10,000 Maniacs- Because The Night (Unplugged) X 10,000 ... Cranberries- Cranberries- Ode To My Family.WAV Cranberries- Zombie (Live).WAV Cranberries- Zombie.WAV Crash Test Dummies-

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Text of 10,000 Maniacs- Because The Night (Unplugged) X 10,000 ... Cranberries- Cranberries- Ode To My...

  • 10,000 Maniacs- Because The Night (Unplugged) X10,000 Maniacs- Trouble Me.WAV X2 Skinnee J's- Riot Nrrrd.WAV X311- All Mixed Up (Radio Edit).wav DEBO311- Beautiful Disaster.WAV X311- Don't Stay Home.WAV X311- Down.WAV YALA CREO..311- Transistor.WAV X4 Non Blondes- Misty Mountain Hop.WAV X4 Non Blondes- Whats Going On.wav DEBO O YALA?Abra Moore- Four Leaf Clover.WAV XAdam Ant- Wonderful.WAV XAersomith- Deuces Are Wild.WAV XAfghan Whigs- Honkey's Ladder.WAV XAlana Davis- 32 Flavors.WAVAlanis Morissette- All I Really Want.WAVAlanis Morissette- Head Over Feet.WAVAlanis Morissette- Ironic.WAVAlanis Morissette- Perfect.WAVAlanis Morissette- You Learn.WAVAlanis Morissette- You Oughta Know (Album Edit).wavAlanis Morissette- You Oughta Know (Clean).WAVAlice in Chains- Heaven Beside You (Unplugged).WAVAlice in Chains- Heaven Beside You.wavAlice in Chains- I Stay Away.wavAlice in Chains- Man in the Box.wavAlice in Chains- No Excuses (Unplugged).WAVAlice in Chains- No Excuses.wavAlice in Chains- Over Now (Unplugged).WAVAlice in Chains- Rooster (Unplugged).WAVAlice in Chains- Rooster.wavAlice in Chains- Them Bones.wavAlice in Chains- Would (Virt Alt).WAVAlice in Chains- Would.wavAmmonia- Drugs.WAVAn Emotional Fish- Celebrate.WAVArrested Development- Mr. Wendal.WAVAss Ponys- Little Bastard.WAVB52s- Roam.WAVBabes In Toyland- Sweet 69.WAVBabes In Toyland- We Are Family.WAVBarenaked Ladies- Alcohol.WAVBarenaked Ladies- Alternative Girlfriend.WAVBarenaked Ladies- Be My Yoko Ono.WAVBarenaked Ladies- Brian Wilson (Album).WAVBarenaked Ladies- Brian Wilson (Video Edit).WAVBarenaked Ladies- Enid.WAVBarenaked Ladies- If I Had $1,000,000.WAVBarenaked Ladies- It's All Been Done.WAVBarenaked Ladies- Jane.WAVBarenaked Ladies- One Week (remix).WAVBarenaked Ladies- The Old Apartment (Album Version).WAVBarenaked Ladies- The Old Apartment (Virt Alt).WAV

  • Beastie Boys- Brass Monkey.WAVBeastie Boys- Fight For Your Right.WAVBeastie Boys- Girls.WAVBeastie Boys- No Sleep Till Brooklyn.WAVBeastie Boys- Paul Revere.WAVBeastie Boys- Sure Shot (Mosh Remix).WAVBeck- Alcohol.wavBeck- Deadweights.WAVBeck- Devil's Haircut.wavBeck- Jack-ass.WAVBeck- Loser.wavBeck- Novacane.WAVBeck- The New Pollution.WAVBeck- Where It's At.WAVBelly- Feed The Tree.WAVBelly- Now They'll Sleep.WAVBelly- Super-Connected.WAVBen Folds Five- Battle Of Who Could Care Less (edit).wavBen Folds Five- Brick.WAVBen Folds Five- Don't Change Your Plans.WAVBen Folds Five- Julianne.WAVBen Folds Five- Kate.WAVBen Folds Five- Narcolepsy.WAVBen Folds Five- One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces (edit).wavBen Folds Five- One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces.WAVBen Folds Five- Song For The Dumped (Edit).wavBen Folds Five- Uncle Walter.WAVBen Folds Five- Underground.WAVBen Folds Five- Your Redneck Past.WAVBetter Than Ezra- Desperately Wanting.WAVBetter Than Ezra- Good.WAVBetter Than Ezra- In The Blood.WAVBetter Than Ezra- King Of New Orleans.WAVBetter Than Ezra- Rosealia.WAVBig Audio Dynamite- Rush.WAVBig Audio Dynamite- The Globe (Short Edit).WAVBig Audio Dynamite- The Globe.WAVBig Bad Voodoo Daddy- You, Me, and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight (Baby).WAVBig Head Todd and the Monsters- Bittersweet.WAVBig Head Todd and the Monsters- Resignation Superman.WAVBig Head Todd and the Monsters- Tangerine.WAVBig Mountain- Baby I Love Your Way.WAVBig Wreck- The Oaf.WAVBillie Myers- Tell Me.WAVBilly Goat- Old School.WAVBjork- Army Of Me.WAVBlack Crowes- Hard To Handle.WAVBlack Crowes- She Talks To Angels.WAVBlind Melon- No Rain.wavBlind Melon- Tones Of Home.WAVBlink 182- All The Small Things.WAVBlink 182- Dammit.WAVBloodhound Gang- Fire Water Burn.WAVBloodhound Gang- Mama Say.WAV

  • Bloodhound Gang- Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On me.WAVBlues Traveler- But Anyway.WAVBlues Traveler- Hook.WAVBlues Traveler- Run Around.WAVBlur- Song #2.WAVBoDeans- Closer To Free.WAVBreeders- Cannonball.WAVBreeders- Divine Hammer.WAVBrian Setzer Orchestra- Jump, Jive, An' Wail.WAVBryan Ferry- Mamouna.WAVBuck-O-Nine- Pass The Dutchie.WAVBush- Cold Contagious.WAVBush- Comedown (Acoustic).WAVBush- Comedown.WAVBush- Everything Zen.WAVBush- Glycerine.WAVBush- Greedy Fly.WAVBush- Little Things.WAVBush- Machinehead.WAVBush- Mouth.WAVBush- The Chemicals Between Us.WAVButthole Surfers- Pepper.wavCake- I Will Survive.WAVCake- Never There.WAVCake- Rock N' Roll Lifestyle.WAVCake- Sheep Go To Heaven.WAVCake- The Distance.WAVCamper Van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling.wavCamper Van Beethoven- Eye Of Fatima (Pt 1).WAVCandlebox- Far Behind.wavCardigans- Lovefool.WAVCatherine Wheel- Waydown.WAVChantal Kreviazuk- God Made Me.WAVChemical Brothers- Block Rockin' Beats.WAVChemical Brothers- Setting Sun.WAVCherry Poppin' Daddies- Zoot Suit Riot.WAVChris Isaak- Don't Make Me Dream About You.WAVChris Isaak- Wicked Game.WAVChumbawamba- Amnesia.WAVChumbawamba- Tubthumpin.WAVCitizen King- Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out).WAVCocteau Twins- Carolyn's Fingers.WAVCocteau Twins- Iceblink Luck.WAVCollective Soul- December.WAVCollective Soul- Gel.WAVCollective Soul- Heavy.WAVCollective Soul- Precious Declaration.WAVCollective Soul- She Said.WAVCollective Soul- Shine.WAVCollective Soul- Where The River Flows.WAVConcrete Blonde- Joey.WAVCornershop- Brimful Of Asha.WAVCornershop- Sleep On The Left Side.WAVCorrosion Of Conformity- Albatross.WAV

  • Counting Crows- A Long December.WAVCounting Crows- Angels Of The Silences.WAVCounting Crows- Daylight Fading.WAVCounting Crows- Einstein on the Beach.wavCounting Crows- Hangin Around.WAVCounting Crows- Mr. Jones.WAVCounting Crows- Mrs. Potter's Lullaby (Radio Edit).WAVCounting Crows- Omaha.WAVCounting Crows- Rain King.WAVCounting Crows- Round Here.WAVCounting Crows- The Ghost In You.WAVCowboy Junkies- Common Disaster.WAVCowboy Junkies- Sweet Jane (volume).wavCowboy Junkies- Sweet Jane.wavCowboy Mouth- Jenny Says.WAVCracker- Get Off This.WAVCracker- I Hate My Generation.WAVCracker- Low.WAVCracker- Shake Some Action.WAVCracker- Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now).WAVCranberries- Dreams.WAVCranberries- Linger.WAVCranberries- Ode To My Family.WAVCranberries- Zombie (Live).WAVCranberries- Zombie.WAVCrash Test Dummies- MMMM MMM MMM.WAVCreed- My Own Prison.WAVCreed- One.WAVCreed- What's This Life For.WAVCrowded House- Don't Dream It's Over.WAVCrowded House- Locked Out.WAVCypress Hill- Insane In The Brain.WAVD. Reidel- (There's No Such Thing As A) Chanukah Song.WAVDada- Dizz Knee Land.wavDandelion- Weird Out 2.WAVDandelion- Weird Out.WAVDanzig- Mother (live).WAVDavid Bowie- I'm Afraid Of Americans (Reznor Remix).WAVDays Of The New- Touch, Peel, and Stand.WAVDeadeye Dick- New Age Girl.wavDeep Blue Something- Breakfast at Tiffanys.wavDeep Forest- Sweet Lullaby.WAVDel Amitri- Not Where It's At.WAVDel Amitri- Roll To Me.WAVDel Amitri- Tell Her This.WAVDepeche Mode- Barrel Of A Gun.WAVDepeche Mode- Enjoy The Silence.WAVDepeche Mode- Policy Of Truth.WAVDinosaur, Jr.- Feel The Pain.WAVDinosaur, Jr.- Start Choppin'.WAVDinosaur, Jr.- Turnip Farm.WAVDionne Farris- I Know.WAVDishwalla- Counting Blue Cars.WAVDivinyls- I Touch Myself.WAV

  • DMB- Ants Marching.WAVDMB- Best Of What's Around.WAVDMB- Crash Into Me.WAVDMB- Jimi Thing.WAVDMB- Satellite.WAVDMB- So Much To Say.WAVDMB- Too Much.WAVDMB- Trippin' Billies.WAVDMB- Typical Situation.WAVDMB- What Would You Say.WAVDog's Eye View- Everything Falls Apart.wavDramarama- Anything, Anything (I'll Give You).WAVDramarama- Haven't Got A Clue.WAVDramarama- Last Cigarette.WAVDramarama- Scenario.WAVDramarama- What Are We Gonna Do.WAVDramarama- Work For Food.WAVDuncan Sheik- Barely Breathing.WAVDuran Duran- Ordinary World.WAVEagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight.wavEcho And The Bunnymen- The Killing Moon.WAVEdwyn Collins- A Girl Like You.WAVEels- Novocaine For The Soul.WAVEels- Your Lucky Day In Hell.WAVElastica- Connection.WAVElvis Costello- Alison.WAVElvis Costello- Everyday I Write The Book.WAVElvis Costello- Pump It Up.WAVElvis Costello- Radio Radio.WAVElvis Costello- Veronica.WAVElvis Costello- Watching The Detectives.WAVEMF- Unbelievable.WAVEnigma- Return To Innocence.WAVEnigma- Sadness (Part 1).WAVEve 6- Inside Out.WAVEve 6- Leech.WAVEverclear- Everything To Everyone.WAVEverclear- Father Of Mine.WAVEverclear- Heartspark Dollarsign.WAVEverclear- I Will Buy You A New Life.WAVEverclear- Santa Monica (Watch The World Die).WAVEverclear- You Make Me Feel Like A Whore.WAVEverlast- Ends.WAVEverlast- What It's Like.WAVFaith No More- Epic.wavFaith No More- From Out Of Nowhere.WAVFastball- Fire Escape (remix).WAVFastball- Fire Escape.WAVFastball- Out Of My Head.WAVFastball- The Way.WAVFeeder- High.WAVFilter- Hey Man, Nice Shot.WAVFiona Apple- Criminal.WAVFiona Apple- Shadow Boxer.WAV

  • Fiona Apple- Sleep To Dream.WAVFlaming Lips- She Don't Use Jelly.WAVFolk Implosion- Natural One.WAVFoo Fighters- Big Me.WAVFoo Fighters- Everlong.WAVFoo Fighters- I'll Stick Around.WAVFoo Fighters- Learn To Fly.WAVFoo Fighters- Monkey Wrench.WAVFoo Fighters- My Hero.WAVFoo Fighters- This Is A Call (HITS version).WAVFoo Fighters- This Is A Call.WAVFoo Fighters- Walking After You.WAVFountains of Wayne- Radiation Vibe.WAVFreedy Johnston- Bad Reputation.WAVFrente- Bizarre Love Triangle.WAVFuel- Bittersweet.WAVFun Lovin' Criminals- Scooby Snacks.WAVGarbage- I Think I'm Paranoid.WAVGarbage- Push It.WAVGarbage- Special.WAVGarbage- Stupid Girl.wavGeggy Tah- Whoever You Are.WAVGin Blossoms- Alison Road.wavGin Blossoms- Follow You Down.wavGin Blossoms- Found Out About You.wavGin Blossoms- Hey Jealousy.wavGin Blossoms- Til I Hear It From You.wavGin Blossoms- Until I Fall Away.wavGoldfinger- Here In Your Bedroom.WAVGoldfinger- Mable.WAVGoo Goo Dolls- Bitch.WAVGoo Goo Dolls- Black Balloon.WAVGoo Goo Dolls- Broadway.WAVGoo Goo Dolls- Iris.WAVGoo Goo Dolls- Name.WAVGoo Goo Dolls- Only One.WAVGoo Goo Dolls- Slide.WAVGrant Lee Buffalo- Truly, Truly.WAVGravity Kills- Guilty.WAVGreen Day- Basket Case.WAVGreen Day- Brain Stew.WAVGreen Day- Brainstew (Godzilla Remix)