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  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    Evaluation of Street CrushLaura Fredericks

    Group 1: Laura Fredericks, Reena Chadee, Robyn Oliver and April Mckay

  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    In what ways does your film use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of media products?

    The teen drama usually follows that of American pop culture when abiding by theconventions.

    The conventions normally include: Alcohol, illegal substances, violence, high school, parties,intimate relationships, social groups and cliques.

    In our two minute opening we thought we would use the most familiar conventions that wererelationships, social groups and cliques. By doing this, the audience would straight away relatethese conventions to our particular genre.

    The teen drama genre also at times uses binary oppositions such as : Good vs. Evil and Lawvs. Crime.

    Similarly, our movie uses the binary opposition of Good vs. Evil.

    This is because the attitudes within the love triangle were central to the storyline,however, if law was somehow introduced to the plot it would act as a distraction.

  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    How does your film represent particular social groups?

    We decided to represent teenagers who were part of agang (gang culture) and a promiscuous teenage girl. We used abasketball court to represent the teenage gang and we usedan archetypal girls bedroom to represent the teenage girl.

    We used ethnic minorities to help represent the gangmembers as usually ethnic minorities are part of gangscompared to indigenous people.

    We put exaggerated eye make up on the teenage girl asthis could help to represent promiscuity as females tend towear an extended amount of make up to get more attentionfrom the opposite sex. Also, we made the gang members wear

    noticeable baggy clothes such as tracksuits with theirhoodies up as this helped to represent them as troublemakers as hoodies are banned from many areas such asshops, which help to protect their identity.

    What role does mise-en-scene, acting, dialogue, musicand style of camera work play in the creation of realism?

    In our film we did not use dialogue as we wanted theaudience to focus on the characters actions so they couldrelate to them.

    Our film contains a few close ups to help the audiencerealise what characters were connected to one another in thefilm.

    The music in our film helps to represent the teenagers asit causes a tense atmosphere which could help the audienceto foreshadow and think that there is build up to a tensesituation. Thus, representing teenagers to be troublesome.

    The mise-en-scene is relatively simple however effective asthis area was easily dominated by our characters, whichshows the thug like culture.

  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    What kind of media institution might distribute your film and why?

    Distributor- Our group would say that the UK Film Council would be suitable to distributeour film because films that are produced by this company usually have cultural aspects andour film contains gang culture.

    Exhibitor- I would suggest that our film would be exhibited in known cinemas such as

    Odeon, Empire and VU which is the largest chain of cinemas in Europe.

    Retailer- I would say that our film should be able to be bought in entertainment storessuch as HMV, Zavvi, Blockbusters and Virgin.

    Regulators- The BBFC would have to rate our film as our film may contain gang culture andviolence plus it is aimed at teenagers/young adults, therefore it would contain certain scenesthat would be unsuitable for children. We suggested that our film would be best rated as a15.

  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    Who would be the audience for your media product?

    Many people are familiar with the concepts of a teen drama,however, our research revealed that that aged 15-25 enjoyedwatched teen drama movies the most, hence the audiencemainly being those aged between 15-25.

    Also, as our final product was directed, planned, edited and

    recorded by teenagers our group knew what would interest theteenage audience, so we included aspects of our genre thatwould grab their attention more than any other age group.

    Plus, as our audience was in the same age range it was easier

    for our group to get feedback on what would need to bechanged or altered in our final product as our audience wereeasy for us to get in contact with.

    However, the audience would need to be that of 15-25because the film consists of violence and strong language.

  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    How did you address/attract your audience?

    The group as a whole decided to name the film StreetCrush, and we agreed that it attracted teenagers as weassociate the word street with gangs and troublesometeenagers. Therefore the title of our film helped us toattract our audience.

    We also tried to attract our teenage audience byhaving our establishing shot in the basketball courts asthis is where people often see teenage boy gangs hanging

    out. The establishing shot also shows that the area issomewhat run down. This we thought would attract ourchosen audience.

    Also, the close up of the accessories such as perfumeand make up that was situated in the teenage girls roomhelped to attract the teenage audience as theaccessories would apply to them.

    The appearance of the characters used was something

    that definitely attracted the teenage audience becausethey were of the same age, plus the style of how thewere dressed was of stereotypical teenagers.

    The personalities of the characters were not releasedthrough dialogue, only by actions, so by showing how thecharacters were acting like typical teenagers helped toaddress the audience more so, as they would do similarthings that they would.

  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing your film?

    By constructing our film, we learnthow to use new technologies that we didnot know how to use before. Forexample, we discovered how to use acamcorder and tripod. We found outthat the tripod was a vital piece ofequipment for constructing our film as

    some of the shots, such as theestablishing shot, would not have beenable to have taken place. Plus the tripodhelped to regulate the continuity in ourcamera angles/shots/movement.

    We also learnt how to

    use Imovie on the Maccomputers. We learnt howto add transitions, how toedit sound and add music,we even learnt how to cropand alter the length of eachscene.

  • 8/14/2019 5 Fredericks Laura 3265


    Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you havelearnt in the progression from it to the full product?

    I feel that the preliminary task has taught the group how to make ourshooting techniques the best as possible because now we know how tomake the best of shot reverse shots and our environment. It hasobviously also taught us when to use the 180 degree rule.

    The more we moved on to making our final product, the more we usedthe correct shooting techniques, at times it was even unconsciously fromwhere it came so natural to us. We knew how to make the shots look attheir absolute best.

    Also, by doing the preliminary task, this helped us to get an idea ofhow to use the Mac computers and the programme Imovie. Withouthaving the preliminary task as a warm up, we as a group would have foundit a tad harder to get to grips with Imovie. By doing the preliminary taskwe learnt how to cut, trim, show continuity in terms of editing, addingand removing sound and how to use and add in the transitions.

    Another thing that the preliminary task helped us with was getting touse the camcorder and tripod. By having a preliminary task, we learnthow to get the different angles we wanted in time for our final product.

    Overall, I do believe that the preliminary task helped to give ourgroup a head start with all the equipment so that our final product wasable to have a better outcome than our preliminary task. By the results,Im sure many people would also agree that our final product is more

    professional than our preliminary task.

    This diagram shows theaxis between twocharacters and the 180degree arc on whichcameras may bepositioned (green). Whencutting from the greenarc to the red,characters must switchplaced on the screen.

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