1. 2 Venturing Scouting’s Next Step 3 BSA has steadily expanded the reach of its value-based programs 1910 Boy Scouting 1912 Sea Scouting 1935 Cub Scouting

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1 Slide 2 2 Venturing Scoutings Next Step Slide 3 3 BSA has steadily expanded the reach of its value-based programs 1910 Boy Scouting 1912 Sea Scouting 1935 Cub Scouting 1950 Exploring for young men 14-20 who wanted senior Scouting 1971 Coed Exploring- Young women ages 14-20 joined now more career oriented posts 1991 Learning For Life - BSA Subsidiary 1998 Venturing - Coed ages 14-20 - Outdoor oriented senior scouting Slide 4 4 Heres Venturing The young adult program of the BSA for men and women 14 (who have completed the 8th grade) through 20 years of age. Youth member is a Venturer Venturing units are Crews Venturing adults are advisors Youth leader is the president $7 membership fee - same chartering process Slide 5 5 Character, Citizenship, Fitness The aims of the BSAs 3 Programs Boy Scout Methods Patrol Method Adult Association Leadership Scouting Ideals Outdoors Advancement Personal Growth Uniform Venturing Methods Group Activities Adult Association Leadership Scouting Ideals High Adventure Advancement & recognition Teaching Others Uniform optional Slide 6 6 Venturing Is Not Exploring Venturing Applications Members Leadership Standards by BSA Oath and Code Advancement Associated with packs & troops Exploring Rosters Participants Leadership standards by participating organization Motto Non-traditional program Slide 7 7 Venturing/Venture Whats the Difference? Venturing Crew Stand Alone Unit Coed, all male, or all female Ages 14-20 5 Bronze Awards, Gold, Silver, Ranger, Quartermaster & Boy Scout advancement above 1st class for male Venturers President, two VP positions,Secretary, Treasurer, Activity chairs Venture Patrol Optional patrol of a troop Male only Ages 13-17 Boy Scout advancement only Venture Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader Good transition to Venturing Slide 8 8 Does Venturing Have a Required Uniform? The recommended uniform is the spruce green Venturing shirt with green epaulette tabs and gray backpacking-style shorts or gray casual pants. However, the uniform, if any, is the choice of the crew. Slide 9 9 Venturing Oath As a Venturer, I promise to do my duty to God and help strengthen America, to help others, and to seek truth, fairness, and adventure in our world. Slide 10 10 Venturing Support Items (no cost) New Crew Sales Kit Recruitment Posters Sales Brochures Fast Start Literature and Resources brochure Awards and Recognition brochure Religious Resource Kit Marketing Guide Slide 11 11 Cristi Wilkins -Crew 448 Advisor writes about effects of using Fast Start, No. 25-878 Using the activity interest survey, we discovered that 8 out of 9 youth chose the following: Take a train tripPilots license Beach partyPancake breakfast Winter sportsSnowboarding Wilderness survivalAlaska SailingBackpacking anywhere new Ski weekend We made assignments for activity chairs and were off. This is great stuff were off to the COPE course tomorrow after PSATs. Slide 12 12 Literature Available At Your Scout Shop & In the Supply Catalog Venturing Leader Manual Ranger Guidebook Venturer Handbook Venturing Leadership Skills Course Venturing Roundtable Guide Heres Venturing - Operations Guide Advancement cards, certificates, and awards Venturing Advancement Chart Adult Venturing Leader Basic Training Sea Scout Manual Slide 13 13 1.Selling Venturing to the Head of an Organization 2.Briefing the Organizing Committee 3.New Crew Fast Start 4.Venturing For Scoutmasters 5.Venturing Professional Orientation 6.Venturing For Religious Youth Groups 6 Venturing Videos Slide 14 14 Youth Protection Videos Youth Protection - Personal Safety Awareness (for Youth) Youth Protection Training for Adult Venturing Leaders Slide 15 15 Venturing Training Faststart New Leader Essentials Venturing Adult Leader Basic Training Powder Horn (High adventure resourse management training now in councils.) Slide 16 16 Venturing Recognition National Venturing Leadership Award for youth and adults- 3 levels Venturing Advisor Award of Merit Slide 17 17 Venturing Advancement Previous lst Boy Scout or Class Varsity Scout JOIN Venturing Outdoor Youth Sports Arts and Sea Bronze Ministries Bronze Hobbies Scout Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze Ranger Gold Ranger Gold Award Award Award Award Eagle Life Star Quartermaster Silver Award Slide 18 18 The Ranger Program Rangers are elite outdoorsmen Ranger are required to teach what theyve learned to others-KEY!!!! Rangers work with their advisor and consultants Slide 19 19 Ranger Core Requirements 1. Standard First Aid plus When Help is Delayed 2. Communications 3. Cooking 4. Emergency Preparedness 5. Land Navigation 6. Leave No Trace 7. Wilderness Survival 8. Conservation Slide 20 20 Ranger Electives (Must earn 4 of 18) Backpacking Cave Exploring Project COPE Mountain Biking First Aid Fishing Ecology Equestrian Hunting Lifesaver Mountaineering Outdoor Living History Physical Fitness Plants & Wildlife Scuba Shooting Sports Watercraft Winter Sports Slide 21 21 Do Venturers Use the Ranger Guidebook I just returned from Philmont with a co-ed Venturing crew. Before leaving, I presented each member of the crew with a Ranger Guidebook. We reviewed the requirements briefly. Quite frankly, I expected to see them stuff the book in their carry-on bags, never to be seen again. I couldnt have been more wrong. All the way across the country (Chicago to Raton by train) there was a constant barrage of questions being fired at me. Once we reached Philmont it intensified. I had the same reaction from the Philmont Ranger Staff. The Ranger Guidebooks are worn and dog eared. In my 40 years of Scouting, I cant remember ever seeing Scouts pick up and devour a program the way they seem to go after the Ranger award. Richard Hewitt, Crew Advisor, Portage, Michigan Slide 22 22 Venturings Growth Where Is It Coming From? Church youth groups that adopt the structure of Venturing to help strengthen their youth program. Successful troops that adopt Venturing to meet the wants and needs of older boys-longer retention. High School and college outdoor clubs that adopt Venturing to complement their program. Independent groups that are organized from high school hobby interest surveys Slide 23 23 December 2000 - National Venturing Membership Statistics Total Venturers 233,858 15.7% growth over 1999 Total Crews 17,684 12.1 % growth over 1999 Fantastic!!!! Slide 24 24 Venturing Crews Chartered to Religious Organizations (non LDS) Slide 25 25 Venturing Crew Growth in Churches 199819992000% Growth Community Churches18 43 94 422% Church of Christ29 49 67 131% Disciples of Christ54 80 103 91% Lutheran Churches 181 267 342 90% Presbyterian Churches 213 293 363 70% Catholic Churches 420 550 675 61% Methodist Churches 614 810 959 56% United Church of Christ63 71 98 55% Baptist Churches 232 301 360 55% Episcopal Churches109 134 153 40% Total Non-LDS Churches22142912 3578 61% Slide 26 26 Venturing Provides Structure and Substance To a Church Youth Group Venturing is flexible and can work with any existing youth program structure. Venturing can help keep youth closer to the religious organizations beliefs. Venturing provides a package that can retain existing youth and recruit new ones. The religious awards will help create an arena in which young adults can work closely with religious leaders. Slide 27 27 Success Story from Bloomsburg, PA Scout Executive, Daryl Mancinelli showed the new Venturing for Religious Youth Groups video at a ministerial association meeting. He intended to follow up individually later with the pastors present. As he was walking out the door, a pastor left the meeting and ran over to intercept him, explaining that he wanted to organize a Venturing crew in his youth group. Slide 28 28 Frequently Asked Questions ??? How much ownership will my religious organization have if we start a Venturing crew with my high school age youth group? What are the advantages of combining my religious organizations youth group with Venturing? How much does it cost to create a Venturing crew with my religious youth group? Is a uniform required? Where will we find leadership? Will Venturing compete with my youth group? How do we get started? Slide 29 29 Boy Scout Troops Venturing Crews Slide 30 30 Why Should a Troop Consider a Venturing Crew? The Venturing program complements the Boy Scout troop. It adds exciting new advancement and leadership opportunities for your older boys. It allows flexibility, so boys can participate in both programs. Venturing can help solve many of the Scoutmasters challenges. It meets the wants and needs of 14 to 21 year old young men. It provides a scouting program for daughters of scouting families. Slide 31 31 Scoutmaster Challenges Keeping 14 to 18 year old Boy Scouts engaged in the troop. Challenging older Boy Scouts, while at the same time, trying to attract and retain younger Boy Scouts. Competing with older Boy Scouts interests; cars, girls, high school. Providing leadership/role model opportunities to all older Boy Scouts. Giving younger Boy Scouts something to anticipate beyond the troop Consistently offering exciting program. Slide 32 32 National Statistics On Boy Scouts Average Boy Scout is 13 years and 3 months old. Average Eagle Scout is 14 years and 9 months old. Average Boy Scout attendance at summer camp is 2.8 years. Slide 33 33 Ages of Venturers Year 2000 Slide 34 34 Male Venturers May Continue To Work Toward Eagle l Must be at least a First Class earned as a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout. l Requirements remain the same. l Board of review can be conducted by the troop or crew. l If registered in both the troop and crew, can receive multiple credit for many Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ranger requirements. l May use crew leadership positions and participation. Slide 35 35 What Does Venturing Offer Older Boy Scouts In Your Troop? New advancement opportunities for boys interested in progressing beyond Eagle. New, exciting awar