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Sedona Arts Center is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning and sharing through arts education and artistic development.


<ul><li><p>School Catalog Spring 2015</p><p>S c h o o l o f t h e A r t s | G a l l e r y | E v e n t s</p></li><li><p>2 SEDONA AR TS CENTER . 888-954-4442 . 928-282-3809</p><p>Dive into Creativity!Each of the diverse experiences offered here is an opportunity for creative immersion with experienced instructors of national reputation. Participation will inform your life and your art long after the workshop is over. </p><p>PhotoFest 2015 This years PhotoFest has a distinctly figurative theme featuring a Keynote presentation by internationally recognized photographer, Joyce Tenneson. The program includes presentations by Seth Casteel (Underwater Dogs) and celebrity photographer Bradley Buckman. The second day of PhotoFest focuses on fashion and photography. See Page 11.</p><p>Master Artist Foundations Kurt Wenner is known worldwide for his public art highly illusionistic and interactive. Join Kurt this spring for a series of workshops that provide a full grounding in the powerful language of classical art. Suitable for all artists of any level. See Page 4. </p><p>Fabulous Field Expeditions Field Expeditions are carefully designed by instructors who are perfectly suited to provide the richest experience at that location. These are truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. See Page 5.</p><p>The Spirit of Sedona and 12x12 Fundraiser Join us in June for two special events. For the 12x12 fundraiser (June 12), nearly 100 artists have donated their work to benefit the Sedona Arts Centers programming! The Spirit of Sedona (June 1314), is a campus-wide celebration of the arts featuring demonstrations, exhibitions and cross pollination between art forms. See more about this immersive weekend on Page 9.</p><p>Summer Camps: Filmmaking and Visual Arts Youth ages 813 will be able to participate in morning film camps, afternoon visual arts camps or BOTH for a complete two-week immersion in the arts. Offered in June and again in July. See Page 15.</p><p>You are guaranteed to find enriching experiences on the following pages. Dont miss out!</p><p>Vince Fazio Director, School of the Arts</p><p>15 Art Barn Road | P.O. Box 569 Sedona, AZ 86339 928.282.3809 | 888.954.4442sac@sedonaartscenter.orgSedonaArtsCenter.org </p><p>BOARD OF DIRECTORSDavid Simmer, PresidentKath Gilliam, Vice PresidentJim Peterson, TreasurerLewis Guthrie, SecretaryRenata BarnwellJohn HeyerKathy LevinSonya MalkhassianDennis OttHolli Ploog Edwin WadeCharlie Wolter</p><p>STAFF Pam Frazier, Executive Director </p><p>Vince Fazio, Director, School of the Arts </p><p>Shirley Eichten Albrecht, Gallery Director </p><p>Debbie Winslow, Education Operations Director </p><p>Kelli Klymenko, Marketing Director </p><p>Liz Gregg, Finance Manager </p><p>Joseph Schibler, Facilities Manager </p><p>Sharon Manzke, Membership Coordinator</p><p>Cyndi Thau, Assistant Gallery Manager</p><p>Daina Hakes, Administrative Assistant</p><p>OUR MISSIONThe Sedona Arts Center is a nonprofit educational institution dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning and sharing through arts education and artistic development.</p><p>SCHOLARSHIPSThe Sedona Arts Centers mission is served by helping emerging artistsachieve their goals. The Kling Family Foundation and Gretchen Lopez scholarship funds are availablefor students demonstrating financial need. Contact us for more informationor find our scholarship application at SedonaArtsCenter.org/School/ScholarshipApp.html.</p><p>Photo creditsFront Cover: Clockwise from top Left, Joyce Tenneson, Bruce Gomez, Jerry Hendershot, Kurt Wenner, Bill Cramer</p><p>Back Cover: L to R, Ken Rowe, Robert Albrecht, Jane Newman, Jeff Perkins, Elaine Belvin, Christie Palmer</p></li><li><p>SedonaArtsCenter.org 3</p><p>PROUD MEMBER OF:Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits</p><p>North America Reciprocal Museum Association</p><p>Sedona Chamber of Commerce</p><p>Sedona Culture Collaborative</p><p>Sedona Events Alliance</p><p>Sedona Gallery Association</p><p>Sedona Main Street Program</p><p>Verde Valley Wine Consortium</p><p>Chronological Workshop ListingFeb 1415, 2015 Colored Pencil Richard Drayton 6</p><p>Mar 913, 2015 The Head Examined Catherine Kehoe 6</p><p>Mar 1415, 2015 Colored Pencil Richard Drayton 6</p><p>Mar 1618, 2015 Emphasizing Abstraction Stuart Shils 6</p><p>Mar 2022, 2015 Perceptual Moment Stuart Shils 8 </p><p>Mar 2022, 2015 Altered Forms Jerry Hendershot 12</p><p>Mar 2728, 2015 Clay Monotype Mitch Lyons 12 </p><p>Apr 35, 2015 The Creative Soul 6 instructors 6</p><p>Apr 610, 2015 San Francisco Randall Sexton 5</p><p>Apr 10 12, 2015 Paper Painting Elizabeth Nelson 6</p><p>Apr 11, 2015 iPhoneography Kelli Klymenko 10</p><p>Apr 1112, 2015 Sedona Plein Air Bill Cramer 8</p><p>Apr 1315, 2015 Perspective/Illusion Kurt Wenner 4</p><p>Apr 17 21, 2015 Classical Drawing Kurt Wenner 4</p><p>Apr 1819, 2015 Nature Journal Elaine Hultgren 6</p><p>Apr 1920, 2015 Plein Air Sedona Tracey Frugoli 8</p><p>Apr 19 &amp; 26, 2015 Creative Firings Dennis Ott 12</p><p>Apr 2022, 2015 Watercolor Drybrush Elaine Hultgren 7</p><p>Apr 2325, 2015 Materials/Grounds Kurt Wenner 4</p><p>Apr 2526, 2015 Colored Pencil Richard Drayton 6</p><p>Apr 27May 1, 2015 Human Stories Bryan Reinhart 10</p><p>Apr 27May 1, 2015 Master Painting Kurt Wenner 4</p><p>Apr 29May 1, 2015 The Modern Landscape Alisson/Jacob Hessler 11</p><p>May 1, 2015 iPhoneography Kelli Klymenko 10</p><p>May 1, 2015 Photographing the Soul Joyce Tennyson 11</p><p>May 24, 2015 Perspective/Illusion Kurt Wenner 4</p><p>May 3, 2015 PhotoFest Seminars 4 instructors 11</p><p>May 4, 2015 The Nude in the Landscape Scott Stulberg 11</p><p>May 5, 2015 Photoshop/Photographers Scott Stulberg 11</p><p>May 4, 2015 Taking Successful Headshots Brad Buckman 11</p><p>May 45, 2015 Photo-synthesis Bob Coates 11</p><p>May 810, 2015 Pastel Plein Air Bruce Gomez 8</p><p>May 910, 2015 Colored Pencil Richard Drayton 6 </p><p>May 1114, 2015 Texture/Color/Feeling Jan Sitts 7</p><p>May 14 16, 2015 Sedona Plein Air Josh Clare 8</p><p>May 1517, 2015 Drawing Crash Course Vince Fazio 7</p><p>May 16 19, 2015 The World of Encaustics Laura Moriarty 7 </p><p>May 1620, 2015 Blue Ridge Mountains David Santillanes 5 </p><p>May 1822, 2015 The Joy of Painting Abbey Ryan 7</p><p>May 2325, 2015 The Creative Soul 6 instructors 6</p><p>May 2630, 2015 Figurative Retreat Robert Burridge 7</p><p>Jun 15, 2015 The Fine Artist Video Bryan Reinhart 10</p><p>Jun 6, 2015 iPhoneography Kelli Klymenko 10</p><p>Jun 812, 2015 Sculpting in the Wild Ken Rowe 5</p><p>Jun 1012, 2015 Study to Studio Lori Putnam 8</p><p>Jun 2021, 2015 Colored Pencil Richard Drayton 6</p><p>Jul 1819, 2015 Colored Pencil Richard Drayton 6</p><p>Jul 27Aug 21, 2015 Guerrilla Filmmaking Bryan Reinhart 10</p><p>Aug 2930, 2015 Colored Pencil Richard Drayton 6</p><p>Sep 1921 2015 Capitol Reef David Santillanes 5</p><p>Sep 28Oct 9, 2015 Italy: An Inquiry Stuart Shils 5</p><p>May 1220, 2016 Grand Canyon DeLong, Cramer 5</p><p>School of the Arts Spring 2015Whats Inside</p><p> Kurt Wenner page 4 </p><p> Field Expeditions page 5</p><p> Painting/Drawing/Mixed Media page 67</p><p> Plein Air page 8</p><p> 12x12 &amp; Spirit of Sedona page 9</p><p> Digital Media &amp; Filmmaking page 10</p><p> PhotoFest &amp; Photography page 11</p><p> Ceramics page 12</p><p> Registration/Policies/Travel page 12</p><p> Ongoing Weekly Classes page 13</p><p> Summer Camps page 13</p><p> Donors/Partners page 14</p><p> Membership page 15</p></li><li><p>4 SEDONA AR TS CENTER . 888-954-4442 . 928-282-3809</p><p>Old Master/New MasterKurt Wenner Apr 27May 1, 2015</p><p>Old masters achieved astonishing depth and subtlety of color using a limited selec-tion of pigments and layering translucent colors in a process known as glazing. Learn how old masters painting tech-niques actually simplify the painting pro-cess by limiting the number of decisions artists must make. </p><p>Open to all levels Tuition: $1,500* </p><p>MA</p><p>STER</p><p> ART</p><p>IST </p><p>FOU</p><p>ND</p><p>ATIO</p><p>NS</p><p>KURT WENNER is an American artist with an international following. Best known for his invention of 3-D interactive art, he us passionate about the importance of classicism and is devoted to bringing the tradition back to light. Wenner has received the Kennedy Center Medallion in recognition of his outstanding contribution to arts education and his artwork has been the subject of an award-winning National Geographic documentary. </p><p>The four courses offered here can be taken as effective stand-alone workshops or, if taken as a 3-week series, the courses create a complete grounding in the classical tradition. The entire program of four courses can either start or end with the Perspective and Illusion workshop. </p><p>* NOTE: Register for all four workshops and receive a 15% discount on the total tuition. Please call to enroll in the complete Foundations program. All materials are included.</p><p>Perspective and IllusionKurt Wenner Apr 1315 or May 24, 2015</p><p>Illusion is the magic of art, while perspective is the organization of form and space from one unique point of view. You will learn how artists manipulate perspective by using techniques that range from simple and effective, to complex and extraordinary. Wenner will demonstrate the essentials of geometry and perspective with a variety of hands-on exercises.</p><p>Open to all levels Tuition: $900* </p><p>Classical DrawingKurt Wenner Apr 1521, 2015</p><p>Great drawings of the Renaissance have astounding beauty and ability to communicate. Wenner will explain and demonstrate the visual language of classical drawing. A set of specially designed exercises will guide you from basic to advanced drawing as you learn how to use this elegant language of form, proportion, light and space. </p><p>Open to all levels Tuition: $1,500* </p><p>The Ideal PaletteKurt Wenner Apr 2325, 2015</p><p>Learn the physical nature of pigment, paint and color use, and how to construct an ideal palette that maximizes your artistic potential and how paints and grounds can be made by hand to achieve effects that are superior to commercially available materials, and more economical.</p><p>Oil/Open to all levels Tuition: $900* </p></li><li><p>SedonaArtsCenter.org 5</p><p>Italy: An Inquiry into Form Stuart Shils Sep 28Oct 9, 2015An intimate group of visual pilgrims will engage in perceptual indulgence and extended conversation about the art and architecture of Italy, balancing indoor and outdoor experiences in Rome, Sienna, Assisi, with selected museums as centerpieces. Tuition includes travel round-trip from New York City, plus lodging and two meals a day. </p><p>Drawing experience required Tuition: $7,000 Deposit: $1,500</p><p>Blue Ridge MountainsDavid Santillanes May 1620, 2015Mountain Springs Cabins will be our base camp for day trips to paint Blue Ridge Mountain panoramas, waterfalls and the vast Biltmore Estate. Through demonstrations and individual attention, this plein air workshop focuses on composition and capturing depth. Tuition includes 6 nights lodging, continental breakfast daily, two dinners and all ground transportation.</p><p>Oil/experience required Tuition: $1,700 Deposit: $500</p><p>Capitol Reef NP, UtahDavid Santillanes Sep 1921, 2015Capitol Reef National Park in Utah offers an extraordinary landscape of tilted planes and canyons. Dave will guide students in capturing the formations and atmospheric perspective for which this terrain is known. Demonstrations will round out this three-day immersion. Tuition includes four nights lodging. </p><p>Oil/experience required Tuition: $900 Deposit: $500</p><p>Painting the Grand CanyonCody DeLong &amp; Bill Cramer May 1220, 2016This 226-mile river journey through the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime plein air experience. Capture morning and afternoon light in camp then travel downriver at midday. Camps selected for their exquisite views, with layovers at two exceptional sites. Paint on your own or opt for instruction with two premier painters of the Canyon.</p><p>Oil/intermediate to advanced Tuition: $3,400 Deposit: $500</p><p>West Yellowstone Ken Rowe June 812, 2015This exciting workshop will simplify the process of sculpting animals from life. Students will be shown how to build accurate armatures for birds and mammals. Then using live reference (bison, wolf, bear) students will sculpt their individual pieces as Ken demonstrates how to see and map the way to a completed field study.</p><p>Sculpture/Open to all levels Tuition: $900 plus $250 materials fee Deposit: $500</p><p>Painting San FranciscoRandall Sexton Apr 610, 2015How can we balance the abstract structure of an image with its narrative detail to make our paintings their own complete worlds? Well explore this theme through the rich subject matter of San Francisco. Students will work from their own reference photos with access to a media station to enable digital photo optimization, cropping and printing.</p><p>Oil/experience requiredTuition: $900 Deposit: $500</p><p>FIELD EXPED</p><p>ITION</p><p>S</p></li><li><p>6 SEDONA AR TS CENTER . 888-954-4442 . 928-282-3809</p><p>The Head ExaminedCatherine Kehoe Mar 913, 2015Catherine Kehoes workshop takes a reductive approach to painting the head, experimenting with how little information is necessary. By eschewing formulas in favor of fierce looking, we investigate whether translating the head into simple, accurate shapes of color and value can create a truer likeness than a detailed description. </p><p>Oil/some experience preferred Tuition: $625</p><p>Colored Pencil AdventureRichard Drayton Feb 1415; Mar 1415; Apr 2526; May 910; Jun 2021; Jul 27Aug 21Award winning artist Richard Drayton will guide students through step-by-step techniques and demonstrations with Prismacolor Art Pencils that will result in rich blended color and exciting composition and design. Participants may use their own photographic reference or reference provided by the instructor.</p><p>Colored pencil/all levels Tuition: $300</p><p>Paper PaintingElizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson Apr 1012, 2015Learn a unique figurative technique using underpainting and collage. Working with photographic reference, students will explore drawing, composition, proportion, value, color and collage application. Emphasis will be on developing form using light and shadow, just like in traditional painting techniques.</p><p>Collage/all levels Tuition: $400</p><p>Emphasizing AbstractionStuart Shils Mar 1618, 2015This workshop moves through a guided series of exercises to understand that abstractioncomposition with color and shapeis the foundation, the great engine behind all painting. Emphasis on drawing interpretively from the images of the Masters, using crayons and graphite to complement our examination of form with paints.</p><p>Mixed media/master level intensive Tuition: $875</p><p>The Creative SoulMultiple Instructors Apr 35; Apr 2325, 2015Over a three-day period, experience six different art mediums, each with its own creative energy and taught by a different artist: artistic journaling, ceramics, collage, photography, mask-making and jewelry. Aspects of these projects cross-pollinate to become a path of unique connections for each individual. All materials included.</p><p>Multiple mediums/all levels Tuition: $675</p><p>PAIN</p><p>TIN</p><p>G, D</p><p>RAW</p><p>ING</p><p> &amp; M</p><p>IXED</p><p> MED</p><p>IA</p><p>Nature JournalingElaine Hultgren Apr 1819, 2015In her signature workshop, this award-winning artist will demonstrate a variety of drawing and annotation techniques, guiding you through step-by-step instruction from first stroke to finished sketch. Your field kit of tools includes graphite and watercolor pencils to be explored within a 4 x 6-inch sketchbook, all included in the class fee. </p><p>Pencil &amp; watercolor / all levels Tuition: $275</p></li><li><p>SedonaArtsCenter.org 7</p><p>PAINTING, DRAWING &amp; M</p><p>IXED MEDIA</p><p>Exca...</p></li></ul>