15 Don’Ts That Happy Couples Follow

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Secrets of happiness maybe )






    A happy relationship is a myth.Truth is that to keep the ball running is

    painstakingly tough.The facade behind the Facebook posts,pictureuploads and

    smiling faces is something no one else knows except the two people involved in

    the ongoing tussle. All couples go through some hair-ripping and teeth clenching

    moments, but there are some happy couples who focus on some particular


    Yes you heard it right, Donts and not Dos.

    These are some particular Donts that happy couples follow to keep the spark

    alive,each day.

    1. They dont keep count.



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    Happy couples never keep count of their duties.They are oblivious to their daily

    chores yet they are not stickler for rules. The once in a while slip ups are obvious

    and the other person lets it off. If one is watching the sports telecast, the other

    quietly does the laundry even when its not her turn. Likewise, if shes late from

    work, she will be greeted by the warm smell of a freshly cooked dinner.

    2. They dont use the words I or Me.

    Happy couples love to engage in talk that covers both of them. When relating

    their experiences to people about certain things, they use the words We and

    us rather I, me or myself.Their togetherness quotient is reflected by the

    sheer pride they have while discussing their collective thoughts.There are

    opinions that may differ at times,but then they learn to agree to disagree and

    enjoy the differences.

    3. They dont sleep over it.


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    However small the issue at hand is, happy couples dont sleep over their

    fights.Rather than taking the problem to bed and prolonging it till next

    morning,they talk over it.Of course if one is angry they do need a breathing time

    to cool down and reflect on the harshness of their voices but then they

    eventually come around.

    4. They dont count their chickens before they hatch.



    Happy couples dont expect all of their hopes to be fulfilled.They realize that they

    are in charge of their own happiness and not the other person.The wife realizes


  • that it is her dream to go backpacking for the holidays not her husbands so she

    saves up for it.The husband knows that he wants to see the Grand Prix but

    doesnt want to when his wife is expecting. They realize that dreams are meant

    to be there, some come true, others dont.

    5. They dont think about the problem, they talk.

    Lots of problems go unresolved when the couple keeps it inside.Most of the

    times the pent up is to avoid hurting the other person or to over aggravate the

    fight. Little do people realize that this results in tumultuous outcomes. Happy

    couples dont keep their hassles inside, they vent it out.Of course the result

    might not always be great and may hurt the other person, but for the sake of a

    fruitful relationship,its vital.

    6. They dont argue, they discuss.

    Fights are an inevitable part of a relationship and we know that. If you are not

    fighting there must be something wrong with the way you two behave with each

    other. Tiny differences are allowed for the loving make up sessions that follow.

    Happy couples have a trend of keeping it low when they fight, instead of arguing

    with each other, they reason and see the other side of the story.Of course at

    times its difficult to listen to the other persons outbursts but they still do.

    7. They dont make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Happy couples stay away from the melodrama and underplay their issues.They

    learn eventually to avoid noticing the mistakes that their partner has made and

    focus on the positives sides.The wife ignores that her husband missed helping

    her with the laundry as he was talking with his friend over the phone.The

    husband eats the half baked cake anyways as he knows the wife had too much

    work on her hands.



  • 8. They dont cheat,they express honestly.



    Life is too short for lies especially with the person with whom you are supposed

    to grow old with. Sharing a roof, they are going to find out about it

    eventually.Happy couples keep the cheating stuff off the table.They dont cheat

    their partner in anything, may it involve a mere phone call or planning for a trip.

    Being blatant is way better than lying only to break your promise at a later date.

    At the unfortunate event of the marriage not going anywhere, they tell their

    partners up front rather than date another person simultaneously.

    9. They dont procrastinate.

    They deal with things or chores before they get too ugly. Whether it is about

    doing the dishes, booking the movie tickets, planning for a trip or discussing

    about the expenses, they prefer to do it right away when the thought is fresh in

    their minds. Also delaying the tasks at hand might be offending to the other


  • their minds. Also delaying the tasks at hand might be offending to the other


    10. They dont play the family card.

    Happy couples have two simple rules concerning family. They dont drag the

    family into fights and they dont compare one another to their family members.

    Fights are concerning both and they remain confined within the four walls of the

    room. Happy couples families are blissfully unaware of the problems. Neither do

    they use statements like Why dont you cook the food the way my mother


    11. They dont use the self-pity trick.

    Happy couples recognize that self pity and self loathing gets you nowhere.

    Instead you are despised by the other person.In the event of a fight, happy

    couples never say things like You are so cruel to me or What did I do to

    deserve this?. At times their emotions get the better of them, but they still try to

    keep it subtle by changing the topic or asking the other person calmly what

    made them react this way.

    12. They dont cling on,they give space.


  • (http://cdn-media-1.lifehack.org/wp-content/files/2014/07/Happy-Couple-in-Car-


    Happy couples love doing things together that they enjoy. But they recognize

    that they both need individual moments of glory, too. There are some things that

    you enjoy that they other person doesnt. Instead of clinging on and coaxing the

    other person to do what you want, you have to encourage your partner to do

    what they want.People in a happy relationship dont give up their dreams, neither

    do they let the other person forget theirs.

    13. They dont always have their way.




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    Happy couples recognize that in relationships sometimes you need to think

    more about the other person than about yourself. They focus on giving rather

    than receiving. As a result the other person always feels comforted that his or

    her interests and thoughts matter.

    14. They dont find life OK, they find it awesome.

    Happy couples always have something to look forward to .Of course life does

    get monotonous at times but they pep it up with surprises, vacations and friday

    nights.When questioned by others how life in general is they always say Its


    15. They dont stop trying.



    Everyone goes through a rough patch but happy couples really know how to pull