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2005 Annual Report Unitarian Universalist Service Committee A World Free from Oppression and Injustice Tsunami survivors, Chittoor District, India

2005 — A World Free from Oppression and Injustice

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2005 Annual Report of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

Text of 2005 — A World Free from Oppression and Injustice

2005 Annual ReportUnitarian Universalist Service CommitteeA World Free from Oppression and InjusticeTsunami survivors, Chittoor District, IndiaOur VisionThe Unitarian Universalist Service Committee envisions a world free from oppression and injustice, where all can realize their full human rights.Our MissionThe Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights and social justice around the world, partnering with those who confront unjust power structures and mobilizing to challenge oppressive policies. Prawn shers after the tsunami, Tamil Nadu, IndiaAnnual Report 2005 1A Message for Our Members and SupportersDecember 10, 2005We write this letter on the day in which the world remembers the birth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its framers, including Eleanor Roosevelt, hoped it would help to prevent another Holocaust. On the day that we think of as the beginning of the modern era of human rights, we are pleased to announce that two of our founders, the Rev. Waitstill Sharp and Martha Sharp, have become only the second and third U.S. citizens to be honored as Righteous Among the Nations. Its an honor conferred by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Israel to non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jewish lives during World War II.After the Holocaust, people said, Never again. However, we cant help observing that this tremendous honor for our founders was announced just weeks after Charlie returned from a fact-nding trip to Chad, where he visited camps lled with refugees eeing the slow genocide in neighboring Darfur, Sudan, and heard their stories.As UUSC continues the legacy of our founders by focusing on the humanitarian crises, economic and environmental injustice, and erosion of civil liberties in todays world, the organization continues to grow in strength and inuence. With each passing year, we become an ever more eective voice and stronger presence for human rights around the world and in the United States. UUSCs 40,000 members and supporters, our NGO partners, and our sta are the moral force through which we advance social justice and human rights around the world.One of the great tasks we face is how to pass the torch of making justice and advancing human rights to the next generation. Weve had a good start this year and hope that youll help us continue this important task.But our legacy isnt only in how we prepare future generations of activists. As the Sharps grandchildren celebrate their grandparents heroism of some 65 years ago, we should also ask how our grandchildren will view the actions we take today on behalf of those facing persecution and genocide. We dont always have to risk our own lives, but at least we can stand up and speak out, we can bear witness, and we can say, Not on our watch.Charlie ClementsPresidentTodd JonesChair, Board of TrusteesCharlie ClementsTodd Jones2 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeForging Partnerships Around the WorldHuman rights and social justice have never advanced without a struggle. Sustained positive change has always been built through the work of organized activists with the courage to challenge and confront oppression.UUSC has supported such activism since its inception, when our founders risked their lives working with other committed individuals to rescue victims of Nazi persecution in World War II. Today, our partnership model seeks to build activism by people and their organizations to challenge and confront injustice.UUSC identies partner organizations in the United States and around the world that develop, implement, and advance solutions to the human rights and social justice problems in their communities and provides technical, organizational, and nancial assistance to help them confront oppression. UUSC also partners with our dedicated members and supporters some 40,000 strong whose united voices make a powerful statement for human rights around the world. Te moral force of these individuals and our local grassroots partner organizations leverages the strength of UUSCs work and maximizes its impact, making a dierence in thousands of lives. New program directionsIn early 2005, UUSC completed an intensive review and refocus of its program areas. Tis inclusive process resulted in the Selected UUSC programs in FY 2005 In Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, UUSC supported organizations working to strengthen womens par-ticipation in peace and conict resolution. In India, UUSC partnered with groups promoting the rights of indigenous peoples, Dalits (un-touchables), and sex workers. On the Burma/Thai border, UUSC partners included the Mae Tao clinic, which serves ethnic refugees from Burma. UUSC supported indig-enous grassroots orga-nizations in Guatemalain their quest for justice, equality, and womens empowerment.creation of four new UUSC program areas, each viewed through the lens of race, class, and gender attributes that render large groups of people vulnerable to human rights abuses. Te four UUSC program areas are: Economic JusticeDefending peoples right to work in dignity for a living wage and to organize to defend this right. Environmental JusticeWorking with grassroots organizations around the world in their struggles against water privatization and depletion. Civil LibertiesEducating and mobilizing advocates to bring an end to U.S.-sponsored torture through the STOP (Stop Torture Permanently) Campaign. Rights in Humanitarian CrisesProviding assistance to marginalized, neglected, and politically oppressed populations after disasters, whether natural or man-made.In each of these areas, UUSC began a care-ful and thorough process of identifying partner organizations. Over the next sev-eral years, we will work with these partner organizations to advance our shared goals of social justice and human rights.UUSC also continued our ongoing program commitments until the transition to the new programs was completed, supporting program partners around the world defending the rights of women, 2005 Annual Report(for the period of July 1, 2004 June 30, 2005)Annual Report 2005 3children, and oppressed racial, ethnic, and indigenous groups. Creating activistsTis year, UUSC provided our members and supporters with many opportunities to engage in activism on human rights and social justice issues. We also provided experiential learning opportunities to further motivate participants to be activists in their own communities. And through programs such as Guest at Your Table and Justice Sunday, our members and supporters in UU congregations across the country stood together for annual celebrations of human rights and social justice. Our Human Rights Defenders network and other supporters responded in large numbers to action alerts calling for justice on a range of issues, including human rights violations in Burma. In one example of the power of UUSCs voice, four major universities canceled planned tours to that country thanks in part to the eorts of our dedicated constituency.Te combined power of UUSCs members and supporters, our dedicated sta, and our partners across the globe provides a strong voice as we advocate for justice and confront oppressive policies. As our new programs take shape, UUSCs reputation as a strong advocacy organization is growing. When we join together, our voice for human rights and social justice can be even stronger.Mayan women workers, Santiago Atitln, GuatemalaUUSC helps youth activists become involved in advocacy efforts including letter-writing campaigns on behalf of the STOP Campaign and other initiatives. I want to be proud of every aspect of being American, wrote one young participant in a letter to her member of Congress. If we spread hatred, it will come back to us, for what goes around comes around. We want people abroad to respect us, not hate us. I ask you to please support the bill to ban torture by proxy.In June, a resolution demanding an end to U.S.-sponsored torture was approved unani-mously by the General Assembly of the Unitar-ian Universalist Asso-ciation. The 1,800 delegates endorsed the UUSC-sponsored Action of Immediate Witness stating that high-level U.S. ofcials must be held accountable for their involvement in authorizing torture.Mobilizing to Stop Torture Permanently Our national values were shaken to the core by the revelation of prisoner abuse by U.S. service personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantnamo Bay. Te public response to the grim photographs of the detainee torture at Abu Ghraib was one of nearly universal horror and rejection. Te framers of our Constitution banned torture in this country, and the United States is signatory to several international treaties against torture. Although this country faces many divisive issues, torture is not a partisan matter. It is abhorrent to our national values, it is illegal, and it sows dangerous seeds of hatred against the United States abroad.UUSC launched the STOP (Stop Torture Permanently) Campaign in 2004 to educate and mobilize human rights activists to bring an end to U.S.-sponsored torture. Te campaign focuses primarily on stopping the ocial authorization and use of torture, whether mental or physical or by proxy. Trough the STOP Campaign, UUSC shines a light on the realities of U.S. torture practices and the requirements of domestic laws and international treaties prohibiting torture. We mobilize members and supporters, and keep the media and national leadership informed about the issue, through action alerts, intensive trainings, and events around the country.Te STOP Campaign concentrated on grassroots eorts to build a broad, nationwide coalition of student organizations and human rights and faith-based networks. Trough this coalition, the campaign produced the powerful Call for Justice Weekend against U.S.-sponsored torture, held in September 2005 in Washington, D.C. General Assembly of the UUA, Fort Worth, Tex.4 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeDefending Democracy JustWorks participants on a voter registration drive, Boston, Mass.Defending DemocracyTe critical 2004 presidential election mobilized activists across the country including UUSC members and supporters to get to the polls and vote. Across the United States, UUSC led voter education initiatives, registered new voters, and provided information for forums in specic geographic areas.Despite the passage of the 26th Amendment in 1971, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18, today fewer than half of the nations 18- to 30-year-olds turn out to vote. To increase the number of voters in this age group which represents nearly one-quarter of the total U.S. population UUSC focused its Defending Democracy project on strengthening youth participation in the electoral process in the months leading up to the election.Participants in UUSCs Defending Democracy JustWorks camp, held in Boston to coincide with the Democratic National Convention, engaged in voter registration, created their own get-out-the-vote campaigns, and learned how to promote their cause in the media. Tose who took part in UUSCs inaugural Freedom Summer: A Civil Rights Journey worked with the Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger, a UUSC partner, to register voters in various Atlanta neighborhoods.Recognizing that the work of defending democracy does not end with the election of a president, UUSC in collaboration with the Unitarian Universalist Association continues to support statewide advocacy networks. UUSC currently provides grants and technical assistance to networks in California, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin. Tese networks mobilize constituents on a variety of national and international UUSC issues, such as the STOP (Stop Torture Permanently) Campaign and water privatization.Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives . . . The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government.--Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 21I learned how I can start from scratch, creating my own voter organization, and how to become more involved with the community directly.--Laura Chernin, Defending Democracy camp participantAnnual Report 2005 56 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeResponding to Humanitarian CrisesTe media can show us the terrible aftermath of a disaster ruined homes, destroyed infrastructure, lives upended. But they cannot so easily show us the other, deeper obstacles confronting individuals and communities as they go about rebuilding their lives. As disasters reveal the fault lines of social, economic, and political inequality in societies, the frequent result is that certain groups become enriched, while poor and disadvantaged populations are left even poorer and more disadvantaged. UUSCs work in humanitarian crises seeks to ensure that disaster response takes into account the rights of all those aected. As an organization that values partnership with local groups, we work to honor and support peoples own response to crises in their lives.In the aftermath of the tsunami, UUSC supported organizations that provided: Trauma counseling and skills training for Dalit women in Tamil Nadu, India. Immediate relief and long-term livelihood rehabilita-tion in Aceh and North Sumatra, Indonesia. Livelihood reconstruction for Tamil, Muslim, and Sin-halese families in eastern Sri Lanka. Emergency assistance, trauma counseling, and livelihood rehabilitation for Burmese migrants living in Thailand.Tsunami and beyondWe responded to the needs of survivors of the December 26, 2004, Indian Ocean tsunami with the over $2 million raised through the joint UUSC-UUA Tsunami Relief Fund. We have been working with UUSC and UUA Holdeen India Program partners on relief for tsunami survivors in India, as well as with local grassroots groups in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In addition, we are working in Tailand with Burmese migrants, one of the groups of survivors who have largely been overlooked.Last year, UUSC also provided support in: Afghanistan, where the Afghan Womens Network empowered women to improve the quality of their lives, and the Afghan Womens Department sponsored management training for women. Iraq, where Women for Women International provided direct aid, established skills training, and instituted income-generation programs, and All Our Children provided basic health care. Darfur, Sudan, where the Darfur Peace and Development Organization worked on conict resolution. Te United States, where the National Immigration Project responded to abuses of civil liberties and immigrant rights resulting from current immigration-enforcement practices. Haiti, where the Lambi Fund provided relief for survivors of Hurricane Jeanne. IRIN 2005Darfuri women and children at a displacement camp outside of al-Junaynah, SudanAnnual Report 2005 7Renuka (left), her four children, and her husband live in semipermanent housing provided by a UUSC partner in Sri Lanka. Her husband, a spear sherman, lost all his equipment during the December 2004tsunami. Like the 65 families that live in this housing, they were given a house with two rooms and a kitchen, and they share a latrine with two other families.Tsunami survivors in semipermanent housing, Govinapam, Sri Lanka8 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeProviding Experiential Learning Opportunities One major aspect of UUSCs eorts is providing opportunities to engage our members and supporters in hands-on experience with social justice and human rights issues. Trough our JustWorks experiential learning camps short-term projects that help volunteers examine and understand the causes and damaging eects of injustice participants become directly involved in our justice-making work, interacting with people in local communities and experiencing social justice struggles rsthand.JustWorks camps last year included voter registration and get-out-the-vote programs in the period leading up to the 2004 presidential election. UUSC trained youth and young adults who participated in the July 2004 Defending Democracy camp in Boston to organize, educate, and register voters. Participants then returned to their hometowns to follow up with electoral activism in their own neighborhoods. Other JustWorks camps focused on civil rights activism and learning and service opportunities in Native American communities. JustWorks campsIn 2004, UUSC launched Freedom Summer: A Civil Rights Journey, during which participants met with many who were on the front lines of the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Te program was so popular that it is now an annual intergenerational event.Participants in the Civil Rights Journey traveled through the cities of Atlanta, Ga., and Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, Ala., to view historically signicant sites and speak with civil rights activists. For the second part of the camp, the group partnered with the Georgia Citizens Coalition on Hunger (GCCH), a nonprot organization focusing on poverty issues. Te Civil Rights Journey participants registered voters, worked on the GCCH organic farm, and assisted in a building project.Te Human Rights Camp for teenagers in August 2004 was a collaboration among UUSC, the Muckleshoot Indians of Auburn, Wash., and the UUAs Pacic Northwest District. Participants explored the connections among race, ecology, and the economy in the local area.For the second year in a row, a UU youth group participated in the Mohawk Valley camp, joining members of the Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community in Fonda, N.Y., for cultural learning and service projects on resettled native land. In April 2005, teenagers from the Winchester Unitarian Society of Winchester, Mass., dedicated their weeklong school vacation to learning about Native American life and culture.Everywhere we went was important and helped me put pieces of history together to make a coherent story in my mind. The JustWorks camp was one of those life-changing experiences that you only get once, and Im very grateful to have been a part of it.--Chloe Silva, Civil Rights Journey participantJustWorks camp participants during Freedom Summer: A Civil Rights Journey in Atlanta, Ga.Annual Report 2005 9My experience at the Mohawk Valley camp was incredible. There are really no other words to describe it. It was a really perspective-changing experience to be that close to the land. It reminded me of our real purpose, both spiritual and physical.-- Carol Fraser, Mohawk Valley camp participantMohawk Valley JustWorks camp participants at the Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community, Fonda, N.Y.Promoting Fair TradeIn todays increasingly unregulated global economy, a growing number of people are working outside legal labor protection. Participants in the informal economy including street vendors, market women, day laborers, and tea and coee producers are those most in need of support in their struggles for a living wage and their right to organize. UUSC works with partner organizations to protect workers rights and to advocate for those protections on the national level in countries around the world and in the United States.An important way in which UUSC supports these marginalized workers is by advocating that products grown by small producers in the Global South are fairly traded. When products such as coee, tea, and cocoa are purchased through fair trade, the small farmers who produce these goods are guaranteed a fair price that is usually above market. When they receive a fair price, these farmers can then aord to pay for basic needs for their families, including food, shelter, and education. For UUSC, fair trade is a great deal more than U.S. consumers paying a bit more for their cup of coee.UUSC Coee ProjectTrough the UUSC Coee Project, more than 700 Unitarian Universalist congregations nationwide support fair trade by serving Equal Exchange coee during their coee hours. Tese congregations represent the largest percentage of participation by any denominational group working in partnership with Equal Exchange, a 100 percent fair trade company.Trough their congregational participation in the Coee Project, UUs have a simple way to promote their values and enjoy a connection to UUSCs human rights work. Tey can also support local human rights initiatives in coee-growing regions. UUSC receives a small percentage of the sale proceeds to provide grants to local grassroots organizations in these regions, such as the current womens leadership training course at the Manos Campesinas cooperative in Guatemala. More than 700 con-gregations, ofces, schools, and Unitarian Universalist groups participate in the UUSC Coffee Project, purchas-ing more than 35 tons of fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and sugar from Equal Ex-change, a 100 percent fair trade company. 10 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeWhen you drink a cup of fairly traded coffee, you are supporting one or two or three small-scale farmers on the other side of the world, so they can have a better life and education for their children. -- Gabriel Ulomi, Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union, TanzaniaPicking coffee beans at the CECOCAFEN coffee cooperative, NicaraguaFair trade goods for sale at the UU Society of Wellesley Hills, Wellesley, Mass.Robin MacIlroy and William SpearsCaroline and Harold MaldePeter MancollSusan Mann and G. William SkinnerAnne and Bennet ManvelEva and Thomas MarxJoan and Keith MathewsCarol and John MathisJudy Mayo and Sid AaronBeverly McAleerHarry McAndrewSusan and Douglas McLeodEllen and Walter Roy MellenJames and Helen MerrittCarolyn Moller and David SmithJonathan MollerDorothy MooreSara MoserSuzanne and Richard MurraySharon MurrelLauri and Ray NandyalD. Joan and Franklin NeffHeidi NelsonCarol Jean and Edward NewmanRuth and Horace NicholsKatherine NordahlElizabeth and Eric NordgrenTamis NordlingNancy and Leonard NowakCarolyn OConnorDoris OdenTerri Odom and Brian LyttleAbe and Gloria OhanianFelicia OldfatherPhyllis and James OlinPriscilla and Franklin OsgoodSusan and John OwickiCharlotte and Merrill PalmerMarje and Richard ParkPatricia and Melissa ParkertonJohn and Charlotte ParkinsonLouis PaulRandy PauschDonald PearsonJeanette PerlmanRichard PertzLyn Peters and Phillip SchwartzThomas and Barbara PetersmeyerJon PetersonRobert PhelpsScott Piepho and Elizabeth ReillyPamela PiersonCary PlumerStephen PolmarSally PopperMatt PowellKathleen PtacekJune PulciniWilliam RankenMerry Rawls and Laura GriecoThomas and Sandra ReeceAlbert and Peggy RichardsonMichelina RizzoAnne and John RobertsEllis Robinson and Richard MarkLawrence RobinsonDaniel RobinsonMark Rodehaver and Karren Van KennenElizabeth RogersMarion and Richard RosaNancy and Donald RossPauline RoweAnn RubinRandy RuchotzkeWilliam RuozziJacqueline Russell and Jane MillerJohn and Maggie RussellMillicent and John RutherfordA. William SabatinoErika SaffordElizabeth SalettSusann SalmelaBetty SandersManfred SchlebuschAdrian and Carol SchmidhauserElizabeth Schmitt and EricRichardsAlice Schulz-Malayter and James MalayterMartha ScottSusan ScrimshawThomas Seiter and Kathleen Day-SeiterJohn and Elinor SeveringhausRobert ShaferDavid ShehBetty ShermanMike ShonseyCharles SiegelEdward SimmonsSusan SmarttAllan and Donna SmithRoberta SmithSusan and John SmithNancy SmithMrs. Livingston SmithJane Engle SmithMary SorensenMrs. Mary SpeareAnne and J. Randall SpringerAnne and Walter St. GoarMartha SteeleJanice and W. Lowell SteinbrennerJoan SteindlerMaurice and Leah StormDavid Suehsdorf and Janet MuirLee and John SullivanEdith SwallowPaulett and Ganson TaggartDorothy TaylorJoni and James TedescoPriscilla and Gerald ThainErling ThoresenAnne and Thomas ThorwardCynthia and Aubrey TobeyNina and Howard TolleyBarbara Tonnesen and Richard HeyeKurt TopikThomas Townsend and Dorothy WavrekFasaha TraylorWayne and Lynn TrenbeathThomas TreuenfelsHelen and John TryonThe Twomey-Phipps FamiliesGail and Richard UllmanLinda Van Blaricom and Chris KupperLaurie and Eric Van LoonMary VedderGerry VeederSuzanne ViemeisterVirginia VogtsMargaret and Carl Von DreeleMoritz and Jennifer WagnerCelia WardSusan WeaverEleanor Webster and Dorothea WidmayerCharla and Scott WeissE. Sohier and Mary WelchMs. Jean WertsJane and James WhiteVirginia and Redford WilliamsRosalind WilliamsIsabelle WilliamsM. Jane Williamson and Stephen WinthropCindy WinnOliver and Helen WolcottRhonda WoodardNigel WrightKatherine and Peter WyckoffLouis ZehnerMargaret and A. Lee ZeiglerLaura Zucker and Ursula Bartels(cont|nuco nc\t ac)Honor Roll of Annual Fund Major DonorsTose who contribute signicant nancial resources to the work of UUSC deserve special mention and appreciation. Recognition is given to both unrestricted gifts and to gifts for a designated purpose. Planned gifts are also included.Martha and Waitstill Sharp Society ($50,000 and over)Martha and Waitstill Sharp led the rst Unitar-ian relief eorts aimed at lending assistance to refugees in Czechoslova-kia and those eeing the Sudetenland. Tey later served as ambassadors extraordinary for the Unitarian Service Com-mittees work in France.Karen Day and William CoolidgeClarence Lee SmallEleanor Clark French Society ($25,000 $49,999)Eleanor Clark French was director of the Unitarian Service Committees post-WWII rest home at Monnetier, France, which served the need of refugees for a place where comradeship, extra food, rest, and nature could encourage recovery from terrors they had experienced.Anonymous (1)Kathryn and John GreenbergAlfred Trumpler and Ellen TrumplerRev. Carleton Fisher Society ($10,000 $24,999)Carleton Fisher served as the rst executive director of the Universalist Service Committee and super-vised post-WWII relief eorts in the Netherlands. He was instrumental in coordinating early coop-erative eorts between the Unitarian and Universalist Service Committees.Nancy AndersonBeverly and George AugustArlene BartlowMary and John FrantzLorella and Todd HessYolande JurzykowskiRuth LittleEmily PalmerEdgar and Phyllis PearaHilda RushElizabeth Lonie Simpson and John WurrHoward TuckerFlorence WagnerDr. Ary Bordes Society ($5,000 $9,999)For over a decade, Dr. Bordes and UUSC worked together to establish progressive health care programs beneting the people of Haiti. His vision resulted in thousands of chil-dren gaining access to medical and nutritional services they otherwise would have lacked.Richard and Lisa CashinThomas CleweBarbara FrenchEmily GoldblattAlan Jones and Ashley GarretRomeo KassarjianHollis LiggettJudith and John ManocherianKathleen and Curtis MarbleCharlotte McLaughlin and James ConleyJohn McLaughlin and Stacey StrentzLee-Ann and Mark MeredithJanet Mitchell and Jerry CromwellConstance MorrillMakanah and Robert MorrissGary NissenbaumMary OlchWilliam and Betty ParkerSandra and Thomas ReeceBradley RogersMarjorie and Julius SingletonSarah and Larry Stevens-MilesAnne and Mark VeldmanKatherine and Philippe VillersLois and Robert WhealeyAlan ZeppaElizabeth ZimmermannHans Deutsch Society ($1,000 $4,999)Hans Deutsch was an Austrian artist who drew cartoons critical of Adolph Hitler while living in Paris in the 1930s. When the Nazis invaded Paris, he abandoned all he had and ed to Portugal, where he was assisted by the Unitarian Service Committees early relief eorts. He later became an agent of the USC and designed its logo the aming chalice.Anonymous (4)Jeanne and Nicholas AldrichHerbert AltholzCharlotte AndersonJoan and Paul ArmstrongSusannah and Howard ArnouldDan ArnowLois and Donald ArquettePaul and Linda AveryDorothy and Russell BalisokHarriet and William BallCheryl BargetGale Zander BarlowSteven BarrNancy Bartlett and Dave HammondGeorge BauerElizabeth and Gordon BawdenBeverley BaxterNancy and Reinier BeeuwkesHolly Bell and Matthew KaufmannMargaret BenenGene and Karen BergRalph and Gretchen BerggrenRichard BerrettChristine Bishop and Paul ArkemaVonny BishopNancy Boyum BlethenTom BliffertFrank BlumenthalStephen Boelter and Karen CombsCarl Boet-WhitakerJanice Bohman and Eric KellerLinda BonkNancy BootheDurrett Bortner-Ryder and E. Henry RyderArnold and Julia BradburdEva and David BradfordBonnie BraeErnest BraggAndre BraugherBetty BrothersHelen BrownWillard BrownCaryl BrowseElsa BuchananJohn BuehrensWayne and Cynthia BullaugheyJohn BurkittJohn and Irene BushEileene and William ButlerDavid CaccamoLeonard CampbellSusan CarboniElaine and Steve CastlesDavid and Mavis CauffmanCharlie Clements and Gigi WizowatyMayre Lee and Kelly CliftonMr. and Mrs. Robert Cobb, Jr.Christopher ColeCatherine and Thomas ConahanKim and Stanley CorfmanAlice CornishJames Couser and Kathryn MiddletonGeorge CowgillFred CoxLynn and James CrawfordGrace and Carlyle CreceliusMichael CzarnieckiGeorge Dale and Stefanie Etzbach-DaleAnn and Harry DavidsonMarie De LuciaElizabeth de SchweinitzSuzanne and Franklin deBeersBarbara DeCosterArthur and Doris DellBarbara and Wayne DerrickAlice and Julian DewellErnest DieterichMallory DiggesJanet DixonUlf DollingEileen and Alvin DrutzSadie DunworthMartha Easter-WellsLynn and Gregory EastwoodElizabeth Eipper and Richard MainsCaroline and John EllisAmy and Lee EllsworthCarol EmmerlingMartha and Richard EnglandLinda and Steven EppertMarjorie and Duane ErwayDorothy and Howard FairweatherFrank FaltusLinda and James FelsCarol and Richard FenclLucia Santini-Field and Bruce FieldPrudence and William FinnEllen and W. Burns FisherMargery and A. Irving ForbesJill FormanBonnie and Frederick ForteKathy FosnaughHarry FreemanLauren Furst and Peter KoosStephanie Garber and David CollinsAshley Garrett and Alan JonesMaria Geigel and Stephen WeyerRichard and Elinor GentilmanJohn Gibbons and Sue BaldaufMargaret and John GibsonDianne GillardRobert and Megan GlimcherUrsula Goebels-Ellis and George Ellis, IIIJoan GoldbergFrederick GraftonBeth Graham and William SchulzRuth GrayNancy GreenleafKimberly and Peter GregoryStanley Grifth and Ann SchauferDonna and Michael GrifthCarol and Henry GroppeCheryl GrossJames Gunning and Ellen EwingGay Ann GustafsonMarian and W. Mark GutowskiWarren HallilaSheila Hameon-HeyerBenjamin and Ruth HammettStephen HandMelinda Hardin and Louis AllstadtMary HartgerJill HartmanGary Hartz and Teri WissMargaret and Zachary HarveyJ. Elaine HeadElizabeth and William HemeonWarner and Barbara HendersonLee HendersonLee HetterlineJohn HickeyChip and Susie HiderCharlotte HillBeth and William HilligDavid HoffmanMargaret and John HollMary-Ella Holst and Guy QuinlanDiantha and Bill HortonBarclay and Kerstin HudsonDonald HudsonDorothy HuttAddison and Deborah IgleheartM. Barbara and J. D. JacksonNancy JanssenJudith Jesiolowski and David ThompsonRoberta and Robert JohansenDonald and Helen JohnsonGrant JohnsonRobert JonesTodd and Allison JonesWalter and Eliza JonesPeggy and Hunter JonesGregory JonesJean JungNelson KadingKatherine and John KaufmannJeffery KefferJoanne and David KelleherKathy and Fred KelseyFolly and John KingXina KingshillJeanne KisselRuth and A. Lawrence KolbeEric KreilickJacqueline and Paul LaddJohn LampertiMary and James LandfriedTony LarsenS. Hunter and Darla LeggittDoris H. LinderLynne and Jesse LipconIngeborg LockSharon and Neal LockwoodJohn LongDonald LoveVera and Richard LoveDiane and John LovittJoan Lund and Eugene Pizzo, Jr.Lawrence LundenJanet and Dusan LysyAnnual Report 2005 11Compass Club ($500 $999)Te Compass Club was established to recognize donors who have sup-ported UUSC with a gift of $500 or more in a single scal year.Anonymous (8)S. James and Mary AdelsteinSusan and Peter AldenMargaret Alexander Nancy and Eric AlmquistWilliam AndersonGordon AndrewsMary Andrus-Overley and Donald HalfordCelestine Armenta and Chip SharpeMargaret and Scott ArmstrongWilliam ArvidsonIrene and Waldo AspJoyce and Gordon AsselstineDeanne and Jonathan AterMadge AttwoodSusan AveryRuth and Phillip BackupSusan BagbyRachael BailBarbara BairMelba and Cornelis BakkerAudrey and John BallEllen BarkerCharles and Mary BarrettJanet and Gordon BartelsSherry BassiJoan and Daniel BechtelLarry Beck and Danielle DiBonaEunice BeckMr. and Mrs. Lester BeckerMrs. Alan BeerbowerArthur BelangerPhyllis BelseyBruce and Peyton BendixAlan BenfordMichele BergCynthia and Jeffrey BerryWilma and Lewis BiegelsenBarbara Bishop and Hale HuberLouise and Homer BishopNanon and Robert BixlerAnne BlackBrenda Blair and Larry YarakJoani BlankBarbara BlissRobert BoileauMr. and Mrs. Roger BoveMargaret and Francis BowlesAllen BoydGerard and Patricia BrandonMary BrandtRobert BrewerBenjamin and Anne BrewsterJulia and Daniel BrodyCarol and Paul BrodyMargaret and Bryant BrownPatricia BrownLinda and David BrownBena and Jerry BrownLeslie BrownBradford BrownLinda Brundage and Ralph KronJeffrey and Jane BruneMr. and Mrs. Thomas BrunnerJohn BrushKathryn and W. Mark BrutinelDavid BryantDedra BuchwaldR. Rae BuckleyDoris and Thomas BuckyMarsha and Philip BulyBrian BurbaBarbara BurnimJerry Burns and Robb QuintJanet BushMaria BushAnnelore and Henry ButlerDavid CanzlerVelaine CarnallAudrey and Richard CarvalhoPhyllis and Richard CasselKarla and Ronald ChewFrank GlassJohn Glasson and Victoria SmithKenneth Goggins and Gerald ParchmanJack GoldbergMargaret and Michael GormanMary and Franklin GouldMichael Grady and Ellen GrimmMelissa Graf-EvansBonnie and Mark GramlichMadeleine GrantMichael GreenmanPaula and Steven GreenspanAlice GridleyDennis and Elizabeth GrimesLinda GrossStewart GrubmanHelen GundersonJanet GuptillNan Guptill-Crain and Robert CrainWilliam and Ann HackworthNancy HahneRoberta and Don HallJudith and David HallKatherine Hall MartinezThomas and Roberta HallowellLynn HalseySally and Aaron HamburgerAllen and Antoinette HamptonHoward HandelmanLorayne and Paul HansenAnne HardingMargaret HargroveLonna and Richard HarkraderElaine HarperNancy and Robert HarperJan and Kenneth HarperLorelei HarrisBarbara and William HarrisAlfred HarrisonJune and James HartJudith Hartman and Craig BeylerMarilyn and Don HartmanMichael HassettMary HatchLouise HauserLois and John HaywardBeverly HaywoodDonna and Alon HeathJames HeidellDavid and Judy HelgagerCharlotte and Orrin HelstadJames and Lynne HeltmanJennifer and Russell HerndonLinda HerreidAl HerterJanice HervieuxJean Hewens and Jeremy HewensCynthia Hiatt and R. Thompson ArrisonJohn and Charlotte HilkeDianne and David HoaglinDonna Hoffman and Richard DumHarriet HoltCharles HolzweissigMargaret and Terence HoskenBarbara and Donald HoskinsWendy HowardHeather HowardJohn and Elizabeth HowellLouise HuddlestonTracey and Robert HughesJudith HuntAmy HuotJonathan and Elizabeth HutchinsonMargaret and Beal HydeMary Ruth IdsoLois IngramDiann and Rand IrwinWayne ItanoSusan JackAlice JacksonMr. and Mrs. Vernon JacobJanice Jacobson-CooperJennifer and Timothy JacobyCynthia and Paul JenisonEdward and Myrna JenkinsC. JenkinsJean and William JenningsRochelle JobesHenriette JohnsenTimothy and Jo JohnsonRoger and Barbara JohnsonMarie JohnsonMary Jones and S. Kingsley MacomberGloria and Roger JonesLinda JonesStephen JonesCharlotte Jones-CarrollJocelynn and Richard KaiserSusan Kaliszewski and Peter ThornePatsy and Bernard KaplanJoseph Karbowski and Magaret DugganMeredith Kassoy and Raphael BustinLinda KayRobert and Patricia KeaneElaine KearneyArdith and Fred KerstJohn KeturiElizabeth and James KeyLinda KilbournElizabeth KingSamskriti KingNancy and Edward KingsburyDaniel and Lory Kitamura-TintorSharon KittrellGeorge Kleinberger and Maria JoynerFrances KnappMarilyn KnightNancy KnoerzerFiona KnoxKaren and John KnoxLilo and Stefan KoehlK. Bruce and Deanna KoepckeSarah KonstanNancy and Andrew KosseffTerry KozlowskiEric and Margaret KranzSusan and Leslie KrausJohn and Marilyn KucharskiGeorge KuhnMiriam Lahage and Andrew PakulaSherman Lam and Kathy GuarneriCarolyn Lamb and Jonathan ReumanElizabeth Lancaster and Eli ShefterFrederick and Constance LandmannRichard LaRhette and Diane MoranStacey LavenderHelen and Edward LawPhyllis and Donald LaytonJane LeaJulie and Brock LeachRichard and Patricia LeggatMary and David LeonardBonnie LepoffCatherine LessMichelle LevesqueAnnmarie Levins and Linda SeverinRobert LewisThomas LiebRichard LoescherEli and Andy LogemannEleanor Loija and Patricia SleamakerMichael LordThomas LouisMargaret Love and Thomas RemingtonVirginia and George LoveJames LowVictoria and Francis LowellPatricia LynchJohn MaasLouise MachinistKenneth MacLeanSusan MacraeMona and Nicholas MagnisWilliam MagueKristen and Julie MaguireMarilyn and John MaiselKatherine Manker and Bruce GardnerKathleen ManleyT. MannosWilliam MaqueAnnette MarquisMartha MartinElliot and Jean MarvellDavid MasonValerie MastrovichMichael and Laura MatsonElizabeth MaySusan McCafferty and Robert HuntingtonDon McDanielLisa McDermottLouise McDonaldMary Beth McInerneyDonald McLarenAlice and Hugh McLellanNancy McNamara and Lydia McMorrowMargaret McNicolChristine McVayKathryn MedinaCatherine and Ronald MenendezDeborah and Ralph MeroVirginia MerrittJoseph MetelskiShelby MeyerhoffBetty and Daniel MianoJoanne Michalski and Michael WeedaDeborah MielkeMarilyn and Michael MilesMelanie and James MilnerStephen Moffat and Carmen SamoraDonna and Robert MohrMargaret and Neil MooneyNancy and Ray MooreMolly and Stephen MooreJoseph and Karen MooreLansing MoranCatherine MoroccoBetty and Gay MorrowChristopher MorseChristine MossEdward Motley, Jr.Kirsten Mueller and David HunterDorothy and Eugene MulliganMary Louise MuntsPaula Murphy and Jim AulerMelinda MurphyDonald MyersJohn and Polly NashLila Nation and Sarah NicholsonSusan and Paul NelsonElsa and Robert NewJohannah and Thomas NewmanSuzanne NewtonMark and Sandra NiblickDan and Alice NicolsonMary NilesMichael NimkoffWilliam NissBonnie NortonJanet Nussmann and Robert CaryKaren OConnorDoris May OKaneMichael ONeillMary Ann OakleyMark OberRobert OkazakiAlan OlssonFrancene and G. Timothy OrrokNancy and Antonio OrtizWilliam OthersenForrest and Mary Lee OwenKristen OwsleyMeda-Lou PaddenG. PainRobert and Norma PainterWilliam and Janice PalichEmily PardeeKerry and Barry ParkerKenneth ParkerIra ParkerJoseph ParsonsDina PasalisKathleen and Jim PattonJill PenalozaBarbara and Paul PeneldPhyllis PennellAnn PerryKaren and Robert PetryJane and Paul PfeifferCarol PfeifferGeorgie PhillipsBonnie and Lewis PhinneyAnn and Arnold PickarJacqueline and Eric PierceDiane Pinkham Phillip PittSusan and Michael PlassCecilie and Galen PletcherKatharina PletrasekDavid PollakNoreen and Thomas PowersAnne PowersLaura and Richard PrattStephen and Mary PuckettDeborah PulliamRichard and Carol RaderNancy and Kenneth RaglandCarolyn Raia-Holstein and David HolsteinJoe and Diane RamseySusan and Henry RauchKimberly and Mark RaySusan and Kenneth Read-BrownDoris ReedMarylou and Glenn Reed-QuinnKay ReevesKevin Reid and Misty HathawayAlice Rennie and Charles McCormackElizabeth and John RichardsMargaret RichardsonLoretta and Robert RittleJohn RobbinsCandace Roberts and Mary SalterLisa Roberts and Janet ClarkWilliam and Cynthia RobertsLisa RobinsonRobert and Jean RoblJane RockLouise RonneArcenia RosalRuth and Kenneth RossMichael and Wendy RossJoanne RoudebushSarita and Arlin RoyNancy RussellMark RussoJohn Lawrence RutledgeM. Bernadette RyanJonathan SachsCornelia Saltus and John SmithChristine SanfordDonna and James SavickiFannette SawyerSusan SchantzBetty-Lou and James ScheidLaurie and Charlie SchottNan SchubelTrina and Michael SchulerSarah SchulzNorman SchuttMr. and Mrs. John SchwobMolly ScottElizabeth and Robert ScottKelly and Michael ScottCharles Scott and Barbara WrightLars and Julia SelbergMarion SeymourNeil and Lillie ShadleJames ShanahanSteven and Constance ShapiroAnne and David SharpeChristine Shearer and Homaune RazaviDaniel SheehanStephen and Georgianne SheehyJean Shepard and Robert GrossSulochana ShermanRuth and Walter ShurHarvy SimkovitsHildred and John SimonsEthan SimsElizabeth SkinnerLelia SmithDouglas and Eileen SmithKathleen Smith-DiJulio and Donald DiJulioLenore SnodeyRobert Snow and Howard BlockMaria and Roger SobkowiakMary and Alex SproulBetty and Tom StaplefordLori SteagerRobert and K. Ann StebbinsEmilie SteeleJudith Sterling and Michael EismanBarbara ChildEleanore ChrismanSue Churchill and John WilhoitSuzannah and Robert CierniaJudith CirilloPhyllis and Victor ClausenMolly Clawson and Walker WillinghamKaren and Stephen CleggWallace ClelandSherry ClineThomas CoffeyNorma and Harvey CohenAnne and Michael ColemanCarol CollinsLaurel Garcia Colvin and Helio Fred GarciaDorothy and Paul ConkinKatherine and W. Thomas CookJoan CooperThomas CostagliolaReginald CraigStephen CraryJames CrawfordKatherine CromwellThomas CrowellRichard CullerMartha Curry and Don PinkertonGrace and Theodore CurtinSadie and William CurtisArmelle CzuyRuth and Nelson DarlingShirley and Al DavisTheodora Davitt-CornynEdward DayhoffDavid and Sarah DeCouEileen and Robert DegenSusan DelaneyWanda DemingShirley and Peter DenisonJane and William DerrickVincent DiLauroGail and William DonkinSally DonnerMary and Jeremy DouglassLisabeth and Edward DowDouglas Downer and Elizabeth WhitmanJohn and Sheryl DowningMary DragounMargaret and James DuesenberryNancy DukekJean DunlapPhyllis and Lew DunlapKristin DunnLois and Joe DunneMeg and Brad DworskyJudith and Larry EastPatricia EckelsLaurence EggersDonna EkstrandLarry and Kathleen EldridgeMary EliotKarol EllerKaren EngelkingDean EricksonPeter EricsonClaire Ernhart and Ed PsottaCarol and Robert EvansCarole Evans and Jerry HartsockAnn and Anthony FisherLaura FisherJohn FlanaganMr. and Mrs. Daniel FlaniganSeymour FleishmanRobert ForceyJohn and Lynn ForemanJanet ForseSusanne FoxE. Louise FrederickNancy FriedrichsSandra FritzPhillip and Doris FroehlichGreta and Paul FryxellElizabeth FullerGwendolyn and James FykeRobert and Elizabeth GabrielliAlberta GardnerJames R. GarnerPaula GerdenDell and Oscar GersterIrmgard and William GimbyTracy Gipson and Bernard BloomBarbara and Julius GlaserDavid StieglitzSteven StoddardPaul StoneGreta StoneRobert StrandWendy and Frederick StreitzVirginia StrongJustine SullivanCarol SundBarbara and Hugo SwanAndrew SwansonCharles and Catherine TalcottKaren and Brian TaliesinDavid TarbellErik TavzelZoe TaylorRuth TaylorRachel and David TedescoJean and John ThiemannSusan Thomas and Michael AcheyVern ThomasAnn ThompsonBetty and Chet ThompsonJoyce and David ThompsonAnn and James ThroopMadelon TimmonsRobert and Alice Jane TownsendEvelyn TrageserSarita TrewarthaLinda and Jonathan TuckMr. and Mrs. Victor TylerScott UllrichDoris Van AlenTodd Van GordonDale and Alice Van WormerPatricia Vanderlaan-Post and Martin VanderlaanArdis VaughanAntonio VelascoVanessa Verkade and Peter BairdLuis and Herli VigilGerald VisteKenneth and Jerusha VogelTeresa VoshellJudith WaldenNancy and Allen WambachDana and Mike Wasserman-NaylorMargie and William WatsonFrancie Weeks and Scott ShaneEllen Wehrle and Richard PokornyRandy WeinbergElizabeth and Robert WeinstockCarolyn WellsDeborah and Robert WeltmanDeborah and Steve WentworthVirginia and Farley WheelwrightRobert WhitePatricia WhiteRuth WhiteHenry O. WhitesideMary WicksJames WilberVirginia and Jack WilkersonMargaret WillardPatricia WilliamsJanet and Andrew WilsonDeborah Wingard and Pierre VaughnRobert WinsorSusan and Stanley WintersAnne WolfgangRobert and Betsy WonesSara and Duncan WoodJerri and John WoodJordan Wood and David LeppikIra and Patricia WoodsteinAustin WoodwardBryan WoolleyJudith WrightLynn and Robert YoungCatherine YoungPolle Zellweger and Jock MacKinlayJanine ZiegPaul and Karen ZiemerMary and Robert ZimmerErich and Susan Zuern (cont|nuco nc\t ac)Honor Roll of Annual Fund Major Donors(cont|nuco)12 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeAnnual Report 2005 13Ih/s 4nnua/ keport coters the per/od Iu/j 1, 2004 Iune J0, 2005. Ihe comp//ers ol th/s report hate carelu//j ret/eued the names that are /nc/uded. houeter, errors and om/ss/ons maj hate occurred. ll jour name or congregat/on has oeen om/tted, m/sspe//ed, or //sted /ncorrect/j, p/ease accept our apo/og/es and or/ng the m/stake to our attent/on. 0ontact the lnst/tut/ona/ 4dtancement 0epartment, 4nnua/ keport l/st/ngs, JJS0, 1J0 Prospect Street, 0amor/dge M4 021J91845, ema// dete/opmentuusc.org, or ca// 80076652J6.Ambassadors CouncilAmbassadors Council members assist UUSC sta and board with resource devel-opment and communicating UUSCs mission and values to key constituents.Margot Adler*Joan Armstrong*Susannah and Howard Arnould*Beverly and George August*Nancy BartlettBeverley BaxterLarry BeckTom Bliffert*Marjorie Bowens-WheatleyHelen Brown*Dorothy and James Caldiero*Barbara CheathamDan CheeverDavalene Cooper*Fred Cox*Kim Crawford Harvie*Theadora Davitt-CornynSuzanne deBeers*Alice and Julian DewellSayre DixonLaurence Eggers*Franklin EvansRichard Fuhrman*Anne and Bill Furtick*Irmgard and William Gimby*James GunningSally and Aaron Hamburger*Robert HardiesJohn HickeyDeborah HoldenMary-Ella HolstLeon Hopper*Diantha and Bill HortonBarry Johnson-FaySarah Karstaedt*Fiona KnoxMadeleine Lefebvre*Kenneth MacLeanLinda and Daniel Marquardt*Jim McCorkel*Phyllis MoralesStephen Murphy*Cheryl Nikonovich-KahnWinnie Norman*Mary Ann OakleyKris OckershauserAbe and Gloria OhanianCarolyn Owen-TowleLee Pardee*Dorothy and Tracy PattersonLaura Pedersen*Alan and Diana PetersMaggie and Ernie PipesBirdie and Charlie ReedThomas RhodesChristine RobinsonLucile and Warren RossWarren SalingerDick Scobie*Marilyn Sewell*Neil ShadleLarry Shafer*Ruth and Ted ShapinDon SouthworthFlaming Chalice CircleTe Flaming Chalice Circle recognizes those who include UUSC in their estate plans or who have made a planned gift to UUSC.Susan and Peter AldenPhyllis ApplegarthJohn and Barbara BaileyRachael BalyeatBeverley BaxterPeggy and George BellI. Inka BentonAnn BoothAlba and Doyle BortnerNancy BrachIrma and Paul BraunsteinBetty BrothersHelen BrownFrances and Laurence BrundallHelen BurkeEvelyn ChidesterElizabeth and Carl ClarkDeirdre Cochran and Daniel CouchBruce CornishMildred CourtleyJoan Cudhea and Tomas FirleJan CurtisCarol DavisL. Patton DavisTheodora Davitt-CornynFrances DewAlice and Julian DewellLyda Dicus and Robert HansonRuth and John DonnellCarol DonovanImogene DraperLaurence EggersClaire Ernhart and Ed PsottaMartha and John FergerElizabeth FordAnne ForsythRichard and Hillary FuhrmanCarrie Gillespie and Kris KaushikAnne and Julius GoldinLaura GoodMichael GoodmanSara GrindlayJames Gunning and Ellen EwingEileen and John HamlinYvonne and Joseph HammerquistStephen HartMarjorie and Henry HarveyJean and William HellmuthWarner and Barbara HendersonMary-Ella Holst and Guy QuinlanHanna HoppLu HornerMartha JewettEllen and Barry Johnson-FayAlex Karter and Janet ClemmerWesla KerrPeter LandeckerCorinne LeBovitJack LepoffRuth LevitanPhyllis and Justin LewisDoris H. LinderSharon and Neal LockwoodAimee LykesMitchell LymanEleanor MayCatherine and Leonard McConkiePhyllis and Gordon McKeemanAlice and Hugh McLellanBarbara McMahon and Eric SpelmanAudrey and Donald MicklewrightHarriet and Maurice MillerMalcolm MitchellVirginia MooreLeigh and Thomas MundhenkElsa and Robert NewWilliam NissVivian NossiterMary Ann OakleyRene OehlerVernon OlsonFrancene and G. Timothy OrrokEmily PalmerCharlotte and Merrill PalmerBrydie and Erdman PalmoreJanice ParkDorothy and Tracy PattersonEdgar and Phyllis PearaDiana PetersWilliam PrattLillis and William RaboinVerna RenfroJudith and Lee ReynardDavid RileyMary Rose and Leonard PellettieriJean RoxburghDavid RubinHilda RushJohn and Maggie RussellMillicent and John RutherfordBetty SandersFia and J. David ScheyerRobert and Lillis SchuesslerDick and Jill ScobieNeil and Lillie ShadleSulochana ShermanJoan and Don ShkolnikPaul Siegler and Ruth BoomanElizabeth Simpson and John WurrClarence Lee SmallBetty StaplefordDavid SuehsdorfAnn Taylor*Betty ThompsonAlfred TrumplerNancy and Rick Van Dyke*P. D. WadlerBarbara and Richard Weiss*Lois Whealey*Thomas WintleColin and Latifa WoodhouseElizabethZimmermann** Honorary AmbassadorSherry and Thornton SmithLenore SnodeyGloria SnyderMarion and Robert StearnsMary and James StephensonJoseph SternNancy and Jack StiefelSara and Robert StoddardMatilde and James TaguchiMary ThompsonGeorge ThorntonFred and Ellida TopikJanette and Elsie TrachselHelen TrueHelen and John TryonArliss and Arthur UngarMary VedderKeven VirgilioAlice WallaceLeslie Ann WeinbergErnest WellerMyrna and Herbert WestLois and Robert WhealeySusan and Robert WhitneyDonald WirtanenMargaret WoodwardElizabeth ZimmermannWe are grateful for the extraordinary generosity of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, N.Y., for their contribution in FY05 to match unrestricted gifts to UUSC of $60 or more.Estate donorsUUSC honors individuals whose realized estate bequests exceeded $25,000 or more in the period July 1, 2004 June 30, 2005. Frances A. Ambersen Louis BowenMary Butters BrownEleanor BuistElizabeth E. GrindlayCharles W. Otto FoundationsTe following foundations made grants to UUSC of $1,000 or more in FY05.Boston FoundationBertha Z. Ellis Private FoundationThe Gumpel-Lury FoundationJKW FoundationMaine Community FoundationPeierls FoundationSacajawea FoundationWaco FoundationNamed endowment fundsUUSC has a growing number of named endowment funds established by individual donors, often to honor the memory of a friend or family member, or to commemorate a special occasion. The income from the funds provides an important source of revenue to UUSC for general support or specic programs, as designated by the donors. Unless otherwise indicated, the funds are not restricted. For more complete descriptions of each fund or for more information, visit our website www.uusc.org.Arlene A. Bartlow Endowment FundBeverley V. Baxter Endowment FundRev. Shannon Bernard Memorial FundMildred K. Bickel Endowment FundDomitila Barrios de Chungara Endowment FundMartha Sharp CoganChildrens Endowment FundWarren H. Cudworth Endowment FundRev. John W. Cyrus Endowment FundWilliam Emerson Endowment FundAnne Sharples Frantz Endowment FundEleanor Clark French Library Endowment FundRobert Goodman Endowment FundJohanna Henn Endowment FundMary-Ella Holst and Guy C. Quinlan Endowment FundHu Endowment FundDorothy Baker Johnson Endowment FundMary Kornblau Endowment FundRev. Donald W. McKinney Endowment FundAlexander McNeil Endowment FundKatharine L. Morningstar Endowment FundWilliam U. Niss Endowment FundRev. Carolyn Owen-Towle Endowment FundDorothy Smith Patterson Endowment FundDr. Richard S. Scobie Endowment FundWaitstill H. Sharp Endowment FundMary Trumpler Endowment Fund50th Anniversary Program Endowment Fund60th Anniversary Program Endowment Fundln 1998, the m/n/mum reu/red oa/ance lor a named endoument lund uas set at $25,000. 4// named endoument lunds estao//shed pr/or to that date uere reu/red to meet the or/g/na/ m/n/mum reu/red oa/ance ol $10,000. we hate endeatored to make these //sts as accurate as poss/o/e. P/ease not/lj our lnst/tut/ona/ 4dtancement 0epartment ol anj errors or om/ss/ons.KentuckyBowling GreenLouisvilleTomas Jeerson Unitarian ChurchMaineCastineWest ParisMarylandGreat MillsMassachusettsBernardstonFoxboroughMedeldWeymouthMichiganFarmington HillsMissouriRollaNew HampshireAndoverNew JerseyMorristownNewtonParamusWayneNew YorkBig FlatsJamestownMuttontownNorth CarolinaFranklinMorehead CityOhioCleveland HeightsDelawareOklahomaLawtonOregonRoseburgWest LinnPennsylvaniaAthensPhiladelphiaUU Church of the RestorationPittsburghUU Church of the South HillsWest ChesterTexasAustinUU FellowshipLongviewNew BraunfelsSan MarcosTylerVictoriaVermontBenningtonChesterNorwichWest BrattleboroWest BurkeVirginiaBlacksburgLynchburgWashingtonBellinghamFriday HarborHoquianMarysvilleWisconsinMarsheldMilwaukeeUnitarian FellowshipRice LakeWoodruffFRANCEParisCreating Justice Banner SocietyHonors congregations in which 25-49 percent of the membership are UUSC members.AlabamaAuburnMobileTuscaloosaAlaskaSewardArizonaChandlerGlendaleGreen ValleyPrescottGranite Peak UU CongregationTucsonUU Congregation of NW TucsonCaliforniaAptosBaysideBerkeleyCanoga ParkCarmelCosta MesaFremontFullertonHemetKensingtonLa CrescentaLaguna WoodsLong BeachLos AngelesLos GatosPalo AltoRedwood CitySan DiegoFirst UU ChurchSan FranciscoSan Luis ObispoSanta MonicaSanta PaulaSanta RosaStudio CityThousand OaksVenturaVistaColoradoAuroraColorado SpringsAll Souls UU ChurchDurangoGoldenConnecticutDanburyMadisonManchesterNew HavenNew LondonNorwichStamfordStratfordWestportFloridaBradentonClearwaterDaytona BeachGainesvilleNorth Palm BeachOcalaOrlandoFirst Unitarian ChurchPensacolaRockledgeSt. PetersburgUU United FellowshipTarpon SpringsVeniceWest MelbourneGeorgiaAtlantaNorthwest UU CongregationValdostaHawaiiHonoluluIdahoKimberlyIllinoisCarbondaleChicagoFirst Unitarian ChurchUrbanaIndianaColumbusDanvilleHobartLafayetteIowaCedar FallsCedar RapidsClintonDavenportSioux CityKansasOverland ParkMaineBangorBrunswickEdgecombKennebunkPortlandAllen Avenue UU ChurchFirst ParishWatervilleMarylandCamp SpringsChurchvilleColumbiaCumberlandLuthervilleMassachusettsAndoverAtholAttleboroBillericaBraintreeBridgewaterBrooklineCambridgeCantonCumberlandDuxburyGrotonHinghamFirst Parish in Hingham Old Ship Church LexingtonFollen Church SocietyLittletonNewburyportNorth AndoverNorth EastonPittseldProvincetownQuincySherbornStowSwampscottWalthamWatertownWellesley HillsWest RoxburyWinchendonMichiganAnn ArborAnn Arbor Unitarian FellowshipBrightonDetroitHoughtonMarquetteMuskegonPortageRochesterMinnesotaArden HillsBackusExcelsiorFridleyMahtomediSaint CloudUnderwoodVirginiaWayzataMissouriEllisvilleJefferson CityMontanaKalispellMissoulaNevadaLas VegasNew HampshireDurhamKeenePeterboroughPlymouthTamworthNew JerseyBranchburgMontclairOrangePomonaRidgewoodSomervilleToms RiverNew MexicoAlbuquerqueLas CrucesLos AlamosRio RanchoNew YorkAlbanyBellportCanandaiguaCentral SquareFlushingFredoniaGlens FallsHamburgHastings-on-HudsonHollis QueensHuntingtonKingstonManhassetMohegan LakeNiagara FallsPlattsburghRochesterFirst Universalist ChurchRock TavernSyracuseFirst UU SocietyWater MillWilliamsvilleNorth CarolinaBrevardHickoryJamestownWilmingtonNorth DakotaBismarckFargoOhioAkronAthensBellaireBereaCantonCincinnatiFirst Unitarian ChurchHeritage UU ChurchSt. Johns Unitarian ChurchDaytonFindlayLimaMariettaNorth OlmstedOberlinSanduskyToledoWoosterYellow SpringsYoungstownOklahomaEdmondNormanOklahoma CityOregonAshlandAstoriaCorvallisEugenePortlandWyeast UU CongregationPennsylvaniaBethlehemCollegevilleLackawaxenSmithtonState CollegeStroudsburgTowandaRhode IslandProvidenceReligious Society of Bell Street ChapelSouth CarolinaBeaufortHilton Head IslandTennesseeClarksvilleMemphisPeter Cooper UU FellowshipNashvilleGreater Nashville UU CongregationTexasAmarilloCollege StationHoustonUnitarian FellowshipKerrvilleUU Church of the Hill CountryMidlandPlanoVermontBurlingtonMiddleburySt. JohnsburyVirginiaCharlottesvilleGlen AllenHarrisonburgNewport NewsSterlingWaynesboroWilliamsburgWashingtonBellevueBlaineBremertonEllensburgFreelandKennewickLaceyOlympiaPort TownsendTacomaSpirit of Justice Chalice SocietyHonors those extraor-dinary congregations with 100 percent UUSC membership.ConnecticutBrooklynUnitarian Universalist Society in BrooklynFloridaCocoaUU Congregation of CocoaVero BeachUU Fellowship of Vero BeachVision of Justice Banner SocietyHonors congregations in which 50-99 percent of the membership are UUSC members.AlabamaFlorenceAlaskaFairbanksJuneauArizonaPrescottPrescott UU FellowshipSurpriseArkansasHot Springs VillageJonesboroCaliforniaAuburnBakerseldChicoGrass ValleyNapaNorth HillsPetalumaRancho Palos VerdesRedondo BeachSan RafaelSunnyvaleVisaliaWhittierColoradoGlenwood SpringsGreeleyLovelandConnecticutMeridenStorrsFloridaDelandLakelandPort CharlotteSarasotaTampaGeorgiaAtlantaFirst Existentialist CongregationSt. Simons IslandHawaiiKeaauIdahoPocatelloIllinoisAltonDeKalbIowaMason CityMembership AwardsTese awards recognize congregations that encourage their members to support human rights and social justice by joining UUSC with an annual membership gift.UUSC Honor Congregations of 2005 We recognize and thank the following UU congregations for their exceptional levels of support and membership during UUSCs 2005 scal year. Te generosity of these special congregations enables UUSC to continue its work advancing human rights and social justice in the United States and around the world. 14 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeOutstanding Local Representative awardsEach year, UUSC is proud to honor selected volunteers with the Outstanding Local Representative Award for their work in building support for UUSC and its programs within their congregations. Local representatives serve as resources in their congregations for information about UUSC, promote our programs and policy priorities, and help to increase membership in UUSC.This year, UUSC honored:Lee Engler, of the First Parish Church of Weston, Mass. Millie Seltzer, of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, Tex.For information on how your congregation can play a critical role in supporting the work of UUSC, contact Rachel Binderman at 617-868-6600 or [email protected], or visit our website at www.uusc.org.OhioColumbusDaytonOklahomaTulsaAll Souls Unitarian ChurchPennsylvaniaWest ChesterSouth CarolinaHilton Head IslandTexasDallasFirst Unitarian ChurchVermontMiddleburyVirginiaOakton WilliamsburgWashingtonBellinghamPort TownsendWisconsinAppletonKenoshaMadisonFirst Unitarian SocietyMilwaukeeFirst Unitarian SocietyTsunami Fund Giving RecognitionTese congregations contributed $10,000 or more to the UUSC-UUA Tsunami Relief Fund.CaliforniaSan DiegoFirst UU ChurchSanta BarbaraColoradoGoldenMassachusettsBedfordConcordHarvardNorwellFirst Parish ChurchSwampscottMarylandBethesdaRiver Road Unitarian ChurchMinnesotaSt. PaulNorth CarolinaDurhamEno River UU FellowshipGreenvilleNew YorkNew YorkUnitarian Church of All SoulsTexasAustinFirst UU ChurchDallasFirst Unitarian ChurchVirginiaArlingtonWashingtonSeattleUniversity Unitarian ChurchWisconsinMadisonFirst Unitarian SocietyVashonWoodinvilleWest VirginiaMorgantownWisconsinAppletonEau ClaireKenoshaLa CrosseMadisonFirst Unitarian SocietyPrairie UU SocietyMukwonagoRiponGuest at Your Table Recognition*Trough Guest at Your Table, the members of these congregations contributed a total of $2,000 or more to UUSCs work for justice. *Beginning in FY06, Guest at Your Table Recognition will celebrate congregations that contribute $5,000 or more through Guest at Your Table.ArizonaChandlerParadise ValleySurpriseCaliforniaCarmelPalo AltoRancho Palos VerdesSan FranciscoSunnyvaleVenturaColoradoGoldenConnecticutNew LondonWestportDelawareWilmingtonFloridaLakelandOrlandoFirst Unitarian ChurchSarasotaVero BeachGeorgiaAtlantaUU CongregationIowaCedar FallsMassachusettsNorth AndoverMinnesotaMahtomediMinneapolisFirst Universalist ChurchMissouriJefferson CityNew HampshirePlymouthNew JerseyParamusRidgewoodNew MexicoAlbuquerqueFirst Unitarian ChurchNew YorkManhassetSyracuseFirst UU SocietyHelen Fogg Chalice CongregationsRecognizes congrega-tions for their generous line-item contribution of a gift from their an-nual budget of at least $25 per member.CaliforniaMendocinoUU FellowshipNew HampshireWinchesterUnited ChurchNew YorkManhassetUU Congregation at Shelter RockJames Luther AdamsCongregationsRecognizes congrega-tions that support UUSC through a line-item gift from their an-nual budget of at least $1 per member.AlaskaAnchorageArizonaGreen ValleyPrescottPrescott UU FellowshipSierra VistaSurpriseArkansasHot Springs VillageCaliforniaFresnoModestoPalo AltoSan DiegoFirst UU ChurchSan Luis ObispoSan RafaelSanta BarbaraSolana BeachStudio CitySunnyvaleVenturaColoradoDenverFirst Unitarian SocietyGoldenLafayetteConnecticutHamdenMadisonStorrsWestportFloridaBoca RatonKey WestLakelandMiamiPlantationSarasotaVero BeachGeorgiaAtlantaUU CongregationIllinoisAltonCarbondaleDeKalbRockfordIndianaBloomingtonIowaDavenportIowa CityKansasLawrenceKentuckyLouisvilleTomas Jeerson Unitarian ChurchLouisianaNew OrleansCommunity Church, UUMaineCastineMarylandAnnapolisBethesdaRiver Road Unitarian ChurchCedar Lane UU ChurchChestertownColumbiaCumberlandSalisburyMassachusettsBostonCommunity ChurchDanversDuxburyEasthamGrotonHarvardLittletonNantucketNatickSherbornSterlingSudburySwampscottWatertownWaylandWellesley HillsWestfordMichiganAnn ArborAnn Arbor Unitarian FellowshipFlintMinnesotaSaint CloudWinonaMissouriSt. LouisFirst Unitarian ChurchNevadaLas VegasRenoNew JerseyLincroftOrangeTitusvilleNew YorkCentral SquareHuntingtonMohegan LakeMt. KiscoNew YorkUnitarian Church of All SoulsOneontaRochesterSyracuseMay Memorial UU SocietyCongregational Corporate Giving AwardsTese gifts institutionalize a congregations deep commitment to justice and human rights through the work of UUSC.Ih/s 4nnua/ keport coters the per/od Iu/j 1, 2004 Iune J0, 2005. Ihe comp//ers ol th/s report hate carelu//j ret/eued the names that are /nc/uded. houeter, errors and om/ss/ons maj hate occurred. ll jour name or congregat/on has oeen om/tted, m/sspe//ed, or //sted /ncorrect/j, p/ease accept our apo/og/es and or/ng the m/stake to our attent/on. 0ontact vo/unteer Sert/ces, JJS0, 1J0 Prospect Street, 0amor/dge M4 021J91845, ema// to/unteersert/cesuusc.org, or ca// 80076652J6.North CarolinaDurhamGreenvilleHickoryHillsboroughRaleighOhioBereaCleveland HeightsColumbusLewis CenterWoosterOklahomaOklahoma CityOregonOregon CityPennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaYorkTennesseeNashvilleFirst UU ChurchOak RidgeTullahomaTexasEl PasoFort WorthWestside UU ChurchHoustonBay Area UU ChurchVirginiaBurkeFredericksburgWashingtonBellevueBellinghamBlaineBremertonOlympiaSeattleWest Seattle UU FellowshipSpokaneWest VirginiaMorgantownWisconsinMadisonFirst Unitarian SocietyPrairie UU SocietyMilwaukeeFirst Unitarian SocietyRice LakeAnnual Report 2005 15Financial Statements )car cnoco Iunc 80, 2005 (a|tn comarat|.c tota|s |or Iunc 80, 2004)UnrestrictedTemporarily restrictedPermanently restrictedJune 30, 2005 totalJune 30, 2004 totalPUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUEPublic supportContributions 3,628,781 1,120,476 46,760 4,796,018 2,074,049Matching grant 551,000 551,000 605,000Foundations 133,616 43,555 177,171 115,543Bequests 601,468 601,468 539,0534,363,865 1,715,031 46,760 6,125,656 3,333,645RevenueSales of merchandise, net 59,187 59,187 41,304Other fees 56,634 56,634 20,760Investment income 386,499 386,499 345,247502,320 0 0 502,320 407,311Total public support and revenue 4,866,185 1,715,031 46,760 6,627,976 3,740,956Net assets released from restrictions 738,379 (763,080) 24,701 0 0Total public support and revenue and net assets released from restrictions 5,604,564 951,951 71,461 6,627,976 3,740,956EXPENSESProgram services 4,142,056 4,142,056 2,994,120Supporting services Management 288,946 288,946 230,939 Fundraising 867,151 867,151 723,779Total expenses 5,298,153 0 0 5,298,153 3,948,838NET INCOME/(LOSS) FROM OPERATIONS (a) 306,411 951,951 71,461 1,329,823 (207,882)NET NONOPERATING ACTIVITY (b) 120,424 32,521 0 152,945 1,599,808NET ASSETSChange in net assets (a+b) 426,835 984,472 71,461 1,482,768 1,391,926Beginning of the year 9,979,265 1,270,125 2,474,367 13,723,757 12,331,831End of year 10,406,100 2,254,597 2,545,828 15,206,525 13,723,757Statement of Financial ActivitiesJune 2005 June 2004AssetsCash and equivalents Cash 1,538,099 387,064 Money market fund 1,095,779 700,066 2,633,878 1,087,130 Investments 11,500,780 10,943,620Program-related investments 148,988 Accounts and interest receivable 80,305 89,090Pledges receivable, net 804,777 1,513,319Notes receivable 1,963 3,941Prepaid expenses and other assets 107,121 82,041Property and equipment, net 1,704,332 1,691,936 Total assets 16,982,144 15,411,077Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses 218,679 248,545 Accrued compensation 133,573 106,802 Pooled income deferred revenue 335,796 364,386Planned giving obligations Pooled income 9,072 31,904 Gift annuities 953,291 800,633 Trust agreements 125,208 135,050 1,775,619 1,687,320 Net assets Unrestricted 10,406,100 9,979,265 Temporarily restricted 2,254,597 1,270,125 Permanently restricted 2,545,828 2,474,367 15,206,525 13,723,757 Total liabilities and net assets 16,982,144 15,411,077 Statement of Financial PositionProgram services QEnvironmental justice 14% $745,868QEconomic justice 30% $1,569,501QCivil liberties 12% $609,793QAdvocacy 3% $155,369QEmergency relief 20% $1,061,525Total program services 79% $4,142,056Supporting servicesQFundraising 16% $867,151QManagement 5% $288,946Total supporting services 21% $1,156,097Total functional expenses 100% $5,298,153Functional ExpensesEnvironmental justice QEconomic justice QCivil liberties QAdvocacy QEmergency relief QFundraising QManagement Q0omp/ete JJS0 aud/ted hnanc/a/ statements lor the jear ended Iune J0, 2005, uere prepared oj kooert, l/nnegan, and ljnah, P0, cert/hed puo//c accountants, 8oston, Mass. 0op/es ol the comp/ete aud/ted hnanc/a/ statements are ata//ao/e lrom JJS0.16 Unitarian Universalist Service CommitteeUUSC honors social action leadersUUSC celebrated three activists for their outstanding contributions to social justice.Debby Sublett, of Louisville, Ky., was the winner of UUSCs Social Action Leadership Award. She is cochair of the Social Responsibilities Committee at the Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville, and is also the UUSC local representative for her church.Ryan Ersland, of Littleton, Mass., received the Mary-Ella Holst Youth Activist Award. An active member of his churchs Senior Youth Group for the past four years, he has been involved in numerous community service events in his hometown and attended two UUSC JustWorks camps in 2004.Rev. Becky Edmiston-Lange was awarded the Vision of Justice Sermon Award for her sermon Freedom Come, Freedom Come. She is the cominister of the Emerson Unitarian Church of Houston, Tex.The awards were presented at UUSCs annual meeting and volunteer recognition luncheon, held in Fort Worth, Tex., as part of the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.Landscape, Sri LankaMary-Ella Holst presents the UUSC Youth Activist Award named in her honor to Ryan Ersland of Littleton, Mass., at the 2005 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Fort Worth, Tex.Staff*Charlie Clements PresidentAtema Eclai Director of ProgramsMaxine Hart Human Resources ManagerMark McPeak Deputy DirectorNancy Moore Executive Liaison for theDenomination and Congregational RelationsKevin Murray Director of Advocacy and CommunicationsRobert Snow Director of Institutional AdvancementMichael Zouzoua Chief Financial OfcerEthan Adams Associate for OperationsJohn Anderson Gift Processing AssistantAnna Bartlett Administrative Assistant for ProgramsSeanna Berry Executive AssistantRachel Binderman Associate for Member DevelopmentLaurie Brunner Administrative Assistant for Institutional AdvancementDick Campbell Senior Associate for CommunicationsAiesha Cummings Operations AssistantClaire DeWitte Administrative Assistant for AdvocacyJayme Donnelly Senior Associate for ITAudubon Dougherty CommunicationsAssistantJennifer Harbury Program Manager for Civil LibertiesEmily Hopkins Associate for Print ProductionPatricia Jones Program Manager for Environmental JusticeColleen Kelly Gift Processing AssistantEric Kreilick Senior Associate for Major Gifts and FoundationsJackie Ladd Associate for Statewide NetworksKomar Manbodh Senior AccountantKim McDonald Senior Associate for Education and ActionSusan Mosher Associate for Donor ServicesShelley Moskowitz Washington, D.C., RepresentativeJeremy Nickel Events CoordinatorJan Reiss Communications ManagerDavid Riley Senior Associate for Donor Relations and Charitable PlanningJohanna Chao Rittenburg Program Manager for Economic JusticeNikki Rivera Executive Administrative AssistantSoa Romero Editor/WriterMarty Scherstuhl Associate for DevelopmentMark Simon Associate for Graphic and Print DesignWayne Smith Senior Associate for Donor Relations and Capital CampaignMartha Thompson Program Manager for Rights in Humanitarian CrisesNguyen Weeks Associate for YouthShari Yeaton Senior Operations AssistantMohamed Zine abidine AccountantUUSC is an equal opportunity/afrmative action employer.UUSC employees are represented by Human Rights Workers Local 2661, UNITE HERE!* Personnel as of December 31, 2005Board of Trustees*Todd Jones ChairWilliam F. Schulz Vice ChairStanley L. Corfman TreasurerFasaha M. Traylor SecretaryTom AndrewsJohn E. GibbonsKatherine Hall-MartinezBarclay HudsonCharlotte Jones-CarrollDiane MillerPriscilla OsgoodSusan C. ScrimshawLesa Walden-YoungFront coverCourtesy of SahanivasaInside front coverCourtesy of ATWTPage 1Audubon Dougherty/UUSCPage 3Eric Kreilick/UUSC130 Prospect Street Cambridge, MA 02139 617-868-6600 fax/617-868-7102 www.uusc.org [email protected] CreditsPage 10, bottomJan Reiss/UUSCInside back cover, topAudubon Dougherty/UUSCInside back cover, bottomAnna Bartlett/UUSCBack coverEric Kreilick/UUSCPage 7Soa Romero/UUSCPage 8Nguyen Weeks/UUSCPage 9Nguyen Weeks/UUSCPage 10, topUUSC archivesPage 4, topSoa Romero/UUSCPage 4, bottomAudubon Dougherty/UUSCPage 5Kim McDonald/UUSC Page 6Courtesy of IRIN NewsEditorSoa T. 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