial-, semi- and petroleum-based compressor fluids

    A886 offers an unsurpassed level of compatibility with awide variety of OEM and aftermarket compressor fluids. Thisenhanced compatibility significantly reduces the need for costly,time-consuming flushes. A886 is compatible with most:


    Universal formulation, compatible with most

    OEM and aftermarket rotary-screw air

    compressor fluids

    Very long fluid life, 8,000+ hours

    Excellent carbon and varnish control

    Excellent oxidative stability

    Very high flash point

    Very low volatility

    Excellent film strength, reduced wear

    Excellent rust and corrosion protection

    Reduced maintenance costs and downtime

    Non-toxic/non-hazardous formulation

    Typical Lubrication Properties A886Viscosity IndexViscosity est @ 104FViscosity est @ 212FFlash Point F (C)Auto-Ignition Point F (C)Pour Point F (C)Four Ball, 40 Kg, 1200 RPM, 167F,1 hr, Scar Dia mmCopper Corrosion, 24 HrDemulsibility, 129.20F, 30 Min


    468 (242)725 (385)-34 (-37)



    Oxidative Stability (RPVOT ASTM D-2272)

    Both laboratory and field test have shown that APCCO A886outlasts competitive formulations by a significant margin.

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    A886Universal Rotary-Screw Air Compressor Fluid

    Top-off Compatible with:


    Atlast Copco














    Gardner Denver








    465, 495,496,497, 3032, 3046, 3057-M, 3068, 3432, 3436, 3468, 4032, 4036, 4068, 46-Supreme,BDC-46, PG-Supreme-32, PG-Supreme-46, PG Supreme-68, Premium Plus, S-32, S-46, S-68

    Rota-Extreme, Roto-Xtend, Roto-Z

    Dicrea SX-32, Dicrea SX-46, Dicrea SC-68

    Synthetic Compressor Oil-32, Synthetic Compressor Oil-46, Synthetic Compressor Oil-68,Sirocco-32, Sirocco-46

    DEB-32, DEB-46, DEB-68

    Aircol PD-32/46, Aircol SR-46/68, Tribol 890-32, Tribol 890-68

    HiPerSyn-32, HiPerSyn-46, HiPerSyn-68, Syntholube-32, Syntholube-68, Tegra-Syn-32,Tegra-Syn-46, Tegra-Syn-68

    Roto Lube-4000, Roto Lube-8000, Roto Lube 8000TH

    CompressorGard-DE-32, CompressorGarci-OE-68, CompressorGarci-PS-46, CompressorGarci-PA0-32,CompressorGard-PA0-46, CompressorGard-PA0-68, CompressorGarci-XL-46, CompressorGard-XL-68,CompressorGard-GE-32, CompressorGarci-GE-46

    Complube-10, CS-100, CS-150, CS-200

    Syncon R&0-32, Syncon R&0-46, Syncon R&0-68

    CP-4100-32, CP-4100-46, CP-4100-68, CP-4601-32, CP-4601-46, CP-4601-68

    Barelf SM-46, Barelf SM-68, Barelf CH-46, Barelf CH-68

    Synesstic-32, Synesstic-46, Synesstic-68, Teresstic-32, Teresstic-46, Teresstic-68

    Synair-46, Synair-68, Synshield-32, Synshield-46, Synshield-68

    Aeon 800, Aeon-2000, Aeon-5000, Aeon-9000SP, Aeon-9000TH, Aeon-CL, Aeon-PG

    Pro-Tee, SSR-Uitra Coolant, Ultra Plus

    M-460, S-320, S-460, S-680

    KLC-32, KLC-68, KSL-32, KSL-46, KSL-68, KSL-719, KSL-720

    Complube 10, SSL-38, SSL-50, SSL-32, SSL-46+, SSL-68+ HT

    6401, 6402, 6403, 9032, 9068

    AC-O, AC-1, AC-2, Synlube-32, Synlube-46, Synlube-68, Synmac-32, Synmac-46, Synmac-68,Syncool-32, Syncool-46

    Rarus-424, Rarus-425, Rarus-426, Rarus 824, Rarus-825, Rarus-826, Rarus-SHC-1 024,Rarus-SHC-1025, Rarus-SHC-1026

  • Bulletin AC-02page 7

    Top-off Compatible with:




    Royal Lubricants

    Royal Purple

    Shell Oil






    AFX-32, Pal-Extra, Palasyn-45, Pallube-32

    Pennzcom-PA0-32, Pennzcom-PA0-46, Pennzcom-PA0-68, Pennzcom-S-32, Pennzcom-S-46,Pennzcom-S-68

    Quin-CIP-32, Quin-CIP-68, Quin-SYN, Quin-SYN+, Quin-SYN-IV, Quin-SYN-HP, Quin-SYN-PG,Quin-SYN-XP

    Royco-432, Royco-446, Royco-468, Royco-4032, Royco-4046, Royco-4068

    Parafilm-32, Parafilm-46, Parafilm-68, Synfilm-32, Synfilm-46, Synfilm-68

    Corena AS-32, Corena AS-46, Corena AS-68, Corena AP-68, Corena DE-68, Corena PA0-46,Corena-PA0-68, Corena S-32, Corena S-46, Corena S-68

    AWF, SRF-4000, SRF-8000, Sullube-32

    DSL-32, DSL-46, DSL-68. PS-100, PS-150, PS-200, Sierra-32, Sierra-46, Sierra-68, SH-32, SH-46,SH-68, Supra-32, Supra-Coolant, Ultima

    Synflo-70, Synflo-60GC, Synflo-70GC, Synflo-90, Synflo-100XP

    Cetus-PA0-32, Cetus-PA0-46, Cetus-PA0-68, Synstar-DE-32, Synstar-DE-46, Synstar-DE-68,Rando-32, Rando-46, Regal R&0-32, Regal R&0-46, Regal R&0-68

    32S, 46S, 68S, Chemlube +10, Chemlube +68, Chemlube 215, Chemlube 221, Chemlube 228,Chemlube 229, C