10th Anniversary DRUG DISCOVERY TECHNOLOGY & Development

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<ul><li><p>Optimizing the Discovery 8c Development Interface to Improve Productivity </p><p>Enhance Safety &amp; Efficacy I </p><p>Develop New Business | </p><p>Explore New Markets I </p><p>J </p><p>1 OthAnniversarij </p><p>SlfewiSCOVERY \*4m TECHNOLOGY </p><p>&amp;f Development </p><p>Keynote Sessions Lester M. Crawford, D.V.M., Ph.D. Acting Commissioner, FDA </p><p>John L. LaMattina, Ph.D. President, Pfizer Global R&amp;D </p><p>Keynote Panel Discussion Exploring the Industry and Regulatory Interface in Drug Development Moderator: </p><p>Robert R. Ruffolo, Jr., Ph.D. President, R&amp;D, Wyeth </p><p>The Boston Convention &amp; Exhibition Center, Boston, MA </p><p>Conference: August 8-11,2005 </p><p>Exhibition: August 9-11,2005 </p><p>For more information and to register, </p><p>visit www.drugdisc.com </p><p>Presidential Sponsors: as Supporting Publications: DRUG DISCOVERY TODAY MDL </p><p>Executive Sponsor: Science CHEMICAL </p><p>UAAAN </p><p>INGENUITY' S Y S T E M S </p><p>BioTechniQues" </p><p>Assocation Sponsor: Organized by: </p><p>http://www.drugdisc.com</p><p>1Oth Anniversary DRUG DISCOVERY TECHNOLOGY &amp; Development</p></li></ul>