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<p>OIL PAINTINGS, WATERCOLOURS &amp; PRINTS.</p> <p>(Sold subject to the usual conditions of sale).</p> <p>----------------</p> <p>WATERCOLOURS.</p> <p>1.REGINALD D. SHERRIN A moorland pool with heather 10 x 14 signed.</p> <p>2.SYBIL C. PARSONS Peasants near a well 17 x 12 inscribed.</p> <p>3.J. MATTHEWS? 1895 Figures on a beach 6 x 15 a pair indistinctly signed.</p> <p>4.M. GIANNI Girl on balcony overlooking sea 5 x 12 signed.</p> <p>5.CHRISTINE TURNER Walled gardens with greenhouse 13 x 20 signed with initials and inscribed on label.</p> <p>6.DAVY MOAKES 89 A wooded stream at Aberfeldy 11 x 15 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>7.INITIALLED E.M.N. A country house and garden 7 x 10.</p> <p>8.JOHN THORPE Fishing boats Palermo Sicily 5 x 7 signed.</p> <p>9.G. W. MORRISON The blue lake 9 x 15 Belfast Label signed.</p> <p>10.HENRY C. FOX (18)99 River landscape with figure in boat and cattle near Hampsteam 15 x 21 signed and dated.</p> <p>11.CHARLES E. BRITTAIN Sheep in a moorland valley with mist- 10 x 14 signed.</p> <p>* Framed by Harris &amp; Sons Plymouth.</p> <p>12.W. PAYNE Figures and horses in an extensive river landscape 7 x 12.</p> <p>13.SYLVIA M. WHITHAM Flood waters, Braunton Burrows 8 x 13 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>* Exhibited Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter 1955 no. 89.</p> <p>14.SYLVIA M. WHITHAM The Wharf, Hamble with farmyard and river 12 x 16 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>* Also Exhibited 1955 no. 33.</p> <p>15.SYLVIA M. WHITHAM The Quarry Holdstone Down 9 x 12 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>* Also Exhibited 1955 no. 113.</p> <p>16.ALFRED LEYMAN Outside the pub at Widworthy, Nr. Honiton withy gypsy caravan 11 x 17 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>17.ALFRED LEYMAN 1888 View from Axminster Hill Honiton with figure on horse and cattle 6 x 19 signed.</p> <p>18.R. WYMER An officer of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps. 12 x 8 signed.</p> <p>19.FREDERICK PARR Below the Warren Inn Dartmoor with sheep eating heather 5 x 9 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>20.REGINALD D. SHERRIN Thatcher Rock from the mainland 15 x 22 signed.</p> <p>21.LATE VICTORIAN SCHOOL An old thatched cottage 7 x 6.</p> <p>22.CHESTER Figure and camels by palm trees and boats on the Nile 6 x 9 a pair both signed unframed.</p> <p>23.R. BOUTERS Sketch of Ballet dancers 10 x 12 signed and unframed.</p> <p>24.AUGUSTUS LAMPLOUGH (19)11 A distant mountain range 6 x 13 signed and dated unframed.</p> <p>25.WILLIAM WIDGERY A wooded stream on the Okement Dartmoor 16 x 24 signed.</p> <p>26.FREDERICK J. WIDGERY Sheep near Dunkery Beacon with pool 10 x 14 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>27.WILLIAM CROXFORD Ladies in a village at sunset 19 x 30 signed.</p> <p>28.FREDERICK J. WIDGERY Cattle in a Dartmoor landscape 9 x 19 signed.</p> <p>29.STYLE OF W. PAYNE Figure on a river bank 12 x 15.</p> <p>30.INITIALLED A.S.C. 1851 A pencil drawing of a country cottage 6 x 8 unframed and others (5).</p> <p>31.BEATRICE M. WHITE 1943 Portrait of an alsatians head Chief 14 x 10 and another unframed.</p> <p>32.F. J. SNELL A Dartmoor landscape 7 x 10 signed.</p> <p>33.LEYTON FORBES Cottages near Penzance and near Caddock 6 x 9 a pair signed.</p> <p>34.J. VAN COUVER At Utrecht Holland and boats on a waterway 15 x 20 a pair signed.</p> <p>35.VICTORIAN SCHOOL Two figures crossing a bridge in Welsh landscape 11 x 14.</p> <p>36.H. DYER A moorland pool with birds 15 x 22.</p> <p>37.A. COPLEY-FIELDING (Attributed) Boats on a choppy sea 7 x 10.</p> <p>38.JOHN FRASER Haymaking at Cruckmere Sussex 13 x 20 labelled and signed.</p> <p>39.WILLIAM WIDGERY A woodland river with mill house 14 x 10 signed.</p> <p>40.LOUIS MORTIMER Thatched cottages near Branscombe - 14 x 10 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>41.WILLIAM D. YOUNG 1919 Homeward Bound 3 carthorses in extensive landscape 10 x 14 signed and dated.</p> <p>* This Edinburgh artist Exhibited at the R.S.A. and Glasgow Institute.</p> <p>42.CHARLES ROWBOTHAM Figures near Calais 9 x 18 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>43.THOMAS L. ROWBOTHAM Italian landscape 9 x 18.</p> <p>* From the estate of Charles Rowbotham.</p> <p>44.W. G. MASTERS 1883 Figures and horses in a street 10 x 8 signed and dated.</p> <p>45.FREDERICK J. SNELL Cattle by a moorland track near a Tor 7 x 10 signed.</p> <p>46.THOMAS PYNE A river landscape with village 8 x 12 inscribed.</p> <p>47.FRANCIS B. TIGHE Sheep and drover in country lane 11 x 15 signed.</p> <p>48.FRANCIS B. TIGHE Horses and rider on country track 11 x 15 signed.</p> <p>49.SIDNEY BUTCHER 1904 A drawing of a Jester and other figures 16 x 23 signed.</p> <p>50.19th CENTURY SCHOOL Hal length portrait of a young man - 14 x 10.</p> <p>51.H. C. BROWNE 1846 A Family of figures by gate 10 x 17 initialled.</p> <p>52.VICTORIAN SCHOOL A lily of the valley and other flowers 7 x 5 .</p> <p>53.WALTER D. BARNETT - St.Bees Cumberland and Stampford 7 x 10 a pair signed.</p> <p>54.VICTORIAN SCHOOL oval portrait of young lady 8 x 7.</p> <p>55.EDITH BARROW Carrying fish from the harbour 22 x 13 signed.</p> <p>56.FREDERICK MERCER A view of Polperro harbour with sea beyond 13 x 20 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>57.ERNEST G. SAVAGE Early evening at Polperro 15 x 22 signed and in scribed on label.</p> <p>58.VICTORIAN SCHOOL Figures in road by cottages 8 x 12.</p> <p>59.ARTHUR WILKINSON Girl outside cottage with flower garden 10 x 14 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>60.LOUIS MORTIMER 1914 View of Bodinnick with Fowey on other side of river 9 x 12 signed.</p> <p>61.WYCLIFFE EGGINTON Cottages at Dittisham with the River dart 10 x 14 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>62.JOHN SHAPLAND South Devon coastal view 9 x 20 signed.</p> <p>63.ENGLISH SCHOOL circa 1920 A statue on a mount 7 x 4 inscribed.</p> <p>64.GERTRUDE MARTINEAU 1894 Boats on foreshore of loch 10 x 14 10 x 14 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>65.GERTRUDE MARTINEAU 1894 Gilan castle on loch side 10 x 14 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>66.H. NOSWORTHY 1872 View of Romney Marsh in Kent 9 x 14 inscribed.</p> <p>67.C. BELL (19)14 A winding river 13 x 20 signed and dated.</p> <p>68.DVID MURRAY SMITH A woodland path 7 x 11 signed and inscribed on label.</p> <p>69.GOODALL Arab figures with camel and sheep near a river 11 x 15.</p> <p>70.WILLIAM S. MORRISH A moorland stream with boulders 8 x 13 signed.</p> <p>71.AFTER TURNER An Italian river pageant 18 x 24 unframed.</p> <p>72.JAMES P. POWER Outside the Church House Inn at Stoke Gabriel, South Devon 10 x 13 signed.</p> <p>73.ARTHUR WILLETT Babbacombe Bay and Torre Abbey sands both Torquay 6 x 11 a pair signed.</p> <p>74.WILLIAM WILLIAMS OF PLYMOUTH 1885 Two figures beside the River Okement 10 x 15 signed and dated.</p> <p>75.ENGLISH SCHOOL Chickens in a farm yard 11 x 15 unframed.</p> <p>76.R. RICHARDSON (18)93 The Quayside at Mudeford 11 x 15 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>*The Artist is recorded living at Lewis and also Sidmouth.</p> <p>77.EDWARD DAVIES Boulders in a river torrent 11 x 15 signed.</p> <p>78.BARAGWANATH KING A coastal path 18 x 29 signed unframed.</p> <p>79.JAMES COAD A moorland landscape with pool 11 x 29 a pair both signed.</p> <p>80.SIDNEY J. BEER Boats by a jetty 9 x 6 signed.</p> <p>81.DONALD GREIG F.R.S.A. Thurlestone Village 9 x 14 signed.</p> <p>82.Wm. KACKAY (19)24 Wooden bridge over stream 9 x 14 signed and dated.</p> <p>83.INDISTINCTLY SIGNED Statues in coastal garden 21 x 18.</p> <p>84.MURIAL TANCOCK An East Devon farm stead 10 x 14 signed.</p> <p>85.JAPANESE SCHOOL Two figures seated 6 x 4.</p> <p>86.ALFRED LEYMAN Figures outside thatched cottages at Branscombe 10 x 16 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>87.ALFRED WATERFALL Houses around Polperro harbour 9 x 13 signed.</p> <p>88.G. COLVILLE Figures in a Continental street 18 x 12 signed.</p> <p>89.A.H. POLAR? Cattle droving in Haldon Forest 20 x 13 signed.</p> <p>90.TOM ROWDEN 1903 Cattle and sheep in coastal landscape 6 x 10 signed and dated.</p> <p>91.HENRY W. HICKS The Exe Estuary 6 x 9 signed.</p> <p>92.19th ENGLISH SCHOOL Extensive river landscape 5 x 7.</p> <p>93.R.P. BURCHAM A still life of fruit on mossy bank 5 x 10 signed.</p> <p>94.ROBERT T. WILDING Fishing boats off the coast 8 x 15 signed.</p> <p>95.W. BAKER A view towards Brentor 8 x 5 signed.</p> <p>96.ALFRED E. COOPER A pastelle of Edward V1 half length 14 x 10 signed with initials.</p> <p>97.</p> <p>98.</p> <p>OIL PAINTINGS.</p> <p>110.W. RICHARDS Figures in an upland landscape 16 x 24 signed.</p> <p>111.MORRISH A Dart moor clapper bridge 12 x 15.</p> <p>112.A. ALLAN CLARK A street in St. Ives (19)47 =- 12 x 9.</p> <p>113.19th CENTURY SCHOOL An alpine lock with boats 4 x 6 a pair.</p> <p>114.INDISTINCTLY SIGNED? Figures seated around a table 13 x 12.</p> <p>115.ITALIAN SCHOOL 19th century An extensive landscape and an estuary landscape 9 x 13.</p> <p>116.J. W. TUCKER Figures beside a river 6 x 10.</p> <p>117.VICTORIAN SCHOOL Three quarter length portrait of scholar 11 x 9 .</p> <p>118.MARCUS FORD Boats in a Westcountry harbour 20 x 24 signed.</p> <p>119.MARCUS FORD Dunsford Village, Nr. Exeter 20 x 24 signed.</p> <p>120.MAXIMILAN STRASKY Snowy alpine landscape 24 x 31 signed.</p> <p>121.WILLIAM N. SIMM Moonlight river scene 12 x 16 signed.</p> <p>122.ENGLISH SCHOOL A galloping horse in a landscape 12 x16 signed.</p> <p>123.ENGLISH SCHOOL An extensive landscape 9 x 13 unframed.</p> <p>124.WALTER H. WHEELER Head of a chestnut hunter on board 11 x 10 signed.</p> <p>125.INITIALLED A.G. A Dartmoor landscape 8 x 11 signed with initials.</p> <p>126.ROBERT THEGERSTROM 1903 A coastal scene with blue sea 20 x 30 inscribed on stretcher unframed.</p> <p>127.WEST COUNTRY SCHOOL A view of Clovelly? From hill top 17 x 11.</p> <p>128.TONY GILES An evening storm at port on board 19 x 26 signed.</p> <p>129.MORRIS MEREDITH WILLIAM Building the Cornrick 12 x 15 signed a pair.</p> <p>130.LUNY A group of figures on a beach with shipping off 20 x 30.</p> <p>131.THELMA CURRELL 1970 Contemplation 24 x 20 signed and dated.</p> <p>* With the Mall Galleries label on reverse.</p> <p>132.HELMA BURRELL Half length portrait of Justine Burrell 20 x 30 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>133.THELMA BURRELL Half length portrait of gent in a old hat 24 x 18.</p> <p>134.THELMA BURRELL Portrait of man at tab le 20 x 24.</p> <p>135.THELMA BURRELL A coastal scene 15 x 20 signed.</p> <p>136.F.A. SALTMER Figures on a beach 112 x 13 signed.</p> <p>137.FRANK HIDER Figures on path by river bank 12 x 20 signed.</p> <p>138.SAMUEL PENDEAL Alum China with coast 12 x 9 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>139.19th CENTURY CONTINENTAL SCHOOL An alpine lock with village 6 x 8 .</p> <p>140.19th CENTURY SCHOOL An alpine lock with steam ship 6 x 8.</p> <p>141.KAENARD The head of an Arab 9 x 7 indistinctly signed.</p> <p>142.LATE 18th CENTURY Figure reading book beside rocks in landscape 11 x 14.</p> <p>143.NASTOR GEROIUD? Girl with fan in studio on panel 13 x 10 unframed.</p> <p>144.G. E. HALE Sailing off the Needles 7 x 11 signed unframed.</p> <p>145.H. CRANE Portait of steam ship 6 x 12 unframed.</p> <p>146.INDISTINCTLY SIGNED A village at sunset 6 x 18.</p> <p>147.FRED E. ROBERTSON Sandbanks on estuary 12 x 18.</p> <p>148.EDWARD MATTHEW HALE 1885 Bluebells in wood in spring 18 x 12 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>149.VICTORIAN SCHOOL A coastal scene 12 x 24 unframed.</p> <p>150.TREVOR HADDON Figures and a Camel water carrier in court yard 14 x 18 signed.</p> <p>151.A. WRIGHT Fishing boats 17 x 11 signed.</p> <p>152.NORTH AMERICA Head of a Red Indian 17 x 13.</p> <p>153.WILLIAM THORNLEY Hay barges on the Thames on panel 9 x 7 signed and inscribed.</p> <p>154.PASSEY Figure with sheep in extensive landscape with coast beyond 36 x 52.</p> <p>155.INDISTINCTLY SIGNED Young fisherman with two children on seaside bench with nets and basket of fish 14 x 20.</p> <p>156.THORS Figures by a country cottage on panel 12 x 10.</p> <p>157.HERRING Farmyard with horses, pigs and ducks 8 x 9.</p> <p>158.BRIG ROCKINGHAM GILL 1953 Maer Rocks, Exmouth 15 x 18 signed and dated.</p> <p>159.M. G. FRIEDRICK Sailing boats in choppy waters 24 x 36 signed.</p> <p>160.THOMAS SIDNEY COOPER 1857 Sheep and a cow in a landscape with homestead 18 x 24 signed and dated.</p> <p>161.</p> <p>162.</p> <p>PRINTS.</p> <p>171.Three signed coloured etchings by D. Donald of an Arab encampment at Kairouan, North Africa etc.</p> <p>172.A good First State signed etching by Hedley Fitton of the Ponte Vecclico Florence also label on reverse.</p> <p>173.An etching of Brixham, a water colour of Continental square and an engraving of Mamhead House etc.</p> <p>174.A gilt framed picture of horses and figures by court yard.</p> <p>175.A signed etching by Sidgnick? Prospect of Westminster, London.</p> <p>176.A signed etching by E. Piper of Peel fishing fleet.</p> <p>177.An antique coloured engraving of Tunis by Sherwin for Millor and another.</p> <p>178.A pair of coloured engravings of The Temple and Grays Inn 1755.</p> <p>179.A 19th century print Pray give a Trifle 1826.</p> <p>180.A coloured print after Paul Henry The Wicklow mountains.</p> <p>181.A pair George stipple engravings in good gilt frames.</p> <p>182.A group of 4 small antique coloured maps of Somerset, Dorset etc.</p> <p>183.An antique road map and a coloured engraving.</p> <p>184.A large stipple engraving The Boar that killed Adonis by J. Boydell after R. Westall 1794.</p> <p>185.A signed mezzotint by Scott, Bridgewater.</p> <p>186.A lithograph of Ross Castle, Killarney by Day &amp; Son.</p> <p>187.After Gainsborough A set of 3 coloured prints by E. Orme 1804.</p> <p>188.A pair of Ackerman prints of Richmond after W. Westall by R. G. Reeve.</p> <p>189.A pair of engravings buildings of a cutter after J. Kitchingman by S. T. Pouncy 1783.</p> <p>190.A signed etching by Harold Pickert of continental figures by river.</p> <p>191.A signed Snaffles print The Sparrow catchin Sort. A head like a lady A farewell like a cook.</p> <p>192.A signed etching by Edmund J. Sullivan 1926 The Old Gardener To Ian Stewart with all kind thoughts.</p> <p>193.A small folder of Le Blonde and other prints.</p> <p>194.A small pair of coloured engravings after Moreland.</p> <p>195.A signed Arch. Thorburn coloured print of grouse in a landscape.</p> <p>196.Pair of Victorian lithographs of oval portraits of ladies after J. Fisher.</p> <p>197.A set of 7 French fashion prints.</p> <p>198.Four more French fashion prints.</p> <p>199.</p> <p>200.</p> <p>---------------------------------</p>