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100 German Link Word Examples

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Page 1: 100 German Link Word Examples


Learn German Words with Ease Using

Cutting Edge Memory Techniques

Includes Over 100 German Link Word Examples

Please do not distribute this book to others. It is for your use only

Copyright © 2008 Rivera Publishing Inc. All Rights Reserved Reproduction or translation of any part of this work by any means,

electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, beyond that permitted by Copyright Law, without permission of the author, is


Page 2: 100 German Link Word Examples


INTRODUCTION Learning the German language goes great with a memorization strategy. Since the German language is a completely different tool for communication used by the Germans or Deutsch speaking individuals and the fact that it is the language spoken by more than 100 million native speakers and 30 million people as their second language; it’s easy to see why you should take a German course or learn the language by yourself at home. In the United States alone, the German language is among the most widely spoken languages next to English. Apart from the numerous German-speaking individuals from more than 15 German speaking countries, regions and territories, the German language is also gaining popularity outside the European regions. Not only that its popularity is increasing, but also learning German paves the way to understanding similarities of the French language too. There are in fact ways to learning a foreign language easily and one way is by using the Link-Word Technique. In enriching a vocabulary, link-word is the best way to do it, regardless of what language it’s going to be. A part of mnemonics, the link-word technique helps an individual take advantage of his innate creativity. Also, this technique doesn’t require only the especially creative people. It does actually work for everyone and this includes you, so there’s no excuse why you can’t or couldn’t learn German. To use this technique, one word from the German language for example is associated or linked to an image and to another word in English. This is the part where you put your imagination to work. The idea here is for the student to capture a mental image of a word (a German word in this case), and then to associate or link it to another image in the mind. Once the association has begun, the mind will then start to process and incorporate the familiar versus the unfamiliar. The edge that the link-word technique has is how a German word is linked to an English word by using matching sounds between the words. A German word is linked to its English definition in a sentence or picture. It is not necessary that each syllable is exactly the same sound but that most of it is the same. Your brain will be able to remember the German or English word by the sound of it’s counterpart, regardless if the sound is exactly the same or almost exactly. Take the following example below: English word = tray German word = die Tablett

Page 3: 100 German Link Word Examples


Imagine a breakfast tray as it transforms to a huge stone tablet every time the waiter attempts to use it. The example above shows what has been described in the previous paragraph. The German word die Tablett is represented by a familiar English word tablet to help you retain the original German word, which means tray. Notice how the two words are linked together simply by the scenario created. If you’ll notice from the example above, the English word and its German translation are placed just above the linkword sentence. This is to make sure that you follow which words are being referred to. In the linkword sentence, there are the words which have been italicized and put in bold. The purpose of this is for you to be able to distinguish which part of the sentence your cues are located. The example above shows how the rest of the linkword examples in this book are presented. One difference that you'll notice in the examples given is how the German articles are used. “Die”, “Der”, and “Das” are all German articles and the following linkword examples in this book may or may not include such articles. Just like from the example given above, die Tablett means “tray” in English and yet in the given linkword sentence, only the word Tablett appears to have a linkword association to the English word which is “tablet”. The purpose of the linkword examples are to bridge familiarity to the mind with minimal difficulty. This is not to say though that the German articles should not be included in the process of memorization; in fact, you can as you please. In other words, if you find that using the article helps in memorizing a particular German word, you may do so. If not, it's alright. If we don't need to include the article to create a linkword scenario, it is then omitted. Your mind will remember that the article comes before the German words since it is part of the German language. You don’t have to be reminded of it every time. You’ll see that each linkword sentence given in this book has this format so you won’t have any difficulty following it. The important part of this learning method is the sound that each German word creates when it is pronounced. In fact, the phonetic sound of the German word creates a sound equivalent to an English word or words when combined. Just as how the presented example is done, you’ll notice that the German word “die Tablett” when pronounced is similar to the English word that we are all familiar with; “tablet”.

Page 4: 100 German Link Word Examples


By using the phonetic sound of words from German and getting English words with equivalent sounds, you’ll have a higher retention level of the German words. Utilize your creativity by making up scenarios and images that are beyond normal. Memorization works better when you have fun with the process. By using the Link-Word Technique, you can construct a scenario to interpret a German word in English in the most literal and outrageous way possible without even putting pressure on you or your brain. #1 English word = mother German word = Mutter Imagine asking your mother about anything and each time she responds, you hear her mutter. #2 English word = father German word = Vater Picture your father jumping up and down and getting fatter each time he lands. #3 English word = rain German word = der Regen Imagine yourself soaking in the rain and finding a ray gun which emits water when pulled.

Page 5: 100 German Link Word Examples


#4 English word = stool German word = der Hocker Try to picture a very tall stool, as tall as a bamboo tree and on top of it, a hawk sleeps soundly. #5 English word = head German word = der Kopf Try to picture your head as you balance five stacks of cups on top of it instead of wearing a cap. #6 English word = cheek German word = Backe Imagine every person growing cheekbones on their backs as a sign of success. #7 English word = eye German word = das Auge Picture an ogre as it chases one of its eye jumping up and down around a swamp. #8 English word = polar bear German word = der Eisbär Try to picture a polar bear hanging out with your pals holding a glass of iced beer.

Page 6: 100 German Link Word Examples


#9 English word = three German word = drei Picture a live number three waiting for the sun to dry itself out. #10 English word = soup German word = Suppe Imagine yourself eating dinner when suddenly the soup at the table turned to a super hero. #11 English word = pond German word = der Teich Try to picture a pond overflowing not with water or lilies but with bow ties of different sizes and colors. #12 English word = red German word = rot Picture a glowing red brick wall working hard to grow roots all over it. #13 English word = eleven German word = elf Picture the word eleven being spelled out in the ground by an elf.

Page 7: 100 German Link Word Examples


#14 English word = cushion German word = Kissen Imagine your home cushion kissing the floor each time you sit on it. #15 English word = circle German word = der Kreis Try to think of a plump circle as it cries its heart out over a sad song #16 English word = soap German word = Seife Picture a bubbly soap flying around your bathroom as it talks about sci-fi nonsense. #17 English word = bat German word = Fledermaus Imagine a bat as it flees from the mouse all night instead of searching for a victim. #18 English word = flour German word = Mehl Picture a bag of flour using itself for building the largest mill house made of flour.

Page 8: 100 German Link Word Examples


#19 English word = ham German word = Schinken Think about hundreds of hams swimming voluntarily but are sinking fast once they get in the water. #20 English word = full German word = voll Picture your mouth full with sweets as more sweets continue to fall in it. #21 English word = white German word = weiß Imagine a white shadow working in the garage and trying to fasten itself with a vice. #22 English word = cards German word = Karten Think of a deck of cards challenging each other inside a carton. #23 English word = lips German word = Lippen Picture a lady with huge lips as she starts leaping all the way to her destination.

Page 9: 100 German Link Word Examples


#24 English word = cupboard German word = der Schrank Try to think of a cupboard that had shrunk to a miniature model after it was opened. #25 English word = rice German word = Reis Picture a pool full of rice as the ripples rise and fall simultaneously. #26 English word = forks German word = die Gabeln Imagine forks at the table as they battle against goblins over a juicy roasted chicken. #27 English word = coffee German word = Kaffee Picture millions of coffee cups lining up to have their cough checked for a minimal fee. #28 English word = comb German word = Kamm Picture a giant comb being teased by smaller ones and comes down the hill angrily.

Page 10: 100 German Link Word Examples


#29 English word = cups German word = die Tassen Picture China cups playing with and tossing around milk, coffee and sugar powder before dissolving it in hot water. #30 English word = ship German word = Schiff Imagine a cruise ship with two legs as it shifts from one leg to the other while it is anchored. #31 English word = coat German word = Mantel Picture a moving coat as it climbs on the mantel and folds itself. #32 English word = to read German word = lesen Picture yourself trying to read a book, which you listen to as it talks each time you read out a word from its pages. #33 English word = dancing German word = Tanzen Try to think of yourself dancing extremely fast and turning from white to a tan from the sun watching nearby.

Page 11: 100 German Link Word Examples


#34 English word = waves German word = Wellen Imagine giant waves approaching to shore attacking all comic villains that ever existed. #35 English word = kitten German word = das Kätzchen Imagine a kitten working as a chef in a kitchen hotel. #36 English word = lightning German word = Blitz Try to think of a lightning with black and blue all over as it experiences a blitz by a mob. #37 English word = chest German word = Brust Picture your chest crawling out to heal bruised parts of your body. #38 English word = cheese German word = der Käse Imagine a block of cheese as it gets drunk on top of a case of beer bottles.

Page 12: 100 German Link Word Examples


#39 English word = jacket German word = Jacke Picture an extremely expensive and classy jacket being purchased by a yak. #40 English word = tummy German word = Bauch Think of a child’s tummy as it recites a poem at the stage and bows courteously after. #41 English word = shirt German word = das Hemd Imagine a brand new shirt you bought couple of hours ago only to find out that it gives off the scent of a skunk. #42 English word = skirt German word = Rock Imagine a lady as she drags down huge rocks from the mountain using her skirt. #43 English word = chicken German word = Hahnchen Imagine a tiny chicken as it tugs on each hen’s chin of which it passes by.

Page 13: 100 German Link Word Examples


#44 English word = pudding, dessert German word = Nachtisch Picture your dessert after dinner as it literally knocks on each dish on the table. #45 English word = glasses German word = die Gläser Try to visualize five glasses of water as each of them take turns in sliding down a glacier. #46 English word = bottles German word = Flaschen Think of hundreds of glass bottles flashing and bragging to each other how shiny their bodies are. #47 English word = blue German word = blau Imagine a blue-tinted person attempting to plow an entire state in one day. #48 English word = sweater German word = der Pulli Imagine your sweater lying on the floor as it uses a pulley to hang itself up.

Page 14: 100 German Link Word Examples


#49 English word = hat German word = der Hut Try to picture a male hat as it makes a hooting sound towards the hats at the ladies' section. #50 English word = salad German word = der Salat Imagine a salad tossing the leaves it has on its bowl as it tears a lot out of joy. #51 English word = onion German word = Zwiebel Picture an onion kid running around the office and he leaves onion stink on the office swivel chairs. #52 English word = ribbon German word = das Band Imagine a red ribbon showcasing a live band on top of a girl's head. #53 English word = cookie German word = der Keks Picture a chocolate-chipped cookie as it bakes a cake in the kitchen.

Page 15: 100 German Link Word Examples


#54 English word = Hall German word = Flur Think of yourself as you stepped on a stationary hallway when suddenly it flew so fast in to the air. #55 English word = water German word = Wasser Picture water droplets falling from the sky, while below a vase is catching each and every drop from all directions. #56 English word = brush German word = Bürste Imagine a brush painting a canvass on its own and bursting in tears to every stroke it makes. #57 English word = bed German word = Bett Picture yourself sitting on your bed as you try to wrestle with it about the money bet under its sheets. #58 English word = stairs German word = Treppe Try to visualize a winding stairs as it screams in pain because of its leg held trapped by an alligator.

Page 16: 100 German Link Word Examples


#59 English word = head German word = Kopf Imagine your cousin with two heads as one of the heads coughs each time your cousin laughs. #60 English word = switch German word = der Schalter Try to think about a set of light switches as they are walking in the rain, looking for a shelter to stay. #61 English word = door German word = die Tür Picture a swinging door as it bends its stiff body to form the number two. #62 English word = kettle German word = der Kessel Imagine several kettles in the kitchen as they build a castle made of hot water. #63 English word = apron German word = die Schürze Try to think of an apron being worn by a soldier as he holds up a gun and shoots the enemies.

Page 17: 100 German Link Word Examples


#64 English word = ladder German word = die Leiter Picture a ladder made of nicotine as it asks a lighter for a light. #65 English word = boat, ship German word = das Boot Imagine a sail boat as it gears up with boots before it begins to sail on water. #66 English word = market German word = der Markt Try to think of a market looking at its own location in a map and putting a mark on it. #67 English word = wheel German word = das Rad Picture four wheels of a speeding truck as it is being pushed by four rats. #68 English word = hedgehog German word = der Igel Imagine a hedgehog as it creates a nest for an eagle mother.

Page 18: 100 German Link Word Examples


#69 English word = river German word = der Fluss Picture a river as it overflows with a current of floss instead of water. #70 English word = owl German word = die Eule Try to think of an owl applying suntan oil to its face and body before setting off for the night. #71 English word = seagull German word = die Möwe Imagine a seagull as it dances and moves like a pop star in the air. #72 English word = bridge German word = die Brücke Picture an extremely long bridge as it continuously supplies water to the dry brook right below it. #73 English word = fog German word = der Nebel Try to think of a dense fog in the mountains as mountaineers nibble the fog out to find their path.

Page 19: 100 German Link Word Examples


#74 English word = chalk German word = die Kreide Imagine a piece of chalk that cried the loudest when it came in contact with the blackboard. #75 English word = clouds German word = die Wolken Picture pink, fluffy clouds keeping an active volcano entertained so it does not erupt. #76 English word = gray German word = grau Try to think of an old and gray lion as it tries to growl with all its might and yet nothing comes out of its big mouth. #77 English word = plates German word = die Teller Imagine random breakable plates walking inside a bank and talking to the teller about opening a bank account. #78 English word = broom German word = der Besen Picture a broom as it disposes the dust which it collects to a water basin.

Page 20: 100 German Link Word Examples


#79 English word = flowers German word = die Blumen Try to think of a garden of wild flowers being tended by big blue men. #80 English word = fire German word = das Feuer Imagine two balls of fire opening doors for the guests at the foyer. #81 English word = caterpillar German word = die Raupe Picture a caterpillar as it weaves a rope instead of a cocoon. #82 English word = pictures German word = die Bilder Try to think of pictures today being developed to life-sized monuments manually by a bridge builder. #83 English word = hole German word = das Loch Imagine having several holes on your garden and inside of each lives a loch ness monster.

Page 21: 100 German Link Word Examples


#84 English word = cooker German word = die Herd Picture huge cookers running away from the heat of the stove. #85 English word = dustpan German word = die Schaufel Try to think of a very old dustpan as it shuffles breakable plates while it dusts out the hallway. #86 English word = bulldozer German word = das Bagger Imagine a tiny bulldozer as it intimidates a group of gigantic bugs. #87 English word = ice cream German word = das Eis Picture ice cream drops falling from the sky and becoming solid ice rocks after landing. #88 English word = dry German word = trocken Picture an extremely dry sea bed bearing billions of soaking wet arcade tokens.

Page 22: 100 German Link Word Examples


#89 English word = flower bed German word = das Blumenbeet Try to think of an acre-wide flower bed of tulips as huge blue men beat the tulips down one by one. #90 English word = tricycle German word = das Dreirad Imagine a tricycle while it is being driven by a dry rat under a raining sky. #91 English word = bench German word = die Bank Picture a 100 foot long bench being fit inside a bank, only 3 sq feet wide. #92 English word = lamp German word = die Lampe Think of a lamp-bearing genie and every time the genie is summoned out, it leaves nasty lumps on the lamp. #93 English word = pole German word = der Stab Imagine a big and tall pole as it stabs the other flag poles with its tiny finger.

Page 23: 100 German Link Word Examples


#94 English word = dodgems (bumper cars) German word = die Skooter Picture a group of dodgems as they transform to cool scooters whenever they approach high speed. #95 English word = bad German word = böse Try to think of a person's really bad handwriting becoming the most beautiful handwriting whenever this person had a lot of booze. #96 English word = candle German word = die Kerze Imagine a row of candles being lit by several cats one at a time. #97 English word = diaper German word = die Windel Picture huge diapers used as curtains over wide windows of a 5-star hotel. #98 English word = bread German word = das Brot Think of a French bread which applauds to broth cubes each time it sees them jump in boiling water.

Page 24: 100 German Link Word Examples


#99 English word = carrot German word = die Karotte Try to imagine a carrot as it displays karate stunts to a hungry rabbit. #100 English word = bottom German word = der Po Picture pants' bottoms showing the face of the famous Winnie the Pooh bear. #101 English word = cliff German word = die Klippe Think of the steepest cliff swaying against the wind and millions of paper clips supporting it to keep it standing. #102 English word = box German word = die Schachtel Imagine a family of boxes as they all try to ride a shuttle bus. #103 English word = paintbrush German word = der Pinsel Picture a very thick paintbrush as it uses pins on a canvass instead of oil.

Page 25: 100 German Link Word Examples


#104 English word = arrows German word = die Pfeile Try to think of arrows as they polish and file their heads so they have sharper points. #105 English word = badger German word = der Dachs Imagine a fat badger that can hardly walk as it tries to chase away ducks. #106 English word = lake German word = der See Picture a lake as it creates giant waves in the shape of the letter Z. #107 English word = eggs German word = die Eier Think of yourself using ostrich eggs on top of your eyes every morning to develop good eyesight. #108 English word = elevator German word = der Lift Imagine an elevator as it lifts and transports 100 people to different floors in seconds.

Page 26: 100 German Link Word Examples


#109 English word = thin German word = dünn Picture a thin sheet of paper as it creates a mile-long sand dune in minutes. #110 English word = pillows German word = das Kopfkissen Think of fluffy pillows containing porcelain cups kissing one another instead of feathers inside. #111 English word = people German word = Leute Imagine all the people in the office as they loiter like monkeys in their cubicles. #112 English word = to dig German word = graben Try to picture a person who is about to dig a hole when an arm from the ground starts grabbing the shovel. #113 English word = lambs German word = die Lämmer Think of new born lambs as they follow around a lama thinking that it is their mother.

Page 27: 100 German Link Word Examples


#114 English word = chicks German word = die Küken Imagine week-old chicks in the barn cooking breakfast for their mother hens. #115 English word = hard German word = hart Picture a hard-boiled egg that changes its shape to a heart-shaped box each time somebody attempts to crack it open. #116 English word = mud German word = der Schlamm Picture people wearing mud clothing coming from the city's slum areas. #117 English word = shed German word = der Schuppen Imagine a shed at the end of the street as it grows as wide as a shopping mall when people stay under it. #118 English word = recorder German word = die Blockflöte Try to think of a tape recorder that will block flute tones from what has been originally recorded.

Page 28: 100 German Link Word Examples


#119 English word = goat German word = die Zeige Picture a muscular goat strolling the seashore being accompanied by an even more muscular seagull. Although the link-word technique will take some practice, when you create words from scratch, this technique does establish a great connection between the words being memorized. One of the many reasons why the link-word method is quite easy to use, especially for learning and memorizing German words (as given in this book), is simply because it uses images and stories. You see, stories easily cling on to your subconscious mind by allowing your creative side to work for you. You didn’t have to do anything. The moment you read one of the examples, your active mind provided what you needed, resulting in an easier process of memorizing German words. Some of you may have been new to the German words given here and still some of you may have already encountered them. Whichever is the case, the link-word technique can make it possible for you to remember the words easier and faster. Remember, the highlighted words are the sounds that are connected. After going through the examples, you’ll increase your German vocabulary immensely. You do not have to create words that sound exactly alike phonetically. Just close enough. Your mind will remember the rest. Now that you have reached the end of this book, you can tell yourself that it won’t take months for you to learn German words. The link-word technique was meant for you to finish your German lessons in no time. Try to practice the examples you have learned everyday. Play with what you know now and have fun with it.