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  • 8/12/2019 2009 Lenten Devotional


    Being Like

    Jesus Means

    2 9 LentenDevotional Guide

    Prescott UnitedMethodist hurch

  • 8/12/2019 2009 Lenten Devotional


    Lenten Devotionals

    ntis the time of year when we prepare

    our hearts for the days preceding JesusChrists death on the cross on Good

    Friday and culminating with His gloriousresurrection on Easter.. We cry out,The Lord is Risen! and respond withHe has Risen Indeed!

    To share out walk during these fortydays, many members of our churchhave shared their feelings on this yearstheme, Being Like Jesus Means . . . .

    We want to thank every contributor

    for sharing your thoughtful messages inthis years Lenten Devotionals.

    ob and Mary Ellen Dyer

  • 8/12/2019 2009 Lenten Devotional



    My Compass ddison HawleyBeing Like Jesus means can be completed as either a statement or a question.

    Those who know me will be certain that I will view it as a question. As a statement, it islimiting and guides our thoughts to current views. As a question, we are directed to abroader view including what others think and maybe even a really close examination ofwhat Jesus demonstrated during his visit here on earth.

    For some 2,000 years untold volumes, including many different versions of the Bible,

    have been written about who Jesus was, what he said, what he meant, what heaccomplished, what we should believe, what we should question, what we should do andnot do and how we should approach others relative to our beliefs about the foundation ofthe Christian faith.

    To answer the question, Being like Jesus means.? requires that I assimilate someof this vast store of knowledge. But the strongest basis for my answer must be drawn frommy trip of discovery as I have sought the foundation for lifes guiding principles. Iacknowledge that I have not defined my final destination and that foretells a trip still inprogress. As it continues, as it must, I will find comfort with where I am but feel a strong

    need for a reasonably good compass going forward. The following thoughts are the eightprimary points of my current compass as I seek a final answer to what Being like JesusMeans.?

    1. The details of beliefs are non-critical to the basic beliefs.

    2. The World has both good and evil and good will prevail, if defended.

    3. Love is the fuel that generates understanding and acceptance.

    4. Faith is the foundation of Hope and Hope is the promise of tomorrow.

    5. Forgiveness is hollow if left unpronounced.6. Prayer is most rewarding when done one-on-one with God.

    7. Compassion and empathy are the starting blocks of giving and service.

    8. Grace shared is Grace received.

    As each step is taken, the compass points may be refinedbut the goal B e i n g L i k e J e s u s ! must remain.

    Prescott United Methodist Church Being Like Jesus Means 2009 Lenten Devotional Booklet

  • 8/12/2019 2009 Lenten Devotional



    I W ou l d ol l ow Jesu s irginia Williams

    The Gospel of John affirms: ForGod so loved the world that He gaveHis only begotten Son that whosoever

    believes in Him shall not perish buthave everlasting life. This son,named Jesus, became the worlds firstChristian missionary as he pro-claimed: I am the Door; the Light ofthe world; the living Bread; the Vine;the Way, the Truth and the Life; theResurrection. I want to follow Jesusbecause He reveals that He is the Wayto God, our Father.

    As adult learners, we may be

    growing in some comprehension ofthese pronouncements by Jesus. Aschildren we found simpler statementssufficed: Jesus loves me; this I knowfor the Bible tells me so. In betweenchildhood and maturity some of usthought we didnt need Jesus (orGod), as we were enveloped in auniversity atmosphere of intellect-

    ualism, would-be cynics, sophisti-cates; or we lost Him in our love ofmaterialism, humanism, success or

    just indifference . . . or even, perhaps,in some churches that omit Jesus.

    In these crucial days, many ofus feel a hunger to know Jesus more

    fully, to return to our rootsto haveJesus as real to us as when we werechildren. Also, we yearn to discover

    meaningful ways to worship Him and

    feel His presence in our everydayliving. In His Sermon on the Mount,Jesus shows the way for us to connectwith Him: We must be poor in spirit,pure in heart, hunger and thirst afterrighteousness, be a peacemaker,willing to be persecuted for His sake .. . be a light for other persons so theywill praise our Father in heavenand

    be a servant of love so that God willbe glorified through Jesus. I want tofollow Jesus because He gives specificmaxims for living our Christian


    While these are virtues to liveby, being a follower of Jesusbeing a

    Christianisnt something we do forHim or for other persons . . . It is

    something He does to and in usbecause, when we accept His love andforgiveness and put our faith, trustand love in Him, Jesus becomes notonly our best friend but the Lord ofour lives, our companion throughouteach day. If lifes load becomes tooheavy to bear, He carried the burden

    when we call upon Him. This gives usan extra measure of Grace for ourtravel alone or in community. I wouldfollow Jesus in joyous moments andalso in the darker hours of my lifes

    journey. Blessed assurance! I wouldrather have Jesus than anything thisworld could afford to giv

    Prescott United Methodist Church Being Like Jesus Means 2009 Lenten Devotional Bookle

  • 8/12/2019 2009 Lenten Devotional



    od s I n H i s H ea venerry ackson The situation, as outlined to my dad, was explainedlike so:

    There was a train operated by a brakeman,fireman and engineer whose names were Jones,Smith and Walker, but not respectively. Riding onthe train were three passengers named Mr. Jones,Mr. Smith and Mr. Walker.

    Mr. Smith lived in Detroit and the brakemanlived halfway between Detroit and Chicago.Walker beat the fireman at billiards.

    The brakemans nearest neighbor was one of the passengers who earned twiceas much as the brakeman, who earned $2,000 a year.

    The passenger who lived in Chicago has the same name as the brakeman. Mr.Jones earned $3,000 per year.

    Who was the engineer?

    Such a set of circumstances tends to boggle my mind, in that theshallowness of my thinking knows no depth. So, conveniently, I prefer not to fiddlewith the riddle. In fact, I dont even tackle crossword puzzles because of thefrustration involved in not being able to come up with the right words. However, Iposed the above conundrum several years ago in a column, and a fellow churchmember, Don Wigal, readily came up with the answer. You see, Don is himself anengineer, although to my knowledge he has never operated a locomotive and hismotive is not loco, as they say south of the border. (Please forgive me thatreference; I simply got carried away.)

    But, back to my dad and that rascally riddle. He had no earthly idea as to whatthe answer might be, but he had a heart bubbling over with joy at the time because

    it was December of 1945 and my brother, Gene, was safely home from the war afterserving as an Army medic during fighting in the Solomons and the Philippines. Andso, after giving the riddle a mere modicum of thought, Dad penned this little poem:

    My mi nd is al l m udd led; I cant seem t o kn ow Who i t was pul l ed the thr ott l e and made th e tr ain go. But here at th is Yul etid e, th e Peace Flag un fu rl ed, Gods sti l l in hi s heaven; al l s ri ght wit h th e wor ld !

    Might I add a humble Amen! and prayer for a Middle East repeat performance?

    Prescott United Methodist Church Being Like Jesus Means 2009 Lenten Devotional Bookle

  • 8/12/2019 2009 Lenten Devotional



    JESUS bySpecial Deliveryean PhillipsHe was a boy when it appeared that he was somehow special.

    He turned the tables as he grew and was uncommon special.

    In later years he spoke and taught with words and wisdom special.

    He gathered followers to preach his faithful message special.

    And when strong faith developed,

    disciples, too, were special.Until predictions set him free by painful test so special.

    His sacrifice declared ahead, his dedication special.

    The lasting life of Jesus love indeed, for us, is special.

    Prescott United Methodist Church Being Like Jesus Means 2009 Lenten Devotional Booklet

  • 8/12/2019 2009 Lenten Devotional



    Being Like Jesus Means . . . at Unkenholz

    In June 2009 the church of my childhood will celebrate its 100thyear

    of proclaiming the Gospel. Those 100 years encompassed many drasticchanges in fortune, from grinding poverty to its present-day oil-well


    Many fascinating stories are being shared as centennial committees

    are delving into the annals of history. Not the least of these is the record

    book of the Official Board minutes over the years.

    Some entries during the Great Depression years bring a smile to our


    The church treasurer reported a bank balance of forty-four cents.

    The decision was made to oil the church floor and this would

    take place after choir practice, with each choir member

    contributing ten cents to purchase the oil.

    The Pastors salary for that year was set at $600. (Thats not a


    What does this say to us in 2009? Even in times of severe economic

    recession, Gods people remained faithfuloften giving at great

    sacrifice. The fruits of their sacrifice have been multiplied many timesover. This happens today as well!

    It brings to mind Jesus teachings on the giving of