16 Interesting Facts About Blackberry

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  • 8/10/2019 16 Interesting Facts About Blackberry



    1. A Canada based company Research in Motion has been developing and

    designing the Blackberry since 1996.

    2. The device got its r!ity name ater someone noted that the keys on theoriginal blackberry resembled the gro!p o seeds. Ater going over several

    seed based r!its" they settled on the blackberry name beca!se most o the

    devices #ere black at the time.

    $. The %rst commercially available Blackberry device #as released as a t#o #ay

    pager in 1999.

    &. 'eat!res o the %rst Blackberry(a. Monochrome Te)t *isplayb. +mail and ,A- servicesc. TM/ access via third party sot#ared. 0ava access via 0ava

    irt!al machine addon3. The most recent entry into the Blackberry market is the Blackberry 9455"

    #hich #as released on A!g!st 12" 2515.

    6. 'eat!res o the Blackberry 9455(a. $.2 in to!ch screen displayb. 3.5 mp camerac. -7 capabilityd. Bl!etooth and ,i'i connectivity

    8. There have been more than ten dierent Blackberry models introd!ced since

    the 1995:s #hich have sold a c!m!lative &5; million !nits.

    4. Blackberry is kno#n primarily or having more messaging eat!res than most

    smart phones.9. Blackberry

  • 8/10/2019 16 Interesting Facts About Blackberry


    a. &6.9= 7ymbian ?@okiab. 19.9= Research in Motionc. 1&.&= i-hone 7d. 4.8= Microsot ,indo#s Mobilee. &.8= /in!)

    13. *espite shipping the most Blackberries ever" Research in Motion still

    lost market share to the i-hone in 2515.

    16. Market share Blackberry vs. i-hone(

    The basic things yo nee! to "no#

    abot b$ac"be%%y &hones'

    One o( the )ost st%i"ing (eat%es #ith this ty&e o( &hone is its )essenge% too$' It is a&&$icab$e (o%

    *a%ios %easons' +hen #on!e%ing, -.o I Nee! .ata /$an To Use B$ac"be%%y 0essenge%2 then

    ans#e% to this #o$! be yes yo )ay nee! it' The t#o (eat%es a%e so )ch co)&atib$e in that

    one cannot !o #ithot the othe%' The%e(o%e )a"e s%e that yo !o a !ata &$an so that it #i$$ a$soenab$e yo to se the b$ac"be%%y )essenge% (eat%e' +hen yo a%e ha*ing a #on!e%($ &hone

    $i"e the 3TC Ti$t, the%e co$! be a chance that yo #ant to connect it to yo% co)&te% too' In

    case yo #ant ti&s on ho# to connect 3TC ti$t to co)&te%, then "no# that yo can 4st !o it'

    +hat yo nee! is the %ight (aci$ities to enab$e yo !o it' Yo co$! !o it eithe% th%ogh B$etootho% th%ogh a USB cab$e' The &hone no%)a$$y co)es #ith a USB cab$e5 yo can !i%ect$y connect

    it (%o) the co)&te% to the &hone' The co)&te% sho$! %ecognie the connecti*ity an! #i$$synch%onie #ith it ato)atica$$y' The sa)e sho$! ha&&en #hen sing B$etooth bt in that case

    yo nee! to insta$$ the %e$e*ant !%i*e%s on the co)&te% be(o%e t%ying it ot'

    3TC7 3igh Tech Co)&te%

    USB7 Uni*e%sa$ Se%ia$ Bs

    RI07 Resea%ch in 0otion

    3T0L7 3y&e%Te8t 0a%"& Langage+A/7 +i%e$ess A&&$ication /%otoco$

    9+ERTY7 /%ononce! kwer-tee%e(e%s to the a%%ange)ent o("eyson a Stan!a%!Eng$ish co)&te% "eyboa%!o% ty&e#%ite%' The na)e !e%i*es (%o) the (i%st si8 cha%acte%s on the

    to& a$&habetic $ine o( the "eyboa%!' :1;6; by Ch%isto&he% Sho$es, the in*ento% o( the ty&e#%ite%ic"$y an! easi$y as #e$$ as see yo% (%ien!s= ti)e$ine, *ie#

    %e&$ies to yo% T#eets an! !i%ect )essage yo% (%ien!s'