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HobbiesA. Look at the pictures and answer the questions.

B. Choose 5 activities from the part A and discuss with your friends about tools that are needed in each activitiy.

playing chessswimmingplaying basket

playing soccersingingreading

playing kiteslistening to musicbaking cake

playing badmintonskateboardingdancing ballet

Choose the correct answers in Simple Present.

she to come to the party?

a. Did wantb. does wantsc. Does want

Alicia a plate of chicken teriyaki tonight.

a. prepareb. preparesc. preparing

We the volley competition every year.

a. joinb. joinsc. joined

They the homework together.

a. Dont dob. arent doingc. didnt do

Julian and Garry their father every day?

a. Does helpb. does helpsc. do help

Olive her teeth every day and night.

a. brushingb. Brushesc. brushed

Billy cartoon on tv every day.

a. doesnt watchesb. didnt watchesc. doesnt watch

Amanda and her brother a big beautiful garden near our house.

a. haveb. hasc. had

Fill in the blanks with the correct sentence using simple present.

Sarah _____________ (like) to play piano.

I _____________ (not/ like) to go fishing.

_____ they ________ (practice) badminton every day?

Sam and his friends always _____________ (watch) movies together.

What _____ we ________ (need) to go swimming?

Gabby _____________ (not/ like) to dance but she _____________ (be) interested in singing.

_____ you ________ (feel) cold? This ice ring is so cold.

She _____________ (not/ stop) practicing because she _____________ (have) a chess competition tomorrow.

Julian and his dad _____________ (go) swimming every Sunday morning.

_____ Olive ________ (know) how to play golf?

Correct the following sentences into the correct Simple Present sentences.

Mariana loved to bake cakes.


Paolo and Michael doing sport on weekend.


On Sunday, Justin play soccer with his friends.


We needs some sugar, some eggs, and some powder to bake a cake.


Does they loves to play badminton?


Lets invites Shane to watch movie.


Eric dont play basket. He is playing chess.


I didnt likes reading. Its so boring.


Does she likes to listen to music?


Bryan and I often practices piano every afternoon.