Technology Assessment. Who is requiring this technology assessment? A technology skills assessment is being required by the United States Department

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. Technology Assessment Slide 2 Who is requiring this technology assessment? A technology skills assessment is being required by the United States Department of Education for all recipient districts of the Enhancing Education Through Technology (E2T2) Formula Grant Who is required to complete the assessment? All K-12 district personnel and all 8 th grade students will complete the assessment during this school year Technology Assessment Overview Slide 3 All Teachers Full-time professional school staff members who provide instruction to students and maintain daily student attendance records. Librarians/Media Specialists Professional staff members and supervisors assigned specific duties and school time for professional library and media service activities including selecting, acquiring, preparing, cataloging, and circulating books and other printed materials; planning the use of library and media services by students, teachers and other members of the instructional staff; and guiding individuals in their use of media services and library materials. School Administrators Staff members whose activities are concerned with directing and managing the operation of a particular school including principals, assistant principals, and other assistants; and persons who supervise school operations, assign duties to staff members, supervise and maintain records of the school, and coordinate school instructional activities with those of the LEA, including department chairpersons. Technology Assessment Overview Who is identified as K-12 Personnel? Slide 4 Since these data are collected at the LEA level, the staff in question should only be reported once at the LEA where they work. Technology Assessment Overview What about staff that work at multiple schools? Slide 5 District Instructional Technology Coaches, Pat Hendrickson and Brenda Lyles will administer the assessment at each school site The Instructional Technology Coaches will contact Principals to schedule the administration of the technology assessment at the Principals school site Technology Assessment Overview Who will be responsible for administering the assessment? Slide 6 Technology Assessment Overview 1. 1.Assessments are based on ISTE/NETS Standards 2. 2.Assessments are taken online through the South Carolina Eportfolio Assessment System. 3. 3.K-12 Personnel will log-on to the Eportfolio system and answer Yes or No to the self- assessment 4. 4.8 th Grade Students will log-on and complete a multiple choice skills based assessment How Does the Assessment work? Slide 7 Technology Assessment Overview YES AND NO answers to the K12 Personnel assessment are designed to reduce stress and be non-intimidating, yet provide a comprehensive assessment. Slide 8 Technology Assessment Overview Personnel Assessment results are classified into four categories. Slide 9 What principals should do: Notify your staff that they will be taking the assessment in the next few months. Assuage their fears. Expect a visit from the tech coaches to arrange the assessment scheduling for staff and 8 th grade students (if applicable) Technology Assessment Overview Slide 10 State requirement - Teacher Technology Proficiency (Proviso 1.25) Proviso 1.25 states that to ensure the effective and efficient use of the funding provided by the General Assembly in Part IA, Section 1 XI.A.1 for school technology in the classroom and internet access, the State Department of Education shall approve teacher technology competency standards and local school districts must require teachers to demonstrate proficiency in these standards as part of each teacher's Professional Development plan. Evidence that districts are meeting the requirement is a prerequisite to expenditure of a district's technology funds. What is the state requirement? Slide 11 Please refer to the following link as there is Expiration Cycle for phasing in Technology Proficiency Standards dependent upon the date of teacher certificate expiration. Technology Assessment Overview When must I become proficient? Slide 12 At the time of the initial assessment, the teacher views what is due and when. The teacher may print off this information or revisit it periodically on-line. Teachers receive basic training on accessing the website and taking the assessment. The teacher then has access 24/7 to the professional development requirements and access to the documentation upload to submit the evidence required to support that. Teachers receive a blanket email reminder that the reassessment window is open sometime in April. (Last year teachers received this on April 10, 2008 An extension was given on May 12 to extend past the April deadline for those who had missed it and wished to meet it. This is optional for all teachers based on their personal certification deadline.) Technology Assessment Overview When are things due and how will I know? Slide 13 Technology Assessment Overview As the majority of teachers in the state of South Carolina have assessed at basic levels of technology proficiency, the primary focus has been on getting those teachers beyond the basic level Level 1 Level 1 Teachers receive 5 hours of training during their planning periods to fulfill the requirements of the basic level to move to their next level of proficiency Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4. Teachers assessing beyond Level 1 are expected to take advantage of the resources offered to them to achieve proficiency. Level 4s are expected to serve as mentors to those who are less proficient at their schools and support other professionals as directed by district and school level technology initiatives. What happens at the different levels? Slide 14 It is expected that those assessing at a level 4 will be on a recurring expiration cycle and required to meet new revised ISTE standards as technology and instructional technology delivery methods evolve. As part of their on-going professional development, GBE fulfillment or other school initiatives, Level 4 teachers may provide training on in-service days to assist the administration in moving less proficient teachers through the next levels of proficiency. Technology Assessment Overview What happens when I am at Level 4? Slide 15 Are there any questions at this time? Technology Assessment Overview