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  • Ira R. Pit eld, Jr., DDS Family Dentistry101 Smart Place, Slidell


    Complete Cleaning Exam & X-Rays

    (Reg. Price: $207)New Patients Only


    Offer Expires Sept. 1, 2012

    (A $300 Value)

    Offer Expires Sept. 1, 2012

    when paying $207

    for complete cleaning

    exam and X-rays.

    New Patients Only


    Services:Bridges Crowns


    Implant DentistryTeeth Whitening


    nts of

    Dr. Ira Pitfield, Jr.

  • magazine

    This summer was different, however. Im not sure if its because I took the time to search out things to do, or just because I was more open to new experiences, or if there was just simply MORE to do than I remember from summers past.

    Whatever the reason, I had an awesome summer attending plays from Slidell Little Theatre and comedy shows and plays at Cutting Edge Theatre, both of which now hold permanent places on Slidell Magazines Calendar of Events. While visiting the Slidell Library, I listened to music and sat in with a Storytime. I beat the

    EditorsLetterBy Kendra Maness

    Slidell Magazine

    Kendra Maness - Editor/PublisherEditor@SlidellMag.com

    Graphics: Alan LossettPhotography: ImkePhoto.com

    Contributing Writers:Alex Carollo

    Dane KennedyNancy Richardson

    The Storyteller, John Case Storyteller@SlidellMag.comJockularity, Corey Hogue Jockularity@SlidellMag.comPet Points, Jeff Perret, DVM DrJeff@SlidellMag.comFrankly Slidell, Frank Davis www.FrankDavis.comFood Spy FoodSpyOfSlidell@SlidellMag.com

    This summer, I really invested time in expanding the Calendar of Events in Slidell Magazine to include just about any and all things to do and enjoy around Slidell. It wasnt ALL work in researching and compiling the different events of our area, I found some really exciting and cool things right here in Slidell. I had a great time while producing (what I hope to be) a great community events calendar for everyone to enjoy. What a deal!

    Prime cultural seasons each year are March - April and September - October (logically based around our local weather). The City of Slidells LPO Concert, Arts Evening and Bayou Jam concerts keep us hopping in the Spring and Fall. There are charity events and fundraising banquets, dances, and parties just about every weekend. The summer was always the off-season. Events, particularly cultural events, were not a summertime mainstay. Whether it was because of summertime family travels or just pure exhaustion from the heat, attendance at cultural events was minimal at best.


    PO Box 4147 Slidell, LA 70459www.SlidellMag.com 985-789-0687

    heat with a guided tour through the City of Slidell Museum. I attended numerous art shows, all free to the public, compliments of the City of Slidell. I jammed to blues, reggae, calypso and folk music courtesy of our local bars and lounges. I ate the best food imaginable at two new area restaurants.

    I took some out-of-town friends on a sight seeing tour of Slidell, where we visited the bayou area and the Bayou Bonfouca Marina. The boats and their owners are as eclectic and diverse as youll nd in any artists community. Coincidentally, while at the marina, I stopped for my visitors to take pictures of the Dont Feed The Alligators sign thats posted at the entrance. Just 5 minutes later, we saw an alligator happily oating his way through the channels of the bayou. Ive lived here my whole life and have only seen a live alligator in the wild maybe twice. Fate was smiling on me that day. They were thrilled, and I will forever be known as the best tour guide EVER.

    The City of Slidells Annual Cultural Arts calendar is our centerfold this month. Im darn proud of our nationally recognized, award-winning Cultural Arts Department. Their events totally rock, I never miss one! Check out their calendar, as well as the Slidell Magazine Calendar of Events, to see and enjoy all of the wonderful experiences Slidell has in store for you too!

    What a summer!Jockularity, Corey Hogue

    Kendra with Vince Vance at the 2012 New Orleans Legends Rock-N-Bowl Concert

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  • e f oPerson of the Month

    Extraordinarily FacinatingOrdinary


    by Nancy Richardson

    This months EFO Person goes against the rules Ive set for our monthly EFOP. Originally, I had intended that an EFOP not hold an elected of ce, board position, or appear in any Society sections basically, an ordinary person who does extraordinary things.When Slidell Magazines contributing writer, Nancy Richardson, approached me with her choice for Augusts EFOP, Sharron Newton, I was elatedbut cautious. Sharron DOES

    hold board positions, shes all over the society sections, and even has her likeness permanently remembered on a mural painting by artist Lori Gomez in Olde Towne.

    Heres the kicker: Sharron Newton is RETIRED. Shes a full-time philanthropist. The board positions, the community activism, the endless work she does in Slidell and throughout the world all VOLUNTEER. The reason we see Sharron in the newspapers, on board listings for numerous charities, and

    EVERYWHERE is because she is a tireless advocate for all that is good and wonderful. Extraordinary, indeed. I am honored to have Sharron Newton as Augusts EFO Person and as my friend.

    Send us your submissions!Email me at

    Editor@SlidellMag.com and tell me about an ordinary person that you nd

    Extraordinarily Fascinating.

    Sharron NewtonAugust 2012

    Words to describe this months EFOP, Sharron Newton: Tolerant, vivacious, committed, funny, dedicated, insightful, serious. Shes all of these things - but at her core, shes ful lled. She understands people, having learned about them from her many travels, as a child and as an adult. Growing up as a child of the military (her father was Air Force) and living in many different places around the world, Sharrons life has included travel, which taught her that cultures may be different from hers, but that doesnt make them better or worsejust different. She also learned that change is good and desirable, at least for her. In spite of all the problems the US has, we still live in one of the best countries in the world. In even the poorest countries, like some shes seen along the Amazon River, people who live without electricity, phones, internet, etc. would seem to be poor, but Sharron nds that they have

    pride and are happy. They dont have material things, but they dont seem to notice. They are just happy!

    A lot of Sharrons adult traveling came as a result of her meeting and marrying her husband, Bill. I had just graduated from LSU School of Nursing, was on a date with a friend of Bills at a bar in old Metairie back in the 70s. A mutual friend introduced them and, as they shook hands, it was like Love American style, with stars all over the place. It was as if it was a ve minute handshake, muses Sharron. Bills date claimed that she and Bill were in love, so Sharron didnt think the stars were mutual. It took Bill two months to nally call Sharron, after rst checking with their mutual friend to be sure there wasnt anything going on there. He was such a gentleman! brags Sharron, That was in June and we were married in November. That was 39 years ago.

    The Newton family travels began a month after their wedding, when Bills company moved them to San Francisco. Their only child was born there. We spent almost 20 years all together in San Francisco, so its the closest thing to home, says Sharron.

    Besides travel, nursing provided a major outlet for Sharrons need for ful llment. I never wanted to be a nurse. I knew nothing about nursing. Early on, Sharron says she thought she might have liked to be a pediatrician, but she also wanted to be a mom. At that time, I didnt think I had time to do both well. A friend suggested she look at the nursing curriculum. And once she started nursing, she loved it. I never looked back. I really believe that we are all here to do something, and I feel very fortunate to have found something to provide ful llment of my needs.


  • Sharron receives the Sustainer of Rotary Award from 2011 Rotary District Governor Dick McCarthy


    I did Hospice nursing for a number of years and people think thats depressing, but I believe its just the opposite. Death is a part of life. But when its a child thats dying, she says the entire family is hurting and she can get ful llment from helping them through it. Its just not the order of things we expect.

    The Newtons moved around a lot with Bills business which provided multiple opportunities for different kinds of nursing. She worked at a Shriners Hospital in San Francisco where she was exposed to surgery and operating rooms. In Loma Linda, California, she worked at a pediatric hospital; in Davenport, Iowa, she taught at the school of nursing.

    Joining Rotary gave Sharron the opportunity for travel while utilizing her nursing skills as well. While President of the Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise (California), Sharron had the opportunity to lead a group of young professionals on a month-long adventure called a Group Study Exchange (GSE) to Australia. Since then, she has also led other groups to the Netherlands and to Italy, where she has family.

    Sharron divides travel into 2 types: educ