20 th Anniversary PM2008 Bucharest LET'S GO BACK :)‏

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<ul><li><p>20th Anniversary</p><p>PM2008 Bucharest</p><p>LET'S GO BACK :)</p><p>Board of European Students of Technology</p><p>Board of European Students of Technology</p><p>Agenda</p>What is it about?Traveling BookLBG of the dayEvents periodGuinness recordOther materials<p>Educational Committe of BEST</p><p>LBG of the Day</p><p>Events Period</p><p>Guinness record</p><p>Other mater</p><p>Traveling Book</p><p>Concept</p><p>What is it all about?</p><p>Concept</p>20 years after our first GAWe want to celebrateMake the celebrations publicThat's why we prepared these activities!<p>Date of Presentation: 31 de octubre de 2008</p><p>Utilice esta plantilla para crear pginas Web de intranet para un grupo de trabajo o proyecto. Puede modificar el contenido de muestra para incluir la informacin que desee e incluso puede cambiar la estructura del sitio Web agregando y quitando diapositivas. Los controles de desplazamiento estn en el patrn de diapositivas. Para cambiarlos, en el men Ver, seleccione Patrn y, a continuacin, elija Patrn de diapositivas. Para agregar o quitar hipervnculos en el texto o los objetos, o para cambiar los hipervnculos existentes, seleccione el texto o el objeto y elija Hipervnculo en el men Insertar.</p><p>Cuando termine de personalizar la presentacin, elimine estas notas para ahorrar espacio en los archivos HTML finales.</p><p>Para obtener ms informacin, consulte en el Asistente para Ayuda los siguientes temas:</p>Patrn de diapositivasHipervnculos</li><li>Well... it's a bookAnd it will travel :)In every single LBG2 pages devoted to your history!Follow the instructionsTake very good care of it!<p>Traveling book</p></li><li><p>Traveling Book</p>When you get itSend a mail to travelin.book@BEST.eu.orgFind out what to fill in with your LBGGo to the first empty pages and fill it inPost in the blog of the book ;)How to send it to the next oneVia a member that will go thereA very secure posting way (not recommended)A lottery during the last day of PM<p>markeTeam</p><p>Board of European Students of Technology</p><p>LBG of the Day</p>BEST is the LBGsHistory of BEST is the history of the LBGsWe want to show these storiesEach week 5 featured LBGs &amp; 2 featured BoardsA tool is already created<p>20th anniversary</p>Fill in your history in PAUpload photos easilyAll histories available at all times5 featured LBGs every weekOfficially starting in JAMonLBGs organise eventsPartiesCompetitionsPromotionRecruitmentEnding in GA09 Budapest<p>Events period</p><p>www.BEST.eu.org</p><p>Guinness record</p>Guinness recordWe are still investigatingDancing 'Simply the BEST' around Europe<p>Concept</p><p>Traveling Book</p><p>LBG of the day</p><p>Guinness record</p><p>Other materials</p><p>Board of European Students of Technology</p><p>Other Materials</p>Map of EuropeHistory book<p>Concept</p><p>Traveling book</p><p>LBG of the day</p><p>Guinness record</p><p>Other Materials</p></li><li>Why celebrating our historyBecause we like to have funWe are proud of BESTIt's a good chance for promotionBecause it's the anniversary :)<p>20th Anniversary</p><p>*</p></li><li><p>Questions?</p></li><li><p>Thank you</p><p>Paparuda!</p><p>BEST</p></li></ul>