5 Strategic Prospecting and Preparing for Sales Dialogue

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Strategic Prospecting and Preparing for Sales Dialogue55Learning ObjectivesDiscuss why prospecting is an important and challenging task for salespeople.Explain strategic prospecting and each stage in the strategic prospecting process.Describe the major prospecting methods and give examples of each method.L1L2L352Learning ObjectivesExplain the important components of a strategic prospecting plan.Discuss the types of information salespeople need to prepare for sales dialogue.L4L553

Why Buyers Wont See SalespeopleThey may have never heard of the salespersons firm.They may have just bought the salespersons product category, and there is presently no need.Buyers may have their own deadlines on other issues, and they are not in a receptive mood to seeany salespeople.Buyers are constantly getting calls fromsalespeople and do not have the time tosee them all.Gatekeepers in any organization screentheir bosses calls and sometimes arecurt and even rude.54

The Importance andChallenges of ProspectingCustomer-bases are not permanent, salespeople may lose customers due to:Low satisfactionCompetitionEconomic fluctuationOther forms of attrition The prospecting process is can be longIt may take weeks to replace a lost customer with a new oneRevenue streams can fluctuate if pipeline isnt managed_______________________and often includes a lot of rejection5Ethical Dilemma

5The Strategic Prospecting ProcessA process designed to ________, ________, and ___________ sales opportunities, whether they represent potential new customers or opportunities to generate additional business from existing customers.Sales Funnel orPipeline: A representationof the trust-based sales process and strategic sales prospecting process.

57Strategic Prospecting ProcessIdeal Customer Profile: The characteristics of a firms best customers or the perfect customer.5Popular Prospecting Sources & Methods

59Developing a Strategic Prospecting Plan

5Developing a Strategic Prospecting Plan

5Gathering Precall Information:The Prospect

512Gathering Precall Information:The Prospects Organization

513Ethical Dilemma

5Role Play