2012 Colorado Outfitters

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Directory for the Colorado Outfitters Association

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  • 1 ColoradoOutfitters|www.coloradooutfitters.org2012 official directory of the colorado outfitters association





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    WALT ISENHOUR 2187 HWY 290 E MCDADE, TX 78650

    OFFICE: 512-273-2129 CELL: 512-633-7519 email: wisenhour@lonestaroutfitters.com

    www.lonestaroutfitters.comColorado License # 2067 New Mexico License # 3553

    Trophy Bull Elk

    Trophy Whitetail deer

    Trophy Mule deer

    Trophy Pronghorn

    Merriams Turkey

    Osceola Turkey

    Elk 362 B&C

    Elk 340 Muzzle

    WT Deer 203 B&C

    Sheep 190 B&C Elk 349 P&Y

    Mule Deer 256 B&C

    Elk 341 B&C

    Mule Deer 240 B&C Moose 180 B&C Antelope 85 B&C

    Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, Inc.Reg. #1165

    COLORADOArchery, Muzzleloader & Rifle Hunts

    Get the most out of your preference points orlandowner tag. Hire a FULL-TIME outfitterdedicated to taking mature, trophy game.

    More trophy awards from Colorado Outfitters Associationthan any outfitter in history.

    300+ B&C class Elk requiring only 0-5 preference points! 50+% private land

    keeps preference points low. Why wait 17 years for a public land unit?!?

    Private land Eastern Plains trophy Deer requiring 0-5 preference points. Private landPronghorn requiring 5-10 preference points.


    Livermore, CO 80536970.223.5330

    e-mail: hunt_colorado@yahoo.com

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    WALT ISENHOUR 2187 HWY 290 E MCDADE, TX 78650

    OFFICE: 512-273-2129 CELL: 512-633-7519 email: wisenhour@lonestaroutfitters.com

    www.lonestaroutfitters.comColorado License # 2067 New Mexico License # 3553

    Trophy Bull Elk

    Trophy Whitetail deer

    Trophy Mule deer

    Trophy Pronghorn

    Merriams Turkey

    Osceola Turkey

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    Red Willow OutdoorsLaurette La Plante Tel: 403.652.4951 Fax: 403.652.4856 email: redwillowoutdoors@shaw.ca website: www.redwillowoutdoors.com 1028 - 10th Ave. High River, AB T1V 1L3

    While both Red Willow Outdoors and the Colorado Outfitters Association strive to provide accurate information and ensure that we have accurate advertising, the publisher or association cannot be held responsible for the ultimate quality of the products or information contained in this publication. Neither the association, its directors, or contractors are guarantors of your satisfaction with the products advertised herein.


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    6 COA Board of Directors

    6 COA Code of Ethics

    8 2012 Outfitter of the year

    10 Index of COA members

    12 Agency contact information

    13 2012 COA Outfitters directory

    21 Colorado Parks and Wildlife

    22 Colorado Deer and Elk season dates

    23 Colorado Big Game Management Unit Map

    24 Understanding Colorados preference points system

    27 Life Member L.R. Mack McGraw

    28 Colorado Big Game hunting opportunties

    42 Life Member Duane Skiff

    43 Sportsman, Guides and Life Members of the COA

    44 COA Associate members

    CONTENTSJames Garmon

    Donald Jones

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    Rifle & Bow Elk HuntsEastern Colorado Plains Mule deer & Whitetail deerColorado Plains Special Whitetail deer hunts rifle & bow

    This is my 35th year outfitting in Western Colorado on the same property. Our eastern Colorado Plains Whitetail hunts are always at the top of the Best of Species awards for the COA.

    We have landowner vouchers available for our hunters for both Mule deer and Whitetails.

    See you in Las Vegas at the 40th Safari Club Internationals Hunters Conventions Booth # 1233,1324,1326,1328

    Jack Cassidy Colorado Big Game Hunts LLC

    Scored 346 taken November 2011

    1436 N Road, Loma, CO 81524 | 970-858-6586www.cassidyoutfitters.com | email packrat@gvii.netReg. #: 229

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    PRESIDENTTomMikesellM & M Outfitters, PO Box 1020, Craig, CO 81626Email: mmoutfitters@wreawildblue.orgPh: 970-824-5812

    1stVICEPRESIDENTSammyFrazierFrazier Outfitting, 4150 N. CR 5W, Monte Vista, CO 81144Email: cotrips@aol.comPh: 719-588-3386 & 719-588-3386

    2ndVICEPRESIDENTBrianWelderWelder Outfitter Services, PO Box 823, Meeker, CO 81641Email: packtrip@cmn.netPh: 970-878-4559

    SECRETARYJeanneHorneJ Bar H Outfitters, LLC P.O. Box 569 Meeker, CO 81641Email: jeanneh@jbarhoutfitters.comPh: 970-878-0663 & 800-230-HUNT

    TREASURERSusanMikesellM & M Outfitters P.O. Box 1020 Craig, CO 81626Email: mmoutfitters@wreawildblue.orgPh: 970-824-5812

    PASTPRESIDENTDickRayLobo Outfitters, LLC, 4821 A HWY 84, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147Email: dickray@centurytel.netPh: 970-264-5546



    ATLARGEAaron Laske719-587-3057, 719-580-2527

    NORTHWESTChris Jurney970-824-5505

    SOUTHWESTRay David 970-252-1582

    NORTHEASTWes Atkinson970-568-9667

    SOUTHEASTBill Canterbury719-942-3207

    An outfitter and guide member of the Colorado Outfitters Association shall

    1. Abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning

    Colorado Outfitters and Guides.

    2. Abide by all state and federal laws and regulations concerning

    Colorados wildlife and natural resources.

    3. Act as an ex-officio ambassador for the state of Colorado and shall

    not engage in practices or services that are damaging or

    disrespectful to the state of Colorado and the Colorado Outfitters


    4. Represent their services completely, honestly and fairly.

    5. Maintain serviceable and safe equipment used in their outfitting

    operations and shall maintain the highest safety standards allowable

    in conducting their outfitting and guiding activities.

    6. Conduct their outfitting and guiding operations in a manner that

    does not discredit themselves, other outfitters and guides, the

    Colorado Outfitters Association and the state of Colorado.

    7. Require that all clients and employees obey all state, federal and

    local laws concerning Colorados wildlife and natural resources.

    8. Respect and not interfere with the publics right and other outfitters

    and businesses right to utilize and enjoy Colorados public lands,

    wildlife and natural resources.

    9. Respect other outfitter and guide members rights within the

    association and shall not directly or indirectly cause injury to others.


    John Dembowiak

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    BIGGERSTAFF GUIDES & OUTFITTERS take pride in being able to offer a quality hunt for trophy class game at a

    reasonable price. Whether you draw a coveted bull elk tag,want to hunt a monster tom behind the hounds, giant muleys in the rut or are looking for a do it yourself wilderness hunt, weve

    got you covered. Operating in multiple GMUs we hunt both public land & private ranches & can customize a hunt to

    your specifications.

    Hunting Units 30, 40, 41, 52, 53, 60, 61,62, 64, 65, 70, 411, 421, 521, S56


  • 8 ColoradoOutfitters|www.coloradooutfitters.org

    Being a successful outfitter means 60 to 80

    hour work weeks most of the year. It begins with

    strategic advertising, website, sport shows, -

    recruitment and retention of clientele and

    finally culminates with the hunt or fishing

    trip itself. Livestock, trucks, trailers and camp

    equipment must be cared for year round, and

    then, there is the paperwork. Federal and State

    agencies need, require, demand record keep-

    ing such as employee records, BLM and Forest

    permits, Outfitters Registration, vehicle and

    liability insurance, and the list goes on.

    Some outfitters prudently join COA and other

    professional organizations, and a few become

    active in those organizations. Even fewer give

    selflessly of their time and energy, attending

    countless meetings and taking on leadership


    All of the above describes Jeanne Horne.

    Jeanne is a single person who not only operates

    a successful outfitting business but has been

    actively involved in the Colorado Outfitters

    Association for over a decade and has made

    time to be our dedicated Secretary for the past

    10 years. She is truly a valued asset of this


    Congratulations Jeanne! We honor you with

    respect and appreciation for the person you




    Jeanne Horne is our Outf itter of The Year for 2012.

  • 9 ColoradoOutfitters|www.coloradooutfitters.org


    We buy & sell all furs, antlers, fur products, antler crafts, capes, tanning available for all critters.We are Authorized Aaladin Cleaning System dealers for Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.


    Chris Jurney970-824-5505(official measurer for SCI)License #2218

    Units1,2,3,4,5, 10,11,12,13,201,211,301,441

    Fully Guided Semi Guided Trespass Hunts Dro