2013 - 23 April - St George Great Martyr

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Greek Orthodox Christian Festal Matins Service of St George the Great Martyr on 23 April 2013 - before Holy Pascha.


<p>Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria &amp; All Africa</p> <p>By the Grace of GodCOMPILED, ADAPTED, EDITED &amp; PRINTED BY MARGUERITE PAIZIS ARCHONDISSA &amp; TEACHER BY DIVINE GRACE GREEK ORTHODOX PATRIARCHATE OF ALEXANDRIA &amp; ALL AFRICA ARCHDIOCESE OF GOOD HOPE HOLY CHURCH OF THE DORMITION OF THE MOTHER OF GOD PO BOX 28348 SUNRIDGE PARK 6008 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA writers@telkomsa.net or marguerite.paizis@gmail.comOR DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY FROM</p> <p>Matins Service23 April 2013(BEFORE HOLY PASCHA)</p> <p>St GeorgeG r e a tt M a r tty r &amp; T r o p h y B e a r e r Grea Mar yr &amp; Trophy Bearer</p> <p> M A RG UERITE P AIZIS</p> <p>ON</p> <p>S CRIBD</p> <p>RE-EDITED &amp; PUBLISHED - 15 MARCH 2013</p> <p>32.</p> <p>F E S TA L M A T I N S S E R V I C E - S T G E O RG E TH E G R E A T M A R TY R 23 A P R I L 2013 - [BEFORE HOLY PASCHA]</p> <p>St George the Great MartyrSt George was born into a devout Christian family of Cappadocia (a district in Asia Minor) but after his father was martyred for Christ while St George was still a child, his mother moved the family to Palestine where they owned land. There she continued raising him in strict Piety. St George joined the Roman military forces and proved himself to be extremely courageous in battle, which soon drew the attention of the pagan Emperor, Diocletian, (284-305) who made him Comites or Military Commander of his Imperial Guard. Although Emperor Diocletian did much for the restoration of the power and dominance of the Roman Empire, he realised the threat to their idolatrous gods by the Triumph of the Crucified Saviour, Jesus Christ, and subsequenctly intensified his cruel persecution against the Christians in the final years of his reign. Following the advice of the Senate at Nicomedia, Emperor Diocletian gave all his Governors complete freedom in their court proceedings against all Christians and promised them his full support. As soon as St George learnt of the wicked Decree against Christians, he distributed his entire earthly wealth amongst the poor, freed his servants, and then appeared before the Senate to bravely speak out openly against the Emperors persecution. He daringly confessed his own Christianity and appealed to everyone to acknowledge Christ our Living God: I am a servant of Christ, my God, and trusting in Him, I have come among you voluntarily, to bear witness concerning the Truth. What is Truth? one of the dignitaries asked, echoing the question of Pontius Pilate. The Saint replied:Christ Himself, Whom you persecuted, is Truth. Stunned by the bold speech of the valiant warrior, the Emperor, who had loved and promoted St George, tried to persuade him not to throw away his youth, glory and honours, but rather to demonstrate his loyalty to the State by offering sacrifice to the gods according to Roman custom. However, St George responded: Nothing in this inconstant life can weaken my resolve to serve God. Then by order of the enraged Emperor the armed guards shoved St George out of the assembly hall with their spears, and led him off to prison. But the deadly steel of their spears became as soft as wax and bent as they harmlessly touched the Saints body. In prison they fixed the Martyrs feet in stocks and placed a heavy stone on his chest to slowly suffocate and crush him. The next day at the interrogation, powerless but firm of spirit, St George again defied the Emperor, telling him: You will grow tired of tormenting me sooner than I will tire of being tormented by you. So Diocletian gave orders to subject St George to even more intense tortures. The executioners tied St George to a wheel, beneath which were boards of sharp iron spikes that pierced and slashed his naked flesh as the wheel was turned. At first St George loudly cried out to our Lord, but he soon became silent, not uttering even a groan, which caused Diocletian to decide that as he was already dead, his battered body could be removed from the wheel. Emperor Diocletian then went to the pagan temple to offer thanks to his lifeless gods. Suddenly it became very dark, thunder boomed, and a Voice was heard: Fear not, George, for I Am with Thee! A wondrous Light shone, and at the wheel of torture an Angel of the Lord appeared in the form of a Radiant Youth, and he placed his hand upon the Holy Martyr, saying to him: Rejoice! whereupon St George stood up, completely healed . The shocked soldiers led him to the pagan temple where Emperor Diocletian had gone shortly before in arrogant triumph and he could not believe his own eyes thinking that he saw a ghost! In confused terror the pagans examined St George carefully, and became convinced that a Great Miracle had most certainly occurred many of whom then believed in the Life-Creating God of the Christians. Two illustrious officials, St Anatolios and St Protoleon, who were secretly Christians, openly confessed their Christianity and immediately - without even a mockery of a trial, they were beheaded by sword by order of Diocletian.</p> <p>ke genea. Ego ipa: Kyrie, eleison me, iase tin psihin mou oti imarton Si. piin to Thelima Sou, oti Si I O Theos mou.</p> <p>Lord, have mercy on me, heal my soul, for I have sinned against Thee. do Thy Will, for Thou art my God.</p> <p>Kyrie, Pros Se katefigon; didaxon me tou O Lord, to Thee have I fled; teach me to Otipara Si Pigi Zois; en to Foti Sou opsometha Fos.</p> <p>For with Thee is the Fountain of Life;Thy Light we shall see Light.</p> <p>in</p> <p>Paratinon to Eleos Sou tis ginoskousi Se. Agios DoxaO Theos, Agios Ishiros, Agios Athanatos, eleison imas.[3] Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati. Ke nin ke ai ke is tous eonas ton eonon.</p> <p>Extend</p> <p>Thy Mercy to those who know Thee.</p> <p> Holy</p> <p>God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. [3]</p> <p> Glory to the Father, and to the Son,and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the Ages of Ages.</p> <p>Amin Agios Athanatos, eleison imas. Agios O Theos, Agios Ishiros,Athanatos, Eleison imas.</p> <p>Agios</p> <p>Amen Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. Holy God, Holy Mighty, HolyImmortal, have mercy on us.TONE 4</p> <p>Festal Apolytikion St George-</p> <p>Os</p> <p>ton ehmaloton Eleftherotis, ke ton ptohon Iperaspistis, asthenounton Iatros, vaileon Ipermahos, Tropeofore Megalomartis Georgie, Presveve Hristo to Theo, Sothine tas psihas imon.</p> <p>As the Liberator of prisoners, and theProtector of those in Physician of the sick, and of ruling Kings, O Triumphant Great Martyr, with Christ our God, so souls may be Saved. poverty, Defender George intercede that our</p> <p>THE DIVINE LITURGY FOLLOWS IMMEDIATELY </p> <p>2.</p> <p>F E S T A L M A T I N S S E R VI C E - S T G E O R G E T H E G R E A T M A R T Y R 23 A P R I L 2013 - [BEFORE HOLY PASCHA]</p> <p>F E S T A L M A T I N S S E R VI C E - S T G E O R G E TH E G R E A T M A R TY R 23 A P R I L 2013 - [BEFORE HOLY PASCHA]</p> <p>31.</p> <p>by means of tortures. Unto him let us cry aloud: O Victorious Martyr, earnestly entreat for the Salvation of our souls!</p> <p>Ke</p> <p>nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton eonon.</p> <p>Now and ever, and to the Ages of ages. Amen</p> <p>AminTHE BELLS</p> <p>The Great DoxologyTHE CONGREGATION MUST STANDARE RUNG AND ALL THE LIGHTS ARE SWITCHED ON</p> <p>Doxa Si to dixanti to Fos. Doxaen Ipsistis Theo ke epi gis Irini, en anthropis Evdokia.</p> <p> Glory to Thee Who has shown us theLight!</p> <p> Glory to God in the Highest, and onearth Peace, Goodwill among men.</p> <p>Imnoumen</p> <p>Se, Evlogoumen Se, Proskinoumense, Doxologoumen Se, Efharistoumen Si, dia tin Megalin Sou Doxan. Vasilef, Epouranie Thee, Pater Pantokrator; Kyrie Ie Monogenes, Isou Hriste, ke Agion Pnevma.</p> <p>We</p> <p>Praise Thee, we Bless Thee, we Worship Thee, we Glorify Thee, we give Thee Thanks for Thy Great Glory.</p> <p> Kyrie Kyrie</p> <p> Lord, Lord</p> <p>King, God of Heaven, Father Almighty: Lord, Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.</p> <p>O Theos, O Amnos tou Theou, O Ios tou Patros, O eron tin amartian tou Kosmou, eleison imas, O eron tas amartias tou kosmou. tin deisin imon, O kathimenos en dexia tou Patros, ke eleison imas.</p> <p>God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, Who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy upon us; O Thou Who takes away the sins of the world. our Prayer, Thou Who sits at the right Hand of the Father, and have mercy on us. Thou alone art Holy, Thou alone art Lord, Jesus Christ, to the Glory of God the Father.</p> <p>Also present in the pagan temple was Empress Alexandra, the wife of Diocletian, who also knew the Truth of God and as she was on the point of Glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ, one of the servants of the Emperor quickly removed her and led her off to the palace. Diocletian was even more furious at the consequences of such an obvious Divine Miracle. He stubbornly refused to cede defeat in persuading St George to renounce Christ and offer his worship of the pagan gods, so he handed him to worse, fiercesome torments. After throwing St George into a deep pit, the executioners filled it with lime. Three days later they dug him out, but to their utter amazement, they found him cheerful and unharmed. The torturers then shod St George with red-hot iron sandals of nails, before beating him all the way back to the prison with whips. In the morning, when they dragged St George back to face interrogation, he was cheerful and his feet were healed. And when Diocletian asked the Holy Martyr how he had liked his sandals, St George told him that they had been just the most perfect size! That day the executioners beat him with ox thongs until pieces of his flesh came off and his blood soaked the ground, but the brave Holy Martyr, being Strengthened by the Power and Grace of God, remained unyielding. The aggravated Emperor concluded that St George was being helped by magic, so he summoned the well known Sorcerer, Athanasios, to deprive him of his Miraculous Powers, or else to simply poison him to death. The Sorcerer forced St George to drink two goblets of poisoned liquid but again, miraculously, by the Grace of God, they had no effect on him at all, and St George continued to denounce the pagan superstitions and to loudly Glorify the one Living and Almighty God, as before. When Diocletian asked St George what sort of Power was helping him, the Holy Martyr said: Do not imagine that it is any human learning that keeps me from being harmed by these torments. I am Saved only by calling upon Christ and His Power. Whoever believes in Him has no regard for tortures and is able to do the things that Christ did.(JOHN 14:12).</p> <p>Prosdexe</p> <p>Receive</p> <p>Oti Si i Monos Agios, Si i Monos Kyrios, ForIisous Hristos, is Doxan Theou Patros</p> <p>Amin.Kathekastin imeran Evlogiso Se, ke enesio to Onoma Sou is ton eona ke is ton Eona tou Eonos. Kyrie, en ti emera tafti anamartitous filahthine imas.</p> <p>Amen Every day I will Bless Thee, and praiseThy Name forever and to the Ages of Ages.</p> <p>Kataxioson, Evlogitos</p> <p>Grant,</p> <p>O Lord, this day to keep us without sin. art Thou, O Lord, the God of our Fathers, and praised and glorified is Thy Name unto the Ages.</p> <p>I, Kyrie, O Theos ton Pateron imon, ke Eneton ke Dedoxasmenon to Onoma Sou is tous Eonas.</p> <p>Blessed</p> <p>AminGenito,Kyrie, to Eleos Sou ef imas, kathaper ilipisamen epi Se. i, Kyrie, didaxon me ta Dikeomata Sou. [3] katafigi, egenithis imin en genea</p> <p>Amen May Thy Mercy O Lord, be upon us, aswe have put our hope in Thee.</p> <p>EvlogitosKyrie,30.</p> <p>Blessed Lord,</p> <p>art Thou, O Lord, teach me Thy Statutes [3]</p> <p>Thou hast been our Refuge from generation to generation. I said:</p> <p>Diocletian then asked what sort of things Christ had done whereupon St George replied: He gave sight to the blind, cleansed the lepers, healed the lame, gave hearing to the deaf, cast out demons, and raised the dead. Knowing that they had never been able to resurrect the dead through sorcery, nor by any of the gods known to him, and wanting to test the Saint, Diocletian commanded St George to raise up a dead person before his eyes, to which the Faithful Saint retorted: You wish to tempt me, but my God will work this Sign for the Salvation of the people who shall see the Power of Christ. They led St George down to the cemetery, and he cried aloud: O Lord! Show to those here present, that Thou art the only God in all the world. Let them know Thee as the Almighty Lord. Suddenly the earth quaked, a grave opened and the reposed one emerged from it alive! Having witnessed the Divine Power of our Lord Jesus Christ with their own eyes, the people wept and Glorified the True and Living God. The Sorcerer, Athanasiss, fell down at the feet of St George and confessed Christ as the AllPowerful God, and begged forgiveness of his sins, which had been committed in ignorance. However, the obdurate Emperor Diocletian, in his impiety, reacted differently. In a rage he commanded both St Athanasios and the man raised from the dead to be beheaded there and then, and he ordered St George to be imprisoned. Untold numbers of people, weighed down with their infirmities, visited the prison and received Healing and Help from St George. A certain farmer named Glycerios, whose ox had collapsed, also visited St George who consoled him and assured him that God would restore his ox to life and later, when he saw the ox was indeed alive, the farmer Glorified the God of the Christians throughout all the city, until, hearing of it, Diocletion ordered the arrest and beheading of St Glycerios. The innumerable exploits and Holy Miracles of the Great Martyr St George increased the numbers of Christians, which caused Diocletian to make a final attempt to force him to worship the man-made idols. On the final night St George prayed fervently, until eventually he beheld our Lord Jesus Christ, Who raised him up with His Hand, and embraced him. Our Divine Saviour then placed aF E S T A L M A T I N S S E R VI C E - S T G E O R G E TH E G R E A T M A R TY R 23 A P R I L 2013 - [BEFORE HOLY PASCHA]</p> <p>F E S TA L M A T I N S S E R V I C E - S T G E O RG E TH E G R E A T M A R TY R 23 A P R I L 2013 - [BEFORE HOLY PASCHA]</p> <p>3.</p> <p>Crown on St Georges head and said: Fear not, but have courage, and Thou will soon come to Me and receive what has been prepared for Thee. Having set up a court at the pagan temple of Apollo, the next morning, Diocletian offered St George the exalted position and social status as his Co-Administrator - second only to the Emperor himself to which the Holy Martyr responded: Caesar, thou should have shown me this mercy from the very beginning, instead of torturing me. Let us go now to the temple and see the gods that thou worship. And the arrogant Diocletion, believing that St George was finally going to accept his ridiculous offer, went with his entire retinue and a vast multitude of citizens into the temple of Apollo. St George approached the cold, lifeless statue of Apollo, made the Sign of the Cross and addressed it as if it were alive: Are you the one who wants to receive from me sacrifice befitting God? And the demon inhabiting the idol cried out loudly for all to hear: I am not a god and none of those like me is a god, either. The only God is He Whom Thou preach. We are fallen...</p>