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Text of 24 Hr. Rec. Message 1-800-230-6266 SIMPLE FREEDOM! ** NOT MLM – MLM Has Cancer. Just Free...

  • 24 Hr. Rec. Message 1-800-230-6266 ______________________________________



    How Simple Messages Turn into Rivers of Cash Flow

    (freedom for you inside)

    Learn How To Find 100s of People Who Are Already Thinking Similar Thoughts And Make

    $150-$500 a day Sharing This Booklet...

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    How This Booklet Makes You Money

    _____________________________________ 1. Read this booklet over. Most tell us they read this 5-6 times. 2. Call me if you have any questions: Franco 760-271-2810 (CA) 3. Tell me who gave you this booklet (their website is on booklet)… 4. Share This Booklet So You Can Earn $1,000+ Per Week.

    It's so simple & so obvious, but people miss it…

    You're about to learn about the most amazingly simple way to make an extra $250-$1,500 a week from home. Specially designed for every day, very busy people who don't have time to take on complicated drama. This is simple and fast. ** YES! This is for busy people! ** NO Expensive “Getting Started” Fees. Anyone can start. ** NOT MLM – MLM Has Cancer. Just Free Enterprise. ** MASTER COPY of this booklet to duplicate (make sales). ** Private Leads and Advertising Resources. ** Passive & Residual Income. Work Today Pays For Years. ** Everybody is Looking For Ways To Make Extra Money. ** Use This Booklet to Make $1,000 per week!

    24 HOUR RECORDED REVIEW: 800-230-6266 Visit the Website on this Booklet!

  • Secret Revealed: Why This Works…

    The Billion Dollar Home Business Industry: Millions of people are spending Billions worldwide online. They also are looking for ways to make extra money from home. Our private home business club teaches people exactly what to do. Our powerful home business program earns people thousands in profits every month. The Simple Freedom Inner Circle: A private club of entrepreneurs that hold member’s only training and mastermind calls and teach how to make money from home, making it simple to attract people and earn multiple income streams without any complicated methods. ** The easiest home business you will ever find. ** Part Time or Full Time. As Flexible as You Want. ** Simple Marketing Tools & Tactics Anyone Can Do. ** MASTER-COPY of this booklet. Copy and make sales. ** FREE Training and We Close Your Sales. ** 24/7 Presentation System + Offline + Online + Global.

    A Simple Way To OWN YOUR LIFE Again!

    Most People Who Read This Book and Can Actually See Themselves Making $10,000 to $15,000 in The

    Next 90 Days - Do This and Get Paid:

    1. Make copies and mail this booklet to people you know. 2. Make copies and leave this in stores. 3. Mail booklet to leads you capture online. 4. The booklet takes all the rejection. It works 24/7. 5. Don’t explain this to anyone. Only for people who “get it.” 6. Most people want a fun, simple way to earn a second income. 7. We teach marketing and free enterprise.

    Get Started. Keep it Simple. Make Money!

    What if... Just Think, What if?

  • What if what we sell here is legitimately incredible and you discovered that this system changed people’s lives? What then? What if while you were living your life as usual, you earned 100% Commissions, $600 per week here simply by sharing this booklet? What then? What if you went about your day and did what you normally do but you mailed 25 of these booklets each week to leads that we supplied you with and you made an extra $600 to $1,000? What if there was no confusing website to manage or anything time consuming... and all this was... was about getting this single booklet into as many hands as you could? What then? What if there was a mastermind support club such as ours where there were average people from all walks of life earning $1,000’s per week and you could associate with them via conference calls and webinars? Would that benefit you? What if now, through our system, you would have a product that made you a nice chunk of extra money on the side (100% Commissions!) and you never had to explain anything, make deliveries or do anything but circulate this book? What if you discovered that money is all around you and money is everywhere and your life changed virtually within days? What if you study this booklet, join and make money?

    Make Copies of this Booklet + Circulate = Simple Money!

  • Money is Everywhere... Prosperity is All Around You! Money is everywhere and Prosperity is all around us and those of us who agree with that notion tend to gather more money from more people. Most average people have a belief that money is a “job” or a position. That’s not true. Others like me, have the belief that “LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE” are financial freedom and so those believers of prosperity sit among many people and then collect money from crowds of like-minds. Here’s what I mean... Why did Tony Robbins have late night TV commercials and sell his $177 audio CD Personal Power Program? Because he knew other people were thinking the same thoughts as he was. Why did I create my prosperity courses and write this booklet? Because money is everywhere and I knew other people – not a job – were thinking exactly as I was. Some people "argue" with this amazing concept and choose to stand before an employer and ask, “My title and education is worth $62,000 annually, are you hiring?” Others with a higher belief stand alone and speak their desire into society and wait for other people to agree with them (wow). Money is everywhere and sits within the pockets of other people. It’s a choice. You can decide to think scarcity and only ask one person (hi boss!) for income or you can circulate your INTENTION into society and wait for others who were thinking just as you were, to raise their hands and say: “Yes, I was thinking that too! Can I buy a ticket and watch?”

    “What You Give Away, You Always Get To Keep.”

    Join Today and Make Money! 800-230-6266 (24 Hour Recorded)

  • How Simple Messages Turn Into Cash

    Everyone likes to think out loud and it’s even better when you can speak what you think – and other people think with you and then they add their thoughts to what you already said you believed. They call that “having a conversation!” Most people however, only have those conversations in small tiny little groups. They do that at the bowling alley, at their family weekend BBQ and they text each other... one at a time! Then there are some people who decided to have those thoughts publicly and speak to thousands and even millions at a time. What was the Oprah Winfrey TV show but just a few people chatting about a book with 7 Million people a week eavesdropping? Wow! What is the Jay Leno show or American Idol but a few people sharing an idea back and forth with an audience who pays to watch? Back in the mid-nineties there was a famous mail-order full page ad that ran in work-from-home entrepreneur magazines. The headline was, “How I Make $1,000 a Day in My Underwear.” Sounds stupid, right? Well guess what? I bought that little nutty $15 course from its creator and in that little course he explained his genius mail-order techniques and even showed bank statements that proved he made not $1,000 a day, but often $5,000! How? Because his “front-end” $15 course was simply a hook to get guys like me to order his $600 package. Of which I did. This booklet works.

  • Stories. Conversations. Simple Messages Made Johnny Carson Famous His Secret? All he did was start with a belief that other people would be thinking what he was and he placed ads that collected the energy – “money” – from those people who wanted to extend that conversation and who trusted him enough with $15 bucks. PS, and by the way... his $600 course taught me so well that I used what I learned to build a monster sized home business. And all because I was open enough to trust a stupid ad that said anyone could actually earn $1,000 per day sitting home in their underwear! And that is EXACTLY what the system we sell is all about. The “how to” and “why to” of how to think, how to market and how to draw big crowds who want to send you money and buy whatever you are selling. And guess what? There are MILLIONS of people like us who want to have that conversation. Just google and search on these words to prove it to yourself, “make money from home” or google the words “home based business” or “attraction marketing.”

    At last count, there were over 4,780,000 on my name alone.

    That proves once again, there are hundreds of thousands of people having the SAME THOUGHT as you and if you place an offer in front of them, to think more richly with you, they will pay you for that pleasure. Why else would people pile into my live conference calls? Why else would people be making money sharing this booklet?

    People who think what you’re thinking will pay you!

  • Money is ALL OVER The Place! 24 Hour Recorded: 800-230-6266


    4.4 Million Books It’s Just a Simple Message. A Conversation.

    Like her... don’t like her... TV Food Network legend Rachael Ray with her “30 Minute Meals” sold 4.4 million books in 2008. Her secret? Simple. She sat on TV and chatted about fast meals. She created attr