12 TECH “BITES” for busy educators

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12 TECH BITES for busy educators. TAMI PEREZ, librarian Golfcrest ES. Technology for teachers. TodaysMeet.com. Log on to: http://todaysmeet.com/GolfcrestES Type your name in the Whats your name? box. Put Join. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>TECH BITES</p> <p>12 TECH BITES for busy educatorsTAMI PEREZ, librarianGolfcrest ESTechnology for teachersTodaysMeet.comLog on to: http://todaysmeet.com/GolfcrestES</p> <p>Type your name in the Whats your name? box. Put Join.</p> <p>Any time you have a question or comment during the meeting, type it in the message box and put Say. TodaysMeet.comA great way to get all participants (students or teachers) involved</p> <p>Immediate feedback</p> <p>Gets their attention (technology-based)</p> <p>Useful for any subject matterTodays meet: Example usesCan have everyone post an adjective for an object (classroom)</p> <p>Can have everyone write something about Texas, then sort between fact and opinion (classroom)</p> <p>Can have teachers post their questions or opinions about something, which can be looked at later for review (admin)</p> <p>QR codesLike barcodes for almost anythingWhen you scan it, almost anything can pop upEX: a song, a video, text, an obituary, a link to a website</p> <p>VERY easy and fast to create</p> <p>Can be made with colors or images</p> <p>See handouts</p> <p>Qr codesWhat are a couple of ways you could use QR codes?</p> <p>______________________</p> <p>______________________Basic ipad/ iphone appsCompassGPS MapsShows where you are on a mapMoves with you(extra: you may want to download Theodolite very cool app that can show compass, altitude, and more while showing your location on a map)Basic ipad/ iphone appsNotesGood for taking notes anywhereCan be copied, printed, or sent to someone as an email or text messageI tend to take notes in meetings and email them to my school email accountTo be copied, if neededTo be forwarded to others, if neededOther apps to download30-30:</p> <p>Very cool task manager appFreeEX: for a faculty meeting for alarms to go off for each topic on the agendaEX: for a teacher to set one timer for multiple activities that will be happeningAdvantage: you dont have to remember to start and stop it.</p> <p>Other apps to downloadSimple Mind PlusFreeMind mapping toolPossible uses: for teaching synonyms, main idea/ details, or brainstorming (pre-writing)Remind 101Text a message to a group of parents or students without showing your numberFree</p> <p>Other appsInteractive alphabet ABC flash cards - costsSticker sudoku freeMonkey Preschool Lunchbox 99 centsFutaba classroom games (the free version has some; the $4.99 version is set up so that students can play together; up to 4 students on different computers)Discovr super good app; a search engine to find new apps; type in the name of an app you know, and it will make a web of related apps; freeOther appsKidzstory reads interactive stories for children; 99 cents each storyExperience Math Fractions &amp; Decimals Middle School very nice activities for fractions and decimalsSymbalooCut the RopeStack the StatesStack the CountriesQuiki -- referenceOther appsGroovy GraderDraw Something drawing/ guessing game; good for getting children to spell; $2.99Giant timer free; 99 cents for a very pretty upgradeScreen Chomp recordable whiteboardChalk_board free; like writing on a chalkboard</p> <p>Other appsChoice Board Creator good for special needs students because you can put in your own pics and textThe Elements VERY cool interactive periodic table; uses lots of memory; $13.99, but worth itEduCreationsHungry Fish motion math, freeMotion Map -- $1.99; great!!; interactive for fractions</p> <p>Other appsDoodle Buddy/ Doodle Pad EasyCan be used for counting objectsCan be used for telling stories or inferencesRead a short story, but dont finish the endHave them draw the end on thisThen they take a snapshot of it by pushing the home key and on/off key of iPad or iPhone at the same timeThe pic will be in the Photos area of your device</p> <p>Hisd online resourcesGreat for teachers AND studentsSee handoutsnettrekkerA better way for students to learn to researchIt is like Google, but it pre-screens out anything not of educational value or of an inappropriate reading level</p> <p>nettrekkerAddresses different learning stylesCreate a variety of learning pathsSupport literacy:Read aloudDictionaryTranslation tool Has timelines available for students to compare a historical figure to other figures or eventsedmodowww.edmodo.comWay to post assignments, PPTs, pictures, etcStudents can log on using a code the teacher gives them to become members of that groupThe group can see whatever is posted and interact with it Add commentsAttach productsThe teacher can create comments, quizzes, and polls to be seen and completed by students onlineTap Formshttp://appsynergy.weebly.com/tapforms.html</p> <p>Basically, you can use a tap form to create any sort of form that you frequently use</p> <p>You can set it up with whatever criteria you need to be filled in, even signatures (to be signed online)Tap forms</p> <p>Tap formsThe form can be filled in from your portable device (iPad, etc), so you are not limited to a bulky computerYou can take pics with your device and post to share or remember (a website screenshot to share with your team, a students piece of work, etc)You put your results from your form into Evernote (basically, the cloud) so you can access it from any computer later to work with </p> <p>Tap forms: possible uses As a sign-in sheet for faculty meetingsFor tardiesCreate a form for students to sign in and take their picCan send to teacherIn lieu of teacher bindersTap formsTo keep agenda/ minutes for PLCs, faculty meetings, professional development, etcPE coach or music teacher can have a form to evaluate a persons skills Create form based on rubricFill out for each studentTap forms has something to tally results right there)</p> <p>Tap formsAdvantagesMuch less paper/ space neededCan save timeCan give immediate feedbackCan be emailedNo binders neededCan help to have a running recordCan include picturesTap formsCould this be used in lieu of using palm pilots?Its not about being lazy Just about finding smarter ways to use your timeTo help you to be able to do MORE with LESS time/materials/money</p> <p>Voki.comAn easy way to create an avatarAvatar = a cartoon character that embodies its creatorYou can make it talk to say anything you would likeAn introduction to your classTo give instructions for an activityXTRANORMAL.COMA way to make easy cartoons about any topicThe free version includes 2 characters and one settingYou can reuse these to create other videosSee Library WebsitePoll evLog on to the websiteTo create a poll, go to the website:http://www.polleverywhere.com/polls/1018107-httppollevcom</p> <p>Poll evGoogle to find the site (pollev.com does not get you there)</p> <p>http://www.polleverywhere.com/polls/1018107-httppollevcom</p> <p>Put it togetherSee the library website and student project examplesOn TodaysMeet, post 5 tech bites that you would like to learn more in depth</p>


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