10 Free Essential Apps for Android

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10 Free Essential Apps for Android


  • 10 Free Essential Apps for Android

    by Nagaraj on March 13, 2013 in Android

    If you just bought an Android device or just renew your team and know you can not set you to make the

    most of its different features, here we leave a list of 10 free essential apps for Android that you can be

    downloaded to your new device matching. Then the classic Whatsapp, Facebookand Twitter, here we leave

    some suggestions of what you can download to customize and leverage the capabilities of your mobile.

    10 Free Essential Apps for Android

    Go Launcher EX This launcher will allow you to give your Android phone the look you want: either with icons, more serious,

    some pink or even any particular theme or soccer as children. It has many templates and designs to choose

    from, both as free payments, be sure to try it.

    AItype Keyboard If in the first moments and discover that the keyboard that Android brings your default and you do not like,

    try AItype, an intelligent keyboard and you can even customize predictive. Here in its free version.

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    Rocket Player The music player is available for almost any version of Android, you can browse a nice interface for all music

    on your computer, play with good quality thanks to its dynamic EQ and can even be synchronized with iSync.

    MX Video Player This video player not only supports many formats that do not accept the default Android player. Besides

    allowing reading subtitles that are not embedded in the video, allowing key lock, multitouch zoom

    magnification and can resume your video from where you left off even if you exit the application.

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    Flipboard This free application will allow you to stay informed on the topics that you like. It is highly configurable and

    you can add your Twitter account and Facebook to share what interests you. Its a new way of being

    informed that you will surely love.

    Evernote If you do not want to miss at any time any of the ideas that come to mind, this app will come in handy

    because not only can store text notes but also recordings, reminders, photographs and images to not miss

    anything and also you can host them in the cloud for convenience. Be sure to try it!

  • Track ID Excellent program to know who is the artist behind this song maybe just heard. Just turn it on when you play

    a track and wait for the result.

    Opera mini A browser for your mobile phone that brings to replace the default, has good speed, no crashes and lets you

    control the use of data. Highly recommended.

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    Internet Radio

    Air Droid Allows you to control your phone wirelessly from your PC to transfer files, write SMS, installapplications,

    view photos and videos, change tones, screen recording, make screenshots and more.

    Zedge Wallpapers, ringtones, alerts, games and more, all free and just right for the use of your device.

  • Any more to add to the list? Tell us your opinion!

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