 Are you good at Chinese calligraphy? How did you get interested in it?  Which style of calligraphy do you prefer and why?  What do you think of

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Text of  Are you good at Chinese calligraphy? How did you get interested in it?  Which style of...

  • Are you good at Chinese calligraphy? How did you get interested in it? Which style of calligraphy do you prefer and why? What do you think of Chinese calligraphy?

  • a. Chinese brushb. inkc. official scriptd. regular scripte. grass writingf. cursive handwriting1. colored liquid for writing, drawing and printing 2. writing brush3. (in Chinese calligraphy) running hand 4. an ancient style of calligraphy current in the Han Dynasty5. standard script of handwriting

    6. (in Chinese calligraphy) characters executed swiftly and with strokes flowing together

  • Four Treasures of the Study brush inkstick paper inkstone

  • Styles of Chinese calligraphy regular/standard script clerical script semi-cursive script

  • ZhaojiEmperor Huizong (November 2, 1082 June 4, 1135) was the eighth and one of the most famous emperors of the Song Dynasty of China, with a personal life spent amidst luxury, sophistication and art but ending in tragedy.He was the 11th son of Emperor Shenzong. In February 1100 his older half-brother Emperor Zhezong () died without a surviving son, and Huizong succeeded him the next day as emperor. He reigned from 1100 to 1126.

  • Cuju (Chinese: ; pinyin: cj; literally "kick ball", pronounced [tsty]) is an ancient code of football with similarities to association football. It originated in China and was also played in Korea, Japan and Vietnam. The game of cuju was first mentioned in the Zhan Guo Ce (under State of Qi's section) and later in the Sima Qian's Shiji (under Su Qin's biography), written during the Han Dynasty.

  • Directions:Read the Text A by yourself, with the help of the vocabulary list;Try to complete the blanks in the text summary;Compare your answers with your partner.

  • The ______ of emperors reflect the different ______ that ruled the nation, and even their ______ abilities. Huizong is a very famous ______. His writing style, comprising ______ and ______strokes, is called______. ______ as well as ______ enjoyed their ______ social position during his reign. Another master calligrapher is ______. He was ______ from Huizong. His handing writing was ______, ______, but formulated in accordance with ______.

  • The calligraphy of emperors reflect the different characters that ruled the nation, and even their leadership abilities. Huizong is a very famous calligrapher. His writing style, comprising thin and straight strokes, is called slender gold. Calligraphers as well as painters enjoyed their highest social position during his reign. Another master calligrapher is Qianlong. He was different from Huizong. His handing writing was stretched out, bold, but formulated in accordance with regulations.

  • accomplished adj. being good at sth. ,,, e.g. an accomplished artist / actor / chef // She was an elegant and accomplished woman. accomplish v. finishe.g. The task has been accomplished.

  • Many emperors loved calligraphy so much that they became highly accomplished in the field. Para.

    so + adj. / adv. + that

  • reflect v. ;; e.g. Their actions reflect their thoughts. The trees are clearly reflected in the lake.

  • rule v. e.g. 1.Eighty million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. (vt.) 2. She once ruled over a vast empire. (vi.) e.g. the rules of basketball We are under the rule of President Xi Jingping.

  • pursuit n. e.g. the pursuit of happiness/knowledge/dreams

    pursue v.e.g. to pursue your dreams

  • On the other hand, his endless pursuit of beauty in form made him overlook the overall setting, indicating that he lacked resolution, persistence and creativity. Para. indicatingthat indicating

  • overlook2. e.g. We should not overlook difficulties.3. e.g. I can overlook her bad points.e.g. a restaurant overlooking the lake

  • resolution n.e.g. to pass/adopt a resolution

    e.g. 1. They made a resolution to lose all the weight gained during the Christmas holidays. 2. Have you made any new terms resolutions ?

  • persistence n. e.g. 1. Great persistence is necessary for success. 2. He was annoyed by a flys persistence in landing on his nose.

    persistent adj. e.g. 1. She can be very persistent when she wants something. 2. persistent rain/pain

  • devote to devote your time/energy/attention etc to sthe.g. He wanted to devote his energies to writing films. devote oneself to sthe.g. She devoted herself to her career.

  • commentn. ; e.g. She made helpful comments on my work. v. (on/upon sth)e.g. I dont feel I can comment on their decision.

  • stretch e.g. He stretched and yawned lazily. Dont stretch your head out.

  • bold e.g. The wine made him bold enough to approach her. Highlight the important words in bold type.

  • in accordance with e.g. He did not act in accordance with the orders

    This is done in accordance with the instructions of the principal.

  • invasion n. e.g. the Roman invasion of Britaininvade v.e.g. The Roman invaded Britain in 55 B.C.

  • ban v. e.g. Canada will ban smoking in all offices later this year.

    He was banned from driving for three years. 3n. e.g. a three-year driving ban

  • refer to e.g. Her mother never referred to him again. You know who Im referring to.

  • enhance v. e.g. The White House is eager to protect and enhance that reputation.

    to enhance taste, flavor and color.

  • evident adj. e.g. It was evident that she had once been a beauty. It was clearly evident that she was unhappy. Her love for him was evident in all that she did.evidence n. e.g. I was asked to give evidence at the trial. There is no evidence that he is guilty.

  • Qianlong's handwriting was stretched out, bold, but formulated in accordance with regulations. Para. stretched out, bold, formulated in accordance with regulations

    e.g. The question is whether he will come here in time tomorrow.

  • After ascending the throne, Qianlong defended his empire from invasions and encouraged land reclamations. Para. After ascending the throneafter

  • His pride at what he viewed as enhanced national strength was evident in his calligraphic works. Para. at what what

  • speak of , spring to mind , end with in form be addicted to /devote...to... /in accordance with /, /be related to /

  • go against /defend...from... put... in jail refer to , set up

  • 1. What does the old Chinese saying Calligraphy is a mirror to a persons character.mean? A. Calligraphy was very important in ancient China. B. Calligraphy was important to every person. C. Calligraphy could reflect the character of the emperor.

  • 2. Who created the writing styleslender gold? A. Emperor Huizong. B. Emperor Qianlong. C. A calligrapher of the Qing Dynasty. 3. What is NOT true about Huizongs Calligraphy? A. Slanting strokes are sharp. B. Stretched out. C. Horizontal strokes ended with hooks.

  • 4. Which is the feature of Qianlongs calligraphy in the following list? A. Creative. B. Persistent. C. Devoted to art.

    5. Which was NOT done during Qianglongs reign? A. Set up publishing house to compile history books. B. Defended his empire from invasions and encouraged land open-up. C. Organized many calligraphy competitions.

  • ___ calligraphy___ slender gold___ reign ___ ascend the throne ___ invasion ___ persistencea. become king or queenb. the action of an army entering a country by forcec. continue to do with determinationd. handwriting produced with brush or special pene. the period during which a king or queen rulesf. the calligraphy created in Song Dynasty

  • 1. Does this letter ______ how you really think?2. We ______ every customer as a partner.3. This man is an ______________ professer.4. He ________ the courage to join the army.5. He exercises everyday in ________ of health.6. Will you _________ your name in the book?reflectviewaccomplishedlackedpursuitinscribeaccomplishment reflect pursuit lack inscribe view

  • 1. Their eyes mirror their thoughts.

    2. Her hands were shaking so badly that she couldnt hold her glass.

    3. Jacks great strength as a policeman in America was his ability to seek help when he wasnt able to solve a crime.

  • 4. Tom Watson, Sr., who founded IBM and was its guiding force for over 40 years, knew the importance of learning from mistakes.

    5. The factorys output this year is three times as much as that of last year.

    6. People, old and young, took to the streets to watch the famous movie star.


  • StatementYour answerZhaoji created the Slender gold. Calligraphers and painters enjoyed their highest social position in the Song Dynasty.The Qing Dynasty produced more masters than any other.Nowadays not every authentic ancient work carries a Qianlong seal. Qianlongs characters were fluid in their strokes, and balanced in construction. Qianlong showed his pride in enhancing the countrys strength in his calligraphy works.

  • How much do you know about Chinese calligraphy? Tell some stories you know about some famous calligraphers.Can you say something about the features of western calligraphy?Whats the influence of Chinese calligraphy?

  • Transitive Verbs,